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XDefiant Movement Feature Image

XDefiant is Ubisoft’s latest and most surprising entry in the FPS genre. The last thing anyone expects from the company is a free-to-play 6v6 FPS game that actually plays and feels good, but here we are. 

For players new to the game or FPS in general, this XDefiant movement guide might be just what you need to get you on your feet. Try these moves out in Unranked or the Practice zone, and you’ll be a ninja soldier in no time.


Basic XDefiant Movement Actions

Parkouring Player
Image Source: Ubisoft

Movement in XDefiant is simpler than the other big names in the FPS space. This makes it perfect for the more casual players of the genre. You can’t go prone, and Q & E leaning isn’t a thing either. As of right now, there also aren’t any mobility-based abilities and items like grappling hooks, teleportation, or super jumps.

That’s not to say mobility isn’t vital though. Even if it’s not as versatile, proper movement can and will be the deciding factor for a lot of engagements.

Here are the basic movement actions in XDefiant. Make sure you get used to them. Attempting advanced movement tech is pointless if you don’t even know the basics.


One of the most basic skills in any FPS game. Use it to hop over small obstacles, dodge enemy fire, clear corners, or transition into other movement techs. There is fall damage, but only a few spots in the game are high enough to trigger it, and it’s almost never fatal.


Jumping while moving towards certain obstacles will automatically make you climb them. There are no additional inputs you need to make after jumping.


With no option to go prone, crouching is currently the only way to make yourself look smaller and less noticeable, apart from the Echelon’s invisibility ability. That makes hiding in a tiny nook and sniping people not as easy.


Another basic skill. It’s literally just running. One thing to note is that you have infinite stamina for sprinting in XDefiant. You can sprint from one end of the map to the other; no problem.


Crouching while sprinting will enable you to slide. Sliding is used to pass under certain obstacles like half-closed shutters. Sliding can also quickly take you down ramps and stairs. You can use it to enter engagements too.


Strafing is when you move sideways while facing front or toward the enemy. If you’re sure your sides are covered, this is a good way to keep your weapon primed no matter where you’re heading.


How To Maximize Mobility

XDefiant Mobility Stat
Weapon Customization Image Source: Ubisoft

As mentioned above, there are no abilities that give you crazy speed boosts. However, there is one method to get faster: weapon customization.

Certain weapon parts will give you increased Mobility, which basically means increased movement speed. The higher your Mobility stat, the faster you sprint, jump, crouch, climb, and slide.

Just be aware that the parts that give you increased mobility may come with a drawback. They can slow down your Aim-Down-Sight (ADS) speed, increase your recoil, flinch, or cause some other drawback. Find the right balance for each of your loadouts.


XDefiant Movement Techs

Once you’ve mastered basic movement, it’s time to mix them up with some movement techs. Again, XDefiant is a game with relatively tame movement. So don’t expect any flips or wall-running.

Confusion is the name of the game. XDefiant movement techs are focused on confusing your foes rather than traveling from point A to B.

As of Update Y1S0.3, some of these techs are now un-spammable. At least not without repercussions.


Jiggle Peeking

Jiggle Peeking

How & When To Do It

Find a corner and quickly strafe back and forth, going in and out of cover.

Use it when you’re trying to defend a point or happen to be by a corner when you come into contact with the enemy.

What It Does

It allows you to check for enemy presence and movement without exposing yourself too much. When using it in the middle of a fight, it also makes you very hard to hit.

Jiggle Peeking is something you can do in pretty much every FPS game. It’s simple, it’s effective, and it doesn’t take a lot of skill to do.



How & When To Do It

Zig-Zagging is when you wiggle your camera around while also sprinting in a zig-zag pattern.

Use it when you’re feeling outgunned and need to buy time to attempt an escape.

What It Does

Zig Zagging makes it harder for your enemy to get a beat on your movements. 


Slide Canceling

How & When To Do It

You Slide Cancel by performing a jump in the middle of your slide.

Use it when rounding corners or entering a room.

What It Does

Slide Canceling allows you to quickly enter engagements. It won’t be easy to hit a fast target in the air, especially if they don’t expect it.


Regular Bunny Hopping

How & When To Do It

While moving, just spam the jump button.

Use it whenever you need to become a harder target.

What It Does

Bunny Hopping makes you way harder to hit. Some people love it; some people hate it. What does it mean? It means it works.

However, XDefiant does have ways of preventing Bunny Hop abuse. 

The first is by making each consecutive jump weaker than the last. Eventually, you will lose enough momentum so that you won’t even be moving horizontally anymore.

Second, repeated jumps in a short amount of time will cause your aim to wobble wildly. For those on controllers, even aim-assist isn’t enough to counter the wobble.


Jump-Slide Bunny Hopping

Jump-Slide Bunny Hopping Post-Nerf

How & When To Do It

Instead of just spamming the jump button, Jump-Slide Bunny Hopping is when you jump, then slide the moment you hit the ground, then Slide Canceling into another jump.

You can pretty much use this whenever you want.

What It Does

Jump-Slide Bunny Hopping gets rid of one of the issues with regular Bunny Hopping. Adding a slide between jumps will refresh your jump strength, meaning you can keep doing this tech far longer than the regular variant.

However, Jump-Slide Bunny Hopping is still vulnerable to aim wobble if you keep doing it. Try to beat your enemies or escape before your third Jump-Slide Bunny Hop in a row.


Mid-Air Strafing

How & When To Do It

Sprint, then jump towards one direction, then switch directions mid-air. Out of all the techs listed here, this one might take the most practice; but just keep at it.

Use it in the middle of a gunfight.

What It Does

It is as ridiculously effective as it is ridiculous to look at. Air Strafing makes your movements unpredictable because no one expects you to suddenly change directions mid-jump.


Crouch Spamming

How & When To Do It

As the name implies, just repeatedly tap the crouch button.

You’d commonly use this behind some cover 

Even when you’re not behind cover, crouching once or twice during an engagement can also cause your enemy’s shots to whiff.

What It Does

Its purpose is to act like a vertical Jiggle Peek. Just remember that most covers in the game aren’t full covers. Part of your head will still be visible. But without the option to go prone, it’s the next best thing.

Also, like repeated jumping, Crouch Spamming will cause your aim to wobble.

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