WoWs vs WoT – Which Wargaming Sim Is for You?

WoT vs WoS

If you’re itching for military vehicle sims, Wargaming has you covered. The publisher lets you choose between flying historical planes (World of Warplanes aka WoWp), military naval craft (World of Warships aka WoWs), and ground armor (World of Tanks aka WoT), which we already covered earlier "World of tanks review". World of Warplanes is pretty much a flight sim which basically lets you fight in a three-dimensional battlefield so we’re leaving that out for now. Today, we’re going to compare the other two. WoWs vs WoT; which one is for you?

WoWs vs WoT – the Rundown

For those who want to jump into either game right away, here’s a quick rundown on how the two games compare to each other:

CriteriaWorld of WarshipsWorld of Tanks
GameplaySlow, methodical, almost relaxingFast-paced, intense
CustomizationOver 300 naval vessels, with camo and signal flags for extra customizationOver 450 armored fighting vehicles, with camo and bolt-ons for extra customization
GrindModerate grinding necessary to unlock higher-tier ships, grinding for captains is helpful, but not essentialGrinding can be tedious, grinding levels for tank crew takes significantly more time compared to leveling captains in WoWs
Vehicle PreferenceBig BoatsBig Armored Cars

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Vehicular choices set aside (for now), here is a more in-depth look at how the two games compare to each other.

WoWs vs WoT | Pace

On one hand, you have World of Warships with naval craft fighting around islands. On the other, you have World of Tanks with ground armor across the terrain. Because of the nature of the map, WoWs offers fewer areas to safely push and find new cover. This means WoWs players don’t always have the luxury to push forward. On the other hand, WoT maps offer plenty of covers everywhere on the map so you can expect both teams to be within range sooner than in WoWs. As a result, WoWs has a slower – perhaps even relaxing – gameplay, while WoT offers more intense moments.

  • WoWs if you prefer a more laid-back experience
  • WoT if you want an adrenaline fix


This factor can be traced back to both games’ real-world inspirations. Ground combat is more common than naval warfare in the 19th century. As a result, more tanks and other forms of military ground vehicles were developed compared to more expensive naval vessels. Even counting models inspired by “blueprint” models, WoT has over 450 vehicles, while WoWs “only” has a little over 300 ships to choose from.

  • WoT has more vehicles to choose from

World of Warships vs World of Tanks | Learning Curve

Next to vehicle choices, this is the factor where the two games are the most different, although still not by much! In WoWs where engagements happen at greater distances, you need to focus more on your gunnery skills. Shots can take more than ten seconds to land, and even planes from carriers are aimed differently depending on what type of aircraft is being deployed. World of Tanks also requires good gunnery, but it’s much more straightforward (barring the artillery-class vehicles). Because it’s easier to aim in WoT, it’s much more important to learn proper positioning and peeking to stay alive.

  • WoWs puts more emphasis on gunnery
  • WoT is more about maneuvering and map positioning.

The Grind

Both games require you to “train” your personnel (captains for WoWs, crews for WoT) and get enough experience to purchase the next vehicle tier. However, players on both communities agree that the grind in WoWs is way easier than that in World of Tanks. Furthermore, playing WoWs with a partially-trained captain won’t put you behind as much as playing WoT with a crew that starts out at 50%. While both games allow you to bypass the grind by using premium currency, we’re giving the point to WoW for having a smaller gap between starting and maxed out players, provided they are in the same tier.

  • WoWs has a more manageable grind than WoT

Personal Vehicular Preference

And now we come to the final part, which is probably the biggest factor for most people. Do you want big boats duking it out in the seas or big tanks fighting in rough terrain? We do suggest trying out both games to see the best of both worlds. They’re both free to play, plus we also have a TGG-exclusive offer if you sign up for one of them!

World of tanks vs WoT - Conclusion

That wraps up our discussion on which game is right for you! We hope this has helped you decide to pick one (or both!) of these two amazing games. Got other things to share about World of Warships and World of Tanks? Let us know in the comments section!

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