How to win WARZONE Plunder Fast – 💸 Get $1M First

How to win plunder fast

Since we started to use this tactic we have just won more and more games of Call of Duty's new mode Warzone Plunder and usually we don't only win the game we usually win them fast!

Quick tips - how to win Plunder Fast:

  • Loot as much boxes as possible, they usually drop around 20-30k in each box.
  • Roam around, do missions and keep looting boxes (Don't do the kill missions as they are not really worth the risk)
  • Don't be a chicken, If you are going to buy a balloon every time your team gets over 150k, you will have to waste both money and time.
  • After you have banked your cash you should do more risky plays, such as go for the top earner or kill people that are on there way to drop of money.

All ways to earn money in Plunder:

Below we will go through some of the different ways to earn money in plunder and which we think are the most to pursuit.

Looting boxes:

This may sound boring (I know you want to get as many kills as possible and just below people up) but this is really one of the most effective ways to earn money fast in plunder. Especially if you land in a great spot such as boneyard, often you can easily loot around 20-25 boxes without even running into an other team.

Doing Contracts:

If you are doing contracts and looting boxes at the same time it can be pretty effective. However we don't recommend doing the bounty onces since hunting down an enemy player can take quite some time and a big risk that you get killed and loses half of your hard earned money.

Cash Drops:

Cash Drops comes after a while and are basically big loadout boxes but instead of containing your loadout they contain exactly $100,000 every time.

Raid The Bank:

Bank heist? Not really but there is usually a lot of money in the bank, but one thing to keep in mind is that the alarm will go of when a player enters the bank so be careful not to drag to much attention to your location.


When you roam around the map you should focus on this things above:
Looting boxes, doing contracts and cash drops. If you have a great opportunity to drop of a lot of money at one of the deposits site this can be a great idea before jumping over to the next alternative;

Going after the Top Earners:

You will see the top 3 top earners on the map after a few minutes into the game, it will most likely be a lot of teams trying to kill them and be careful so you don't get killed in the crossfire.

Bonus Round:

In the bonus round everything can happen, since everything will give you bonus money and a lot of people are loaded and running around with a lot of cash you can easily jump several places up in the rankings in the last minutes of the game.

There will also be some dangerous attack helicopters flying around in the bonus round, if you shoot them down they will drop some insane amount of money.

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Hope you have enjoyed this article and are ready to win some more plunder games fast!

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