Who is a Mistweaver Monk and his role in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

WoW, Dragonflight has a fairly large range of heroes and specializations that you can choose for a comfortable game, taking into account your character and the goals that you pursue in the MMO RPG. Try to rely on useful sites where the advice you need is already present.

First, you need to decide on your playing role - an attacking class, or support. Among the support classes, there are semi-attacking variations that play the role of defenders, but they can also stand up for themselves and provide themselves with pumping and damage to help the whole group.

What is the Mistweaver Monk class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight?

Mistweaver is a full-fledged combined class that can choose any direction of development due to a flexible talent system.

You can focus on a tank and group defender, a semi-attack class with stable damage, a strong AoE class, or a healer for group hunting and raiding.

Regardless of the chosen role, you will need the maximum investment in equipment, since the monk is always at the forefront of attack and weapons, for self-leveling and making his own damage in raids and PVP. Jewelry will help you survive attacks from magic classes and reduce the overall chance of passing negative effects.

For all the uniforms, you need a lot of gold, which you can farm on game locations, get for quests and trade resources, or buy Skycoach WoW gold from this website.

What has changed for the Monk class Mistweaver specialization in World of Warcraft Dragonflight and patch 10.1

The Vivify skill now restores more health to the single target it was cast on, and less health to additional targets and allies.

The Ancient Teaching talent now heals 5 random allies with an even distribution of HP regenerated through the attack skill Rising Sun Kick, a skill that distributes all physical damage dealt to allies in the form of healing.

Strengths of the Monk class with the Mistweaver specialization in the Dragonflight update for World of Warcraft

One of the strongest single-target healing skills in WoW.

A combination of damage to enemies and healing of allies strongly rests on the damage of the class.

A large set of accelerating and unlocking skills:

  • Chi Flying is a skill that teleports you forward and increases your movement speed for a short period of time.
  • A roll is a quick forward roll over a short distance.
  • Tiger's Lust is a skill that speeds up the monk and allies by 70% and removes all negative effects that slow and limit movement debuffs.
  • Transcendence - creates a spirit with the ability to control and direct it and change the player and soul in places if necessary.

A large set of defensive skills to provide a threshold of strength for any type of attack.

Many skills are aimed at healing yourself and your allies, with the possibility of active use even when moving.

Many skills to ensure control over opponents:

  • Paralysis - prevents the target from taking any actions for 1 minute, but any damage will remove the negative effect.
  • Spinning Kick - A sweeping kick around yourself that stuns all nearby enemies that are close to the monk.
  • Circle of the world - the character creates a large circle in the specified place, which cannot be entered by opponents. All actions will be stopped and enemies will be thrown out of it. The skill can be used for zoning, or as a quick debuff that is guaranteed to disorient the enemy if done quickly.

The magical skill Mysterious Touch is a skill that will increase the damage taken by the target by 5% if successful.

Weaknesses of the Mistweaver Monk class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

It will be difficult for novice players to combine all the skills so that there is enough mana for all the key skills.

A trend of constant class and specialization nerfs in recent patches, which may change in the future for better or worse.

There are few skills that can reduce the damage potential of an attacking enemy by more than 5%.

Stats to buff a Mistweaver Monk in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Each class has its own parameters that are important to develop in order to strengthen the combat and defensive class.


Despite the fact that the Monk class is not a profile hero for this attribute, intelligence plays a significant role for him.

Mistweaver constantly uses skills, which regularly cause him to deplete his mana pool and reduce his combat capability and potential to heal himself and his allies.

Since the hero is more like a warrior and wears specialized non-magic equipment, he has nowhere to draw a large supply of mana.

Strengthening the intelligence parameter due to high-quality equipment, including allowing him to get more active skills that he can use in the heat of battle.


For any class that uses its melee skills and has the need to quickly close the distance to restore health to its allies.

Speed in World of Warcraft is not only about the speed of movement but also the speed of attack and casting spells.

All these criteria are extremely important for the Monk, who uses all types of attacks, including magic.

The character attacks enemies and uses negative effects, approaches and moves away from enemies and allies, and casts debilitating skills for enemies - each speed parameter is extremely important, so it needs to be pumped evenly, but with a slight bias in running speed - a tank and a melee warrior should always catch up with their target, especially mobile.

Critical hit

A criterion that significantly expands the offensive potential of your class due to the likelihood of dealing double damage from simple attacks and when using skills.

Due to the fact that the monk constantly fights in close combat and inflicts normal strikes and uses skills, his potential grows and the acceleration of the parameter will increase the damage power, which will affect, including healing, which is worth recalling and is calculated from the strength of the damage that was inflicted on the enemies


Parameters that evenly develop the value of attack and defense, and does this starting from the first level of the hero.

Considering that the Monk positions himself as a tank, healer, and attacking class, the combined attack boost to heal allies and deal damage to enemies, and the defense boost to protect allies and resist the damage that raids bosses and ordinary monsters, and other players inflict on the class during PVP.


A value that develops the power and proc chance of skills, which are essential for all professions that use skills most of the time.

The higher the Mastery value, the more likely the debuff will work, even with a high degree of magic protection.

For empowering skills, there will be a chance to proc with a double strength - a large long-term effect and the ability to activate the skill without recharging.

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