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With the number of ranks in the game scattered around different game modes, understanding which ranks can play together in TFT can be a daunting task. We’re here to help you navigate the intricacies of the ranked system and ensure you have a smooth experience.

Which ranks can play ranked together in TFT


Ranks you can play duo with

Iron iron rank

Iron iron rank   Bronze  bronze rank

Bronze bronze rank

Iron  Bronze bronze rank Silver silver rank

Silver silver rank

Bronzebronze rank  Silversilver rank   Gold gold rank

Gold gold rank

Silversilver rank   Gold gold rank Platinum platinum rank

Platinum platinum rank

Gold gold rank  Platinum platinum rank  Emerald emerald rank

Emerald emerald rank

Platinum platinum rank  Emerald emerald rank  Diamond diamond rank

Diamond diamond rank

Emerald emerald rank  Diamond diamond rank 
Master Master rank 

  Master Master rank up to 400 LP

 Grandmaster Grandmaster rank

Challenger Challenger rank

Solo queue only

Ranked restrictions

Generally speaking, the majority of players in TFT can play with players who are ranked +1/-1 of their current ranked tier. This is applicable to all ranks apart from those at the very top of the ladder where players climb on a different ladder and play under a unique rule set.

Apex elo ranked restrictions 

There are no friends at the top of the ranked ladder, which is why these players can only play solo queue. Essentially, unlike all of the regular ranks, players who are Grandmaster or Challenger cannot queue with a duo partner or in a three-man squad.

Why do ranked restrictions exist

Balance matchmaking

The main reason why ranked restrictions exist is to ensure that matchmaking is balanced and fair. In a world with no ranked restrictions, a duo of an Iron and a Master player could queue up together. 

The raw difference in the MMR between these two ranks would make the average MMR of the party very unstable and inaccurate. As a result, the game would struggle to create a well-balanced match with equal ranks across the board. Consequently, the skill level disparity of some players in games like this would simply make for unfun and predictable outcomes.

Normalize queue timers

Unbalanced matchmaking leads to long queue timers, ruining the user experience. Simply put, in a world where everyone could queue up, it would be impossible for the game to create matches in a timely manner.

The reason is that the game automatically tries to balance a match by finding players from similar MMR brackets. Because the system would try to create a balanced match (which is impossible in this scenario), the queue times would last an eternity, as the game would naturally struggle to create a fair match.

Reduce boosting and smurfing

In a world where Challengers and Irons could play together, boosting and smurfing would become a massive issue.By playing with a Challenger account in high elo, the Iron player gains a massive MMR boost to their account.

This results in increased LP gains which makes for an easier climb on the ladder. A system like this would get easily abused by players looking to profit from the creation of smurf accounts with highly inflated MMR.

Why do Apex tier restrictions exist?

The main reason why ranked restrictions for the Apex tiers exist is because of the structure of the ranked ladder. In contrast to other ranks, the Apex tier operates on a unique ranked ladder that adheres to different rules. 

Given that these ranks operate on a separate ladder, the potential MMR difference between high Challenger and low Master players is massive. For this reason, balanced matchmaking would be impossible to conduct.

Which ranks can play Double Up in TFT

Double Up enjoyers, rejoice! In this game mode, there are no ranked restrictions at all which means you can climb the ladder with players from any rank, no matter how high you climb.

Which ranks can play Hyper Roll in TFT


Ranks you can play duo with

Greygray rank

Grey gray rank Green green rank Blue blue rank Purple purple rank

Greengreen rank

Grey gray rank Green green rank Blue blue rank Purple purple rank

Blueblue rank

Grey gray rank Green green rank Blue blue rank Purple purple rank

Purplepurple rank

Grey gray rank Green green rank Blue blue rank Purple purple rank

Hyperhyper rank

Hyperhyper rank

In TFT, Hyper Roll is a fast-paced game mode with a unique ranked system that differs from the regular one. In this game mode, there are only 5 ranks, the player cap is increased to 8, and the players climb by amassing total LP on a unified ladder.

Essentially, any rank can play with each other unless they’re ranked Hyper (4200LP+). In this case, you can no longer play with a full premade team and you can only duo with other Hyper players.

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