Which Rank Can Play Together – LoL Duo Ranking Explained

Which lol ranks can play together

Playing League of Legends can be a very frustrating experience if you're queueing on your own. This is especially true if you're a marksman or support, where you can't predict how good (or bad) your lane partner will be. You probably have plenty of friends you can team up with, but what if you are not on the same ranked division? Today, we'll take a look at which rank can play together in LoL!

Which Rank can Play Together - [Solo][Duo][Flex]

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Are you ready to play with a partner? Check out our list of which ranks can play together:

  • In normal modes, players of any rank can play together.
  • Solo/Duo Queue will let you queue with players up to the following ranks:
    • Iron - Silver Tier
    • Bronze - Silver Tier
    • Silver - Gold Tier
    • Gold - Platinum Tier
    • Platinum 2 - Diamond 5
    • Platinum 1 - Diamond 4
    • Diamond 5 - Diamond 3
    • Diamond 4 - Diamond 2
    • Diamond 3 - Diamond 1
    • Master – Challenger
    • Grandmaster and Challenger can only play with Master Rank players and higher.
  • Ranked restrictions will apply based on the lower-tier player.
  • Ranked Flex Queue will let you queue with players up to the following ranks:
    • Iron - Silver Tier
    • Bronze - Silver Tier
    • Silver - Gold Tier
    • Gold - Platinum Tier
    • Platinum - Diamond Tier
    • Diamond - Master, Grandmaster, or Challenger Tier
    • Master, Grandmaster, or Challenger Tier players can only play with Diamond Tier players or higher.
  • Ranked restrictions will apply based on the lowest-tier player in the group.

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Why does the game pose rank restrictions?

Some players think that it's not fair to prevent them from playing with their friends if they're more than a couple of tiers apart. However, those rank restrictions are in place because of two big reasons:

  • Skill levels between different tiers can vary greatly
  • The game tries to make player ranks equal on both teams

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To better understand this concept, picture the following scenario: you're a Diamond Tier player trying to play with a Silver Tier friend. When you play ranked restrictions off, your game will try to match your team with players from Silver to Diamond. In theory, you get a team with equal numbers of skilled and unskilled players. In reality, you get the following problems in your game:

  • Players on different lanes will face enemies of a different skill level.
  • Matchmaking will fail to find a completely equal team skill-wise
  • Matchmaking would wait until it finds the perfect team. Unfortunately, it would take a very long time before a match gets started.

Something so unbalanced and full of problems will most likely result in one-sided fights. Your Diamond lane partner could probably take on both their Silver marksman and Gold support. Their Diamond jungler can invade your Platinum jungler, but they may also be good enough to lock down mid and top lane. In many cases, it would not result in a fun (or fair) game.

Attempting to queue in Ranked Matchmaking will give you this warning and gray out the "Find Match" button.

With ranked restrictions in place, the skill gap between players is greatly narrowed down. A Gold player won't completely roll over a Silver. However, they can still put up enough of a fight to keep Platinum players on their toes. Therefore, all the problems above are greatly (if not completely) diminished.

How can You Play with Higher Ranked Partners?

There are two ways that you can still play together with someone more than one tier apart from you. The first one would be to limit your play to normal game modes. This game mode will have no effect on your (or your enemy's) rank. Fortunately, it will still give you and your partner the chance to learn how to work with each other.

The second - and more rewarding - option is to have the lower-ranked player train more and rise up through the ranks. This way, the lower-skilled player does not get "boosted" and will have already developed the right skills to play at a higher level. If you're in a really bad spot rank-wise check out our guide on how to get out of Bronze and Iron Tier.

That wraps up our article about which rank that can play together in LoL! We hope this has helped you understand the purpose of the game's limitations.

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