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Maxnomic VS DXRacer

It is a universally accepted truth within sports that a player is only as good as their equipment. Although sometimes overlooked, avid gamers will know that this is equally true within the eSports field. Excluding your choice of computer, a gaming chair is the most crucial piece of equipment you will ever buy—no matter whether you are an eSports professional or a burgeoning gamer talent. Consequently, you should carefully research your choice of gaming chair before deciding on one, which is why we created this comparison of Maxnomic vs DXRacer.

DXRacer benefits from having a higher number of chair lines, more options for customizability, and that their prices start lower than Maxnomic's. Maxnomic is generally wider and softer but harder to assembly than DXRacer.

Two of the most popular gaming chair brands on the market are NeedForSeat’s Maxnomic and DXRacer’s gaming chairs. However, both brands come with their distinct advantages as well as potential drawbacks - depending on your personal preferences. Researching and scrutinizing the specifics of the two respective brands is a time-consuming and exhaustive task. This is why we’ve taken the liberty to compile them for you. Read on for a more in-depth breakdown of which gaming chair brand best suits you!

Maxnomic vs DXRacer

Maxnomic - Also called Needforseat

maxnomic gaming chair

NeedForSeat, the company behind the Maxnomic line of gaming chairs, sells a variety of different seats. Their offerings are divided into four main lines of chairs - ”Casual Sport,” Pro-Gaming & Office,” Office Comfort,” and the ”XL-Series” that all work great as gaming chairs. In addition to these core lines, NeedForSeat routine offers special edition chairs and unique OSU chairs for Ohio State Buckeyes fans. The Maxnomic gaming chair price range stretches from $329 to $589. With this said, Maxnomic has a slightly lower entry price vs. DXRacer


  • Perfect softness in their foam
  • Cool design
  • Generally wider than DXRacer
  • XL Series cater players up to 370 lbs
  • Extremely comfy and ergonomic
  • Using top quality leather


  • Quite high starting price
  • Assembly can be a hassle

Casual Sport

NeedForSeat’s ”Casual Sport” line is the company’s most affordable range of gaming chairs. Subsequently, this gaming chair is a good choice for those looking for an entry-level gaming chair that still comes complete with adequate ergonomic comforts and a sporty appearance. 

Pro-Gaming & Office

The ”Pro-Gaming & Office” range, on the other hand, brings improved seating comfort. With that said, you’ll be able to spend countless long hours in front of your monitor without sacrificing great ergonomics. Perhaps most notably, the Pro-Office & Gaming line improves on ergonomic while still offering the same stylish and sporty gaming chair-look that NeedForSeat is known for.

Office Comfort

Moreover, NeedForSeat also offers an ”Office Comfort” line, which is geared more towards those looking for a luxurious chair. However, this ”executive chair” is primarily geared towards the office market. It is nevertheless a superb choice for gamers looking for a lavish gaming chair that offers thick foam padding, adjustable lumbar support, and an extended seat base. This is a chair that you will never tire from gaming in.


Last but definitely not least, the ”XL-Series” line is described by NeedForSeat as comprising ”by far the largest computer and office chairs on the market.” This is a range of chairs aimed exclusively towards tall and big customers that might otherwise struggle in finding the right gaming chair for them.


DXracer gaming chair

DXRacer is similarly a US-based firm but operates out of Michigan and California. The company has, in recent years, grown to become a staple brand when it comes to gaming chairs. As a result, DXRacer now offers a diversified product line of dedicated office chairs, backpacks, gaming desks, and other accessories. Nevertheless, the company’s gaming chair range is divided into five main product series, namely the ”Formula Series,” Racing Series,” King Series,” Sentinel Series,” and the ”Tank Series.” The price of these chairs ranges from $239 to $599. 


  • Highly customizable
  • Removable head & armrests
  • High-intensity foam to keep its shape and comfort throughout long gaming sessions
  • Low starting price


  • Lower priced chairs have had some complaints to be slightly harder foam than they'd wished for

Formula Series

The ”Formula Series” comes complete with a racing-style bucket seat that is sure to attract those looking for a sporty gaming chair. In addition to this, it is available in both an all-black variant as well as a black-and-red edition. This is DXRacer’s entry-level chair and is an affordable way for aspiring gamers to get their hands on a top-quality gaming seat.

Racing Series

DXRacer’s ”Racing Series” is in many ways similar to the Formula Series. The main differentiator, however, it that the Racing Series’ chairs offer more lumbar support. This means that your back will be properly supported even after hours of gaming. This somewhat larger chair comes in multiple colors. It has the same sporty looks that the Formula Series comes with - but offers even better ergonomics.

King Series

Those who are looking for a bigger chair that supports players up to 300 pounds, as well as players between 5’ 9” to approximately 6’ 2” tall, should seriously consider the ”King Series.” This line of gaming chairs gives players who would otherwise struggle to find a chair for them a choice with excellent ergonomics and support.

Sentinel Series

In addition to the lines mentioned above, the ”Sentinel Series” is a range of gaming chairs that sport a more robust build. This line of seats is meant for even larger players than that of the King Series, and the Sentinel Series is rated for players who weigh up to 350 pounds, and who are between 6’ and 6’ 5” tall. 

Tank Series

Finally, the ”Tank Series” is DXRacer’s pièce de résistance and is the most sturdy - as well as the largest - gaming chair that DXRacer offers. This chair can support weights of up to a whopping 450 pounds (even though DXRacer recommends not exceeding 425 pounds) and fits people between 6’ 1” and 6’ 7” tall. It comes complete with an exceptionally ergonomic design, as well as lumbar support and a headrest cushion.

Gaming Chair Varieties

Maxnomic VS DXRacer

Both DXRacer and DXRacer offer a wide variety of different gaming chairs. However, although NeedForSeat offers several limited editions as well as OSU-themed gaming chairs that will be irresistible for Ohio State Buckeyes fans. DXRacer ultimately has the edge when it comes to the number of different gaming chair versions offered. Not only does DXRacer have more gaming chair lines vs Maxnomic, but they also allow customers to choose from a greater number of different color schemes. 

Moreover, DXRacer also provides customers with more limited Special Edition models than that of Maxnomic. Subsequently, those who value freedom of choice and customizability should take a serious look at DXRacer’s offerings. Nevertheless, it should be stressed that beauty is - as always - in the eye of the beholder, and you could very well find that a gaming chair style from NeedForSeat’s more limited inventory suits you better.

Gaming Chair Accessories and Customization

Being able to put your own personal flair on your gaming chair is in many cases a prerequisite for gamers. Both DXRacer and NeedForSeat allow customers to make sure the gaming chair they buy will fit their clients’ specific needs. For example, the two firms both give customers to option to have their name, gamertag, or some other short phrase, embroidered on the gaming chair’s headrest. This allows you to put a personal touch on your gaming chair, in order to ensure that there won’t be any chair like yours.

Furthermore, accessories are similarly an important facet to consider when purchasing a gaming chair. DXRacer, mainly due to being a larger company than NeedForSeat, offers a vast array of accessories for their seats. Although both firms offer some basic accessories, such as the option for additional cushioning or replacement parts, DXRacer goes above and beyond when it comes to optional extras. For example, customers can choose from equipping their gaming chair with a footrest, or even select one of many mouse pads which can then be mounted on some models’ armrests. 


Which chair you will prefer ultimately comes down to personal preference. However, although this is true, you can rest assured that both NeedForSeat and DXRacer offer gaming chairs with truly excellent ergonomics. Their models all have exceptional cushioning, as well as more than adequate lumbar support. Naturally, some models will differ in their cushioning, and the cheapest models understandably lack some of the cushioning of the more expensive ones. 

With this being said, however, both companies have remarkable ergonomics for their price classes, which is why they are considered to offer some of the best gaming chairs on the market. Nevertheless, you should carefully compare the comfort characteristics of specific gaming chair lines before deciding on the chair for you.

DXRacer vs Maxnomic | Conclusion

Before labeling either company’s range of gaming chairs as superior to the other. It is important to once again note that the ”better” chair will always depend on your personal preferences. Ultimately, both NeedForSeat and DXRacer offer more or less the same number of gaming chair models. They compete within the same market segments, are priced roughly the same, and both offer gaming chairs of exceptionally high quality.

In addition to this, having a gaming chair with good ergonomics reduces unnecessary strain on your body and posture, and is therefore ultimately an investment in your own well-being. In order to succeed as a gamer, you need great equipment that suits your style - just like professional players in all types of sports do. We hope that you've found this review of DXRacer vs Maxnomic helpful in your search of a gaming chair!

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