What is VulkanRT? 🥇 Understanding These Runtime Libraries

what is VulkanRT?

If you have a PC with Windows 10, then you may have come across a file named 'VulkanRT.' It's a program that you might stumble across while looking through your Program Files (x86) on the operating system. There's no need to panic, though. This isn't a suspicious piece of software that's monitoring your data. It's actually meant to be there. It can even improve your streams. Since this program is so rarely discussed or used with knowledge of it, we decided to put together the following FAQ on what this software called VulkatRT is.

VulkanRT is a low overhead computer graphics API with cross-platform functionality. The program aims to offer lower CPU usage and provide more control over the GPU. It improves your PC's performance in 3D programs such as games and other forms of interactive media.

Features of VulkanRT

The above basic explanation should give you an idea of what the software is doing behind the scenes. Here we're going to explore the details of exactly what it does.

VulkanRT works between your CPU and GPU to deliver the best performance possible on your hardware. In this way, it's quite similar to Mantle and Direct3D. It eases the process of rendering graphics, allowing for efficient multi-threading in your computer's CPU.

The program will only come with a graphics driver for your dedicated GPU, so it will always be compatible with your hardware. However, there are websites out there that you can use to identify your dedicated GPU and relevant driver. This is only necessary if you think that you have the wrong version of it installed. The likelihood of that being the case is incredibly slim though.

VulkanRT Compatibility

Unlike other similar applications, such as Direct3D, this software functions across multiple operating systems. This means that you can take advantage of the improved processing power it offers regardless of what operating system your PC runs.

How VulkanRT Works

The specifics of how the program improves your PC's performance are simple. First, it reduces the workload on your CPU. Resultantly, this brings down the driver overhead through batching. As a result, more CPU cores are available for other processes in your computer to use than there normally would be.

In multi-core processors, VulkanRT brings about scaling, which it doesn't in single-core processors. This is where the real advantage of the software lies. Competitors such as OpenGL 4 and Direct3D 11 are only able to run on single-core processors.

Improved Memory


Through code generation and optimization of your computer's GPU, VulkanRT improves overall performance. This makes internal maintenance far simpler and offers more compacted driver packages. Therefore, the space required for standard processes is reduced, freeing up further processing power.

Graphics shaders and computer kernels can be managed through VulkanRT. This removes the need for a separate API to be used in addition to the graphics API. With VulkanRT, it's all one and the same.

While VulkanRT improves performance most-commonly in games, it's also used in other interactive software. Most graphics-oriented applications can benefit from VulkanRT, providing you have a supported graphics card.

Overall, the software actually frees up your computer's memory. This leaves more memory free for the processes in the software you're running, which improves performance. For example, while playing a game, the textures will look better and load faster, the frame rate will increase, and general performance should see a boost.

Graphics Cards That use VulkanRT


The software is mainly used on high-end graphics cards. However, it's also available on most graphics cards you can get today, including Intel. The full list of compatible AMD graphics cards can be found here. The full list of compatible Nvidia graphics cards can be found here.

If you have one of the above graphics cards, then your PC can use VulkanRT. The list of compatible graphics cards is growing all the time. If your PC doesn't support the program right now, the chances are that it will work in the future. This is easily the best graphics API you can get, and most developers are now using it to improve their game's performance when you download it at home.

Software Company Information

One of the main reasons that people uninstall programs is because they can't find a legitimate company behind the software they're looking at. Rest assured, this software comes from The Khronos Group. This is an American Non-Profit Consortium. They are experts in producing royalty-free APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

VulkanRT FAQ


Should you come across this software's name whilst browsing the folders on your computer, you should now know that it's not a piece of malicious hardware. In fact, this software is actively improving the performance of your PC. While it might not be immediately apparent, you'll notice the difference if you uninstall it. Furthermore, some games and software require it. If you delete it, you could find that half the software on your computer now doesn't work.

Finally, we want to reiterate that this program is not a piece of malicious software. There are forum entries around the internet that suggest this is the case. However, this is just misinformation, as we've outlined in this article.

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