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Watch dogs: Legion Game modes

There's a couple of different Game Modes available in Watch Dogs: Legion to play in their Multiplayer section. Each game mode come with unique features and different ways to co-operate or win against your opponents.

Enjoy all of the following game modes with your friends on all platforms:

Watch Dogs: Legion Invasion


Invasion is a returning PvP mode in the Watch Dogs universe. It was introduced in the first game and proved to be incredibly popular because of how open and dynamic it is.

With an Invasion game, one player will invade another player's game world. The Invader will appear as an NPC to the player being invaded, making them incredibly hard to detect.

Invasion's goal is for the invading player to locate the target, in this case, another player, and steal data from them. To do this, they need to identify them by exploring London. Once they're nearby, they'll have to analyze each character to track their target.

With the target located, the invader must hack them. This can take a few minutes. In this time, the target will be notified that they are being hacked. The invader must remain close to the target so they can hack them. If the target moves too far away, they'll lose hacking progress.

Once the invader has successfully hacked the target, they need to escape without being caught. It's the target's job to figure out who the invader is. If they can locate them and kill them, then they will win the game mode.

Should the invader manages to hack their target and escape successfully, they'll be given a glut of rewards for their effort. They'll also walk away with all of the same data that the government monitors every single day. If the target manages to take down the invader, they'll also see a few rewards head their way. The bulk of the rewards are for the invader though.

Always be Aware

Invasion is the only multiplayer mode that you can be a part of without realizing it at first. Stay alert in this game mode, if you're playing Watch Dogs: Legion with an internet connection enabled, then an invader could pop into your game world at any time.

Most of the time, you'll be invaded when you're between missions. It would be unfair to put too much pressure on a mission with another player trying to hack you.

This will make roaming the streets of London dangerous at the best of times. You'll need to be on your guard, looking out for suspicious characters, and constantly monitoring your alerts to see if you're being hacked.

I would say that this is the iconic Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer game mode. The fact that it's cross-platform means that anyone playing Watch Dogs: Legion anywhere in the world could hack you at any time. How scary is that?

Watch Dogs: Legion Co-Op


The second of all multiplayer game modes in Watch Dogs: Legion is Co-Op. This is a straightforward game mode. It allows up to four players to team up together in one game world. Once together, they can take on any missions they want.

However, specific co-op missions are added to a game's world once players have teamed up together. There are also Tactical Ops, which are only available in co-op because they are far more difficult. These missions are at the heart of co-op because they're impossible to compete in single player.

Tactical Ops missions will have several elements that need to be addressed simultaneously, which is why co-op is so important for them. For example, one operative will be solving a puzzle from their drone, whilst two others fight off against the Albion soldiers trying to stop them. A fourth operative could even need to be moving through the area as the drone solves puzzles, making matters even more complicated.


The goal with co-op is for players to bring in operatives from their own games that can synergize with others. For example, if a mission requires players to sneak into a heavily fortified area, a character with a construction drone would be perfect. This way, one player can fly over the defenses and into the area, take out the guards, and let everyone else in.

A hacker would be a good synergy because they can control the cameras and identify guards all around the mission area. To compliment them, a combat specialist such as a hitman would work very well. Their skills in taking enemies down quickly and quietly will help the team progress fast without being impeded by reinforcements.

Finally, a wildcard operative would be useful for when the mission goes wrong. For example, a beekeeper could summon a swarm of robotic bees to distract enemies as the team makes a swift getaway. However, an operative with a car that has stealth tech installed might be just as useful for when the team needs to leave.

Spiderbot Arena


This is a brand new cross-platform multiplayer game mode specifically for Watch Dogs: Legion. The game makes great use of spiderbots, which are small robots shaped like spiders. In single-player, they're used to infiltrate areas and unlock doors or hack systems without arousing suspicion. They can also stun an enemy by jumping onto their face.

Spiderbot Arena is very different though. This is a game mode that pits several players against one another using Spiderbots. Details on this game mode are light at the time of writing. But it looks like players will be able to pick up power-ups and destroy other Spiderbots with them.

This final multiplayer game mode looks to be the most brutal and frantic. It's also the first directly PVP game mode the series has ever had. Invasion does pit one player against another, but it's more of a game of stealth. Spiderbot Arena is the first Watch Dogs multiplayer game mode where players fight to the death.

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