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Venti is one of the many characters in Genshin Impact that you can collect and play out in the world. Like all characters, there's a lot to his. From his lore and backstory to the elements and weapons he uses, it's important to know as much as possible if you want to make the most of his whilst exploring or fighting monsters. What follows is our comprehensive Venti Genshin Impact character guide, which should helpfully help you get to grips with one of the best adventurers in the game.

How to Get Venti in Genshin Impact


The only way to get Venti at the time of writing is to pick his up from a Wish. A Wish can be purchased in Genshin Impact with Fates. However, the chances of you getting his are quite small. Right now, there's a 0.6% chance of getting a five-star character like Venti from a Wish, though you are guaranteed one for every 90 Wishes.

As we covered in our guide to how Genshin Impact makes money, Wishes can be purchased with real money. However, they're very expensive and considering the chances of getting Venti as a reward, you're probably better off sticking to the Wishes you can buy organically through playing the game.

Don't lose heart though! Eventually, you will get Venti as part of a Wish, and then you'll be able to battle with one of the best characters in the game.

Best Venti Builds in Genshin Impact


A core part of Genshin Impact is swapping around each character's equipment to make the most of their natural skills and strengths. This includes ensuring that the items they hold boost the right element type or add a chunk of additional health. Weapons are also important since they can make or break a character's viability. What follows are the two best builds for Venti in the game.

Anemo Support Build


This is a build you craft for Venti if you want to use his as a supporting character. He'll provide buffs and healing to other characters in this role rather than dealing too much damage.


There are two weapons that you could use in this fantastic build for Venti.

The Stringless - This bow has an Elemental Mastery perk. This means that it increases Venti's Elemental Skill and Burst damage. Depending on the weapon's level, it can push up the damage by 24%, 30%, 36%, 42%, or 48% in total.

Favonius Warbow - This weapon differs from The Stringless because it an Energy Recharge perk. This means that it provides you with a chance to generate an Elemental Orb upon critical hits. The chances of this happening go up with the weapon's rank, ranging from 60% to 70%, 880%, 90%, and even up to 100%. That Elemental Orb will recharge 6 Energy for the character that picks it up. The chances of this happening will range from 6 seconds to 12 seconds, depending on the weapon's level.

Artifact Set

Just like with weapons, there are two Artifact Sets that you could use for the perfect Venti build.

The Exile - This Artifact is good for Energy Recharge, Anemo damage, and general attack boosting. It provides a +20-% buff to Energy Recharge and regenerates 2 Energy for all other characters when Venti's Elemental Burst is used.

Viridescent Venerer - With this Artifact, Venti gets much the same as with The Exile. It adds a +15% damage boost to Anemo and increases Swirl damage by 60%. Any element combined with that Swirl will be about 40% more effective against enemies, regardless of their elemental resistances, to top things off.

Aimed Shot Build


With this build, Venti is much more of a threat. If you enjoy attacking from range, then this is the build you should use on Venti.


Royal Bow - This is a mighty bow. Each hit, up to five, increases your critical chance rate by 8 percent. When you finally land a critical hit, the chances are reset.

Sharpshooter's Oath - This isn't the best weapon, but it's still viable. It increases Venti's damage against weak spots by 24%, 30%, 36%, 42%, or 48%, depending on the weapon's level.

Artifact Set

Wanderer's Troupe - This Artifact is a big boost to Venti's lethality. It increases Elemental Mastery by 80%. The Artifact also ups charged attack damage by 35%, providing Venti is using a bow or catalyst. Since this is Venti, he'll almost certainly be using a bow.

Venti Best Bow

Next in our Venti Genshin Impact guide is bows! There are several fantastic bows that Venti could be using in Genshin Impact. However, if you're looking for the best bow to use with his, I'd say that you should go with The Stringless.

This bow, as I mentioned above, boosts Elemental Skill and Burst damage by a certain percentage. If you can pick up a high-level version of this weapon from a Wish, then you could decimate enemies before they even land one hit.

Since Venti is a ranged character, you want to boost his attacks as much as possible. The chances are that you'll be getting hits in on enemies before they're aware of your presence. If you can kill a couple of enemies thanks to the increased power of Venti's bow, you'll smash through a session in Genshin Impact, feeling fantastic.

Venti Character Banner


As a last note in our Venti Genshin Impact guide, let's look at banners. Genshin Impact holds special offers on Wishes from time to time. One of the most recent was a Venti Character Banner offer, which discounted the price of purchasing ten Wishes at once. It also provided players with a guaranteed Venti character and a special banner to use in the game.

At the time of writing, there is no special banner for Venti in the Wish menu. However, I'm sure there will be again at some point in the future. The developer will keep swapping these banners around to allow players to get the characters they want for their team. If you keep an eye on the Wish menu every time you play, you're bound to come across a special offer for Venti at least once.


That's everything you need to know about Venti in Genshin Impact. This character is proficient with a bow and lethal at any range. I recommend trying out the builds I've suggested above. If all you do is get a good bow and run with that though, I'm sure you'll do great. Just remember that, like all characters, Venti is part of a team. Play with him as a member of that team, and you'll be fine. If you play with him like he's the hero of the story, you're going to struggle. Don't forget about leveling up your friendship with Venti. See our guide here for some tips on how to unlock all of his lore and banners.

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