Valorant Best Agents – For Every Role

Riot's new first-person shooter has yet to be available for open beta. However, information about the initial batch of Agents has already been released. Just like with any other character-based game, there are bound to be certain agents for certain roles in the game. Today, we're taking a look at Valorant best agents for each role.

Disclaimer - We're making our picks based on each agent's ability descriptions at the time of this writing. Depending on actual damage, ranges, and cooldown values, the best picks for each role could likely change over time! Also, we are going to use the roles used in CSGO unless Valorant defines its own character-specific roles.

Valorant Best Agents - The Rundown

If you want a quick reference for the best agents for each role, here's a quick rundown to help you out!

  • Fragger - Phoenix
  • Support - Sage
  • Sniper - Sova
  • Leader - Brimstone
  • Lurker - Jett

Do you want to know why we picked these agents for their respective roles? Let's take a look at each role and how our agents' kits make them (theoretically) the best at their job.


Also known as "Entry Fragger", the fragger acts as the team's front line unit. In CSGO, a fragger goes in, preferably after the team deploys a flashbang or a smoke grenade. A fragger's main job is to gain ground for his teammates to control.

Our best pick - Phoenix


  • Hot Hands – Throw a fireball that covers an area in flames that damage enemies and heals teammates.
  • Blaze – Summon a firewall that blocks vision and damages enemies.
  • Curveball – Throw a flashbang that curves left or right.
  • Run It Back – Place a mark on your current location. When the skill timer runs out or you die, you respawn at the mark with full health.

If there's one agent who best fits the fragger role, that would be Phoenix. Hot Hands is basically a HE grenade in CSGO, except it only deals damage to enemies. Blaze will be mostly a utility spell to help him advance without being too exposed to enemy fire. Curveball can be cast right after Blaze dissipates or before making an entry. Last but not least, Run It Back allows Phoenix to entry frag safely whenever the ability is up because it's basically a free respawn.


Fraggers lead the charge, but support players are the ones who make the charge possible. A support player lays down suppressive fire, provides cover or acquires intel necessary to make sure the other teammates can do their jobs.

Our best pick - Sage


  • Slow Orb – Fire an orb that creates a dome. The dome slows enemies and prevents them from jumping while also emitting a distinct noise.
  • Barrier Orb – Summon an impassable wall.
  • Healing Orb – Fire an orb that heals nearby allies.
  • Resurrection – Revive an ally.

The game's resident medic, Sage has a skillset focused on keeping people alive. Slow Orb prevents enemies from advancing safely, while barrier orb can be used to block off enemy paths or obscure their sightlines. Healing Orb works very similar to Moira's healing orb in Overwatch. Resurrection is a major game-changer, especially in a game where respawning is not normally possible. With Phoenix as a fragger, you can basically push three times if both Run It Back and Resurrection are available.

Secondary pick - Viper


  • Snakebite - Fire a projectile that creates a pool of acid on the ground.
  • Poison Cloud - Throw a gas bomb that emits a damaging cloud. Uses up fuel and can be retrieved and used again after a short cooldown.
  • Toxic Screen – Set down a row of gas emitters that create a wall of gas. Also uses fuel.
  • Viper's Pit (ult) - Create a large AOE that obscures vision from outside and damages enemies in it.

You might be surprised that we put Viper here in this role considering her mostly damage-oriented kit. However, all of her abilities either lack range or require considerable cast time to make her a fragger. Most of her abilities will be valued for their ability to flush out corners, disrupt enemy vision and area denial.


Also known as the AWPer for CSGO players, the sniper's job changes depending on what's happening in a round. A good sniper can deny entire sections of the map, turning it into a kill zone. On the offense, a sniper can provide support fire for the rest of the team.

Our best pick - Sova


  • Snakebite - Fire a projectile that creates a pool of acid on the ground.
  • Poison Cloud - Throw a gas bomb that emits a damaging cloud. Uses up fuel and can be retrieved and used again after a short cooldown.
  • Toxic Screen – Set down a row of gas emitters that create a wall of gas. Also uses fuel.
  • Viper's Pit (ult) - Create a large AOE that obscures vision from outside and damages enemies in it.

A sniper with plenty of intel is a force to be reckoned with. This is especially true for Sova, whose kit focuses on locating potential targets. His Owl Drone and Recon bolt allows him to see enemies hiding behind cover, while Hunter's Fury allows him to hit a target anywhere on the map. In fact, his near-guaranteed damage potential and once his ult is up will likely put him at the top of the tier list.

Second pick - Cypher


  • Trapwire – Set a tripwire between two walls. Enemies that walk into the tripwire will be slowed and temporarily revealed. Can be retrieved and used at a different location.
  • Cybercage – Set a trap that can be manually activated. When activated, the trap slows enemies passing within its range.
  • Spycam – Place a remote camera. The camera can fire darts that reveal enemies.
  • Neural Theft – Interact with an enemy’s dead body to reveal the location of all surviving enemy agents.

Okay, we're putting Cypher here, but only because he's good at pretty much any role other than fragger and everybody else is better off in other roles. Cypher can use his Trapwire to prevent opponents from flanking his spot. Cybercage requires setup time but it helps a lot when holding an area with multiple entry points. Spycam and Neural Theft are essential for mostly for support or lurker Cyphers. He's actually more of a jack-of-all trades so expect him to be outperformed by more specialized agents when put on a tier list.


The leader's job is to call the shots. They're in charge of coming up with strategies. They decide where his other teammates should be. That being said, a leader tends to spend time at the backline, where they can safely assess the situation while still being taking part in the fight.

Our best pick - Brimstone

Image result for valorant cypher


  • Incendiary – Throw an incendiary grenade that covers an area in flames.
  • Stim Beacon – Using the map, select an area where a beacon will drop. The beacon will boost the team’s fire rate.
  • Sky Smoke – Using the map, deploy multiple smoke screens to obscure enemy vision.
  • Orbital Strike – Using the map, bombard a specific area for several seconds.

Brimstone is hands-down one of Valorant best agents for team leaders because of his ability to control the battlefield from anywhere on the map. Sky smoke can be used both offensively and defensively while Orbital strike can be used as a powerful area denial tool. His other two skills, Incendiary and Stim Beacon, are mostly used to allow more effective plays but are mostly there as secondary support abilities.


Also known as the flanker or recon, the Lurker has two important roles. First, it's the lurker's job to scout ahead and provide intel for the bulk of their team, calling out enemy positions and possible routes. Second, a lurker also disrupts the enemy team, either by creating a distraction or outright taking down targets from behind.

Our best pick - Jett

Valorant best agents


  • Cloudburst – Throw a smoke grenade.
  • Updraft – After a brief channeling time, launch yourself upwards.
  • Tailwind – Dash towards any direction.
  • Blade Storm – Summon several throwing knives that can be thrown on at a time or in a single burst. Each knife can deal heavy damage and kills on headshots. Kills replenish your throwing knives.

Jett's skill set is focused on mobility and skirmishing ability. However, they also happen to be the best tools for a player working mostly away from the rest of the team. Updraft and Tailwind can be used not just to gain ground, but also as escape tools for a lurker caught alone by the enemy team. Cloudburst can be used to delay enemy pushes, or used in tandem with Bladestorm to join a team skirmish when the enemy is focused on fighting your teammates.

Second pick - Omen


  • Paranoia – Launch a shadow clone forward. Anyone touched by the clone is temporarily blinded.
  • Shadow Walk – Short-ranged teleport with a small channeling time.
  • Dark Cover – Throw an invisible orb that expands into an obscuring dark sphere. The orb can be charged to increase its maximum range.
  • From the Shadows – Teleport anywhere in the map and gain invincibility for a few seconds.

Lurkers put a high emphasis on mobility and solo survival in order to provide intel away from the main group. Omen's Shadow Walk and From the Shadows allows him to get to any point of the map faster than anything bar Jett. However, the utility provided by Paranoia and Dark Cover also makes him a good secondary support. Cypher is good at getting info, but his lack of mobility puts him a notch below Jett and Cypher.

Valorant Best Agents per Role - Conclusion

This wraps up our discussion on Valorant Best Agents for each role. Skill will still trump counter-pick knowledge. Still, having an idea of which agents excel in certain roles could make your preferred playstyle a lot easier (and fun!). Care to share your insights on each agent? Leave us a comment below!

Also, there are ways to get better at Valorant before the release so you are prepared once you can start playing it.

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