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best lol streamers

With over 67 million players across the globe by 2016, League of Legends is continually taking over the eSports world. By 2018, the number of hours watched, mostly from top LOL streamers on Twitch was 983 million. Besides, the biggest tournament "2018 World Championship" had over 83 million watch-hours.

League of Legends audience base is increasing daily perhaps due to various social media platforms. is among the most popular and leading platforms for most LOL gamers and live-video streaming for this game. It is one platform that has made this game to reach such great heights of success. You can also join Twitch, learn how to get more viewers & followers and eventually become one of the best streamers. But who are some of the leading LOL streamers on Twitch currently?

LolTyler1~ 2 609 738
Nightblue3~ 2 500 000
C9 Sneaky~ 1 500 000
TSM Bjergsen~ 1 470 000
DoubleLift~ 1 250 000
Yassou~ 1 225 000
Coscu~ 804 500
Javirone~ 801 500
TFBlade~ 630 000
Brtt~ 619 000
Rush~ 444 000
Sardoche~ 396 000
Mandiocaa1~ 300 000
Caps~ 235 500
Relaxing234~ 177 500

Of course, there are tournaments that are also popular on Twitch but the above list consists of individual streamers. So let's get started on our epic journey to exploring more on these LOL streamers.

The Top LOL Streamers

1. Loltyler1

Top lol streamers

It is amazing how an individual like Loltyler1 eventually becomes popular on Twitch within only 6 years of being in this industry. Loltyler1 joined this popular social media platform on November 14th, 2013. By 2019 September, this LOL streamer has over 2.6 million followers. Besides, Loltyler1 has over 124 million views. The average viewers on this platform are over 13,800. There is no mature content in this platform and English is the language used in communication.

2. Nightblue3

Top lol streamer

Rabia Yazbek that goes with the name Nightblue3 is one of the renowned streamers on Twitch. He joined Twitch by Dec 21, 2011. As per September 2019, Nightblue3 had over 2.4 million followers, over 215 million views and more than 7,000 average viewers. Most of the time, Nightblue3 usually streams for around 10 hours on Mondays from 10 PM and 7 AM EAT the following day. Whether your child is 8 years or 18 years old, they can enjoy streaming from this individual. As a parent, you don’t have to worry about mature content because Nightblue3 has none. The language he uses is English.

3. C9Sneaky


As one of the renowned LOL channels in Twitch, C9Sneaky has been ranked in position 11 for being the most-watched English LOL channel. Of course, this is a result of the beneficial streams that it gives most of the LOL gamers. Since joining this platform on September 3rd in 2011, C9Sneaky has been one of the most-watched English channels ranking at position 82. It has grown to have over 1.4 million followers. As of September 2019, the channel had over 100 million views and over 10,100 average viewers. It doesn’t stream any mature content.

4. TSM Bjergsen

Top Lol streamers

Next on our list is TSM Bjergsen. This channel joined Twitch on December 12th, 2012, and since then, TSM Bjergsen has been dominating on Twitch. This channel has relatively great followers totaling to over 1.4 million. As of September 2019, he had over 92 million views and over 7,400 average viewers. However, records show that the channel had not had any live streaming in the past one month as of September 2019. That means if TSM Bjergsen was consistent in delivering the expected experience to his great followers, of course, he could be far.

5. Doublelift


With over 9,100 average viewers, Doublelift has been providing his great followers quite amazing streaming in League of Legends. With Doublelift, the quality content of LOL which he does in English has made the channel to grow tremendously. As of September 2019, Doublelift had over 1.2 million followers and over 67 million views. Doublelift has been in the market since Feb 4th, 2013 and for 6 years it has been beneficial to quite a lot of players who are great fans of League of Legends. It ranks at number 60 among the most-watched English channels that stream LOL.

6. Yassou


This is another great LOL streamers who joined Twitch on April 8th, 2016. We can call Yassou as one of the fastest-growing streaming individual based on some tangible statistics. Yassou has over 1.2 million followers which are quite an achievement considering that this streamer has been on Twitch for only 3 years and 5 months. This channel does not display any mature content or explicit images making it a good platform for all. He presents in the English Language. As of September 2019, Yassou had over 47 million views and over 11,200 average viewers.

7. Javirone


As of September 2019, Javirone had more than 54 million views and over 6400 average viewers. Javirone has been ranked position 3 for being the most-watched Portuguese LOL channel. Besides, he is in position 8 for being the most-watched Portuguese channels. He has over 800,000 followers since December 15 in 2013 when he joined Twitch. In this Portuguese channel, there is no mature content hence safe for your kids.

8. Coscu


To spice things up, we have a channel called Coscu which has been on Twitch for around 9 years. Coscu joined Twitch on September 27 in the year 2012 providing content to its audience in Espanol. This is a channel of its own kind. It has been ranked as one of the most-watched Espanol LOL channels. It does not display any adult content hence great for your minors. As of September 2019, the channel had more than 20.5 million views and average viewers of over 2,000. It has over 790,000 followers.

9. TFBlade


TFBlade joined Twitch on March 21st, 2014 and since then they have been doing awesomely among the League of the Legends streamers. Although TFBlade can stay for sometimes without doing the streaming, they still have a tangible number of followers. By September 2019, this LOL streamer had over 630,000 followers. TFBlade usually streams on Mondays for approximately 13 hours mostly from 1 PM and 1 AM. However, this streamer also streams on other days of the week. TFTBlade has over 33 million views and an average of more than 10,542 viewers.

10. Brtt

Top lol streamers

With overwhelming average viewers of more than 12,400 and over 34 million views, Brtt is really trying in beating the high level of competition on Twitch. Although this channel has slightly over 614,000 followers, it has great viewership which is an indication that this channel is providing helpful content to League of Legends players. Brtt joined Twitch on June 20th, 2012 and has been providing quality content and streams in Portuguese. So every English speaking LOL gamer may not benefit much from this platform. There is no mature content on this channel.

11. Rush


Having started on November 20 in 2015, Rush has been beating most of the channels on Twitch and slowly is emerging to be one of the best streamers. Rush has a relatively good number of followers totaling to over 400,000. Since this streamer does not have any mature content, the channel becomes great even for the minors. Rush uses English as the language of communication making it simple for most players to follow. As of September 2019, this channel had over 17 million views and over 6,000 average viewers. Rush is still ripe for growth and of course, its consistency will make this channel to reach its expectations.

12. Sardoche

Top Lol Streamers

Sardoche has been ranked in number 3 as one of the most-watched francais channels that streams League of Legends. Besides it is in position 62 among the channels that are most watched on Twitch. Since October 28th in the year 2013, this channel has been offering quality help to LOL gamers. As a result, it has had over 392,000 followers and over 42 million views. Besides, it has over 15,800 average viewers. However, you should ensure that your child is safe while in this channel because there is mature content that may not be good for your child.

13. Mandiocaa1

This is another Portuguese channel that has been on the ground since November 6, 2017. One thing that this streamer has that many parents dislike is adult content. The channel has been ranked in position 2 for being the most-watched Portuguese LOL channels. It has more than 290,000 followers. As of September, it had 6,000 average viewers and over 16 million views.

14. Caps

Top lol streamers

Although Caps rarely streams on Mondays, there are other flexible hours that he does his streaming on various days within the week. Since joining the greatest live streaming platform renowned for its LOL streams, Twitch, Caps have had over 200,000 followers. Caps joined Twitch in July 11th, 2016 and since then he has had more than 2.6 million views and average viewers of over 7,205 as of September 2019. Caps streams his content in English and has no mature or explicit content in it making it good even for minors.

15. Relaxing234


And now one of the most-watched Chinese channel rankings at position 25 is Relaxing 234. It has been a beneficial channel to most Chinese LOL players hence ranked at position 8 among the most-watched Chinese LOL channels. It doesn’t display any adult content hence preferred by many Chinese parents. The channel has over 176,000 followers since December 14th in 2011. As of September 2019, the channel featured over 9.1 million views and more than 3000 average viewers.

Top Lol Streamers Conclusion

Whether you are an English, Portuguese, Francais, Espanol or Chinese League of Legends player, you can enjoy Twitch live streaming and perhaps share with your viewers. Of course, the list of top LOL streamers will keep on changing from time to time depending on various factors. It is your duty as an avid LOL player to keep yourself updated not only on the best LOL streamers but also on the top LOL players of all time. You can also feature as a top streamer or player of LOL; just put more effort.

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