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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an ever-growing FPS title that has produced countless legends and professional players. Today, we present to you the top 10 of the best players in CSGO of all time. The list includes some of the all-time legend players and the current phenomenal stars of the game.

1. Filip "neo" Kubski

Neo has been playing at a high level for twelve years with his comrade Taz. Taz and Neo have always gone hand in hand when it came to signing for teams and played all the tournaments together.

Only in 2009 did their paths separate when neo became the part of the Polish World eSports team.

In 2013, neo signed for Netcode Illuminati as a substitute for the ESEA finals in Counter-Strike 1.6. After making a switch to CSGO, neo again entered, a team with which he won great events such as ESL Katowice 2014, the final of CEVO, and ESL ESEA Pro League. Of course, Neo played more tournaments and gave very good vibes getting podium places countless times.

2. Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg

The Swedish player, f0rest has positioned himself among the best players in the world thanks to his great performances in Majors such as ESL Katowice and Sweden Dreamhack.

His first victory in the competitive scene came when he was only 16 years old and won the OptiHack getting 730€.

Swedish CSGO teams known as the elite of the professional scene and this player is at the top of that elite.

After winning € 10,000 at a major Swedish event, f0rest was a part of Sweden's World eSports Games. After displaying impressive performances with the national team, he had the opportunity to be part of Fnatic and that was when his golden age came.

Finally, in 2013 f0rest wore the colors of Ninjas in Pajamas, a team where he has managed to win international competitions to this day.

3. Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev

s1mple the best CSGO player right now

Many of you probably wonder how come s1mple ends up at a 3rd place when he is definitely the best player in the world and has been for a while. The fact is that s1mple is insanely skilled when it comes to aim and game-sense which means that s1mple has it all. We still see that s1mple has a lot to prove before taking on Neo and forest in this ranking for the best CSGO player of all time.

Neo and forest has been around since 1.6 and has stayed on the top ever since, taking turns of being the best player. Now, s1mple is the best for sure and if he can keep this up for another year or perhaps years he will definitely be the best player CSGO has ever seen.

We look forward to seeing if this young talent can stay or if possible even progress more in CSGO. If anyone in this list has the chance of overtaking the number one spot, it is s1mple.

4. Nicolai "device" Reedtz

Device is a talented Awper and IGL, who plays for the Danish team, Astralis. In 2017, he celebrated his fourth appearance in the top 20 of HLTV making him one of the top players in CSGO. Among his great achievements in the last year was for the conquest of ELEAGUE Major and Intel Extreme Masters Katowice.

One of the players that has earned the most prize money ever in CSGO, with much help from the Astralis era. He contributed by being the best Awper in the world at a point and he still has a high lowest standard while playing.

He's one of the most consistent Awpers and you can always count on him to do his job and some more.

5. Nikola "NiKo" Kovac

The 21-year-old Bosnian talent, NiKo had the best year of his career in 2017. Presenting outstanding performances since 2016 in Mousesports, NiKo was added to the main squad of FaZe Clan in February 2017. The player has won three titles and three runners-up in 2017. In his career, he has already won about $445,000 in prizes.

6. Marcelo "coldzera" David

For two consecutive years, Marcelo "coldzera" David was elected the best player in the world of CSGO. Being uncontested, he leads the statistics of impact in international competitions, impacts on international playoffs, and relation to killings and clutches.

Coldzera, who was revealed to the international scene two and a half years ago, gained fame while playing for Luminosity Gaming.

In his first year in the team, he won MLG Columbus 2016 and ESL Pro League Season 3. Coldzera was eternalized in 2016 on the Mirage map by means of a graffiti in bombsite B. He made a historic move by eliminating four players along with an AWP.

With his unexpected plays he manages to win rounds to whatever team he plays with, and players say themselves that he is one of the hardest players to read. His own comment to this is that ''I don't know myself what I'm doing so how could they do''. This is a big reason why we consider him to be one of the best player of all time in CSGO.

7. Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund

The Swedish talent, GeT-RiGhT has always been a problem for the opponent team due to his tactical movements on the map which cannot be anticipated by many. His intelligence in the game has led his team, Ninjas in Pyjamas, to dominate the competitive landscape for a large part of his professional career.

GeT_RiGhT was a part of Fnatic and SK Gaming before joining Ninjas in Pyjamas. In order to achieve his goals, he always had a decent team and great teammates behind him.

He's been on a top-level, delivering insane results ever since he started playing back in CS 1.6. He truly deserves to be on this list of the top 10 best players of all time.

8. Freddy "KRiMZ" Johansson

KRiMZ from the beginning has been at the highest level in the game and has helped his team to maintain good results. In 2014, he joined Fnatic after playing for a year with the LGB Esports club. That time was enough for him and his teammate Olofmeister, to receive an offer from Fnatic to create a Swedish super team.

Since Fnatic made these two changes, the team has not stopped achieving great victories and that is why they became the best team in the world. They have not always managed to win all the Majors but they had the so-called Fnatic era, where they kept winning and winning back in 2014. But KRiMZ performance has never lacked and he is still a beast in CSGO. Making him a worthy member of the top 10 best CSGO players of all time.

9. Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer

Unlike his teammate, KRiMZ. Olofmeister began his career in H2K Gaming and shortly after that, he joined LGB Esports with KRiMZ. When he joined Fnatic he became a key player for the team. In their first event with Fnatic, the Dreamhack Winter of 2014, they lost to Team LDLC, the team that accused them of playing with tricks that were not allowed so they called a walkover to show good sportsmanship.

Olofmeister now plays for FaZe Clan and is admired by the community of CSGO. He is still today one of the best Riflers in the world even though he does not have the same form as he had back in the Fnatic era.

There is no doubt that during the Fnatic era, olofmeister was the best player in the world.

10. Robin "flusha" Rönnquist

Flusha was playing in Epsilon with JW until 2013. It was that same year when both signed for the London club, Fnatic.

Flusha is a consistent player with a cool mind in difficult times. With these abilities, he has led Fnatic to win three great titles and countless prizes in the years.

It would be fair to say that without him, it would have been very difficult to win all the titles because as a captain, he did and does a remarkable job to keep the team concentrated under pressure. If you talk about cheating in CSGO, flusha's name is a common name to show up, even though he has never cheated. This means his skill is so good that the whole world doubted if his skills are even human. This is a big reason that he is one of the best players of all time in CSGO.

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Players Worth Mentioning:

Nathan "NBK" Schmitt

NBK began his career in the era of Counter Strike: Source. Unlike the professionals who won the most, he preferred to stay in 1.6.

In 2008, he participated in VeryGames and began to be known in some events thanks to the rapid victories that put France on the map in the competitive world of eSports.

NBK is a very successful in-game leader. With Team EnVyUs, he managed to win the Dreamhack Major Cluj-Napoca and had many top finishes in the Majors.

Ioann "Edward" Sukhariev

Edward, the oldest player of Natus Vincere, along with Zeus, who is not on this list for € 1,000 after losing several small events.

Since Natus Vincere decided to bet on Counter-Strike, the team led by Edward has been the most dominant in the CIS region, being the first team to be proclaimed ESWC champions in 2010. Then they set a record that same year after winning Dreamhack Winter. Which had a total prize of $ 220,000 in a single year.

Edward has been practicing all his career in Natus Vincere, except in 2013, where, for a few months he joined the super team of the CIS region, Astana Dragons.

Jesper "JW" Wecksell

The Swede started competing in Counter-Strike before Krimz. In 2012 the 17-year-old debuted professionally on a Norwegian LAN with a prize of €600. In 2013, Wonderchild decided to leave Epsilon due to the interest of Fnatic and since then the team has won great Majors and achieved a multitude of podiums.

To this day he still delivers insane results with his aggressive play-style and impact frags. He is still today one of the best Awper in the world.

Wiktor "Taz" Wojtas

One of the most difficult things for a player is to maintain the best level for as long as possible. Taz has achieved this for nothing more and nothing less than a decade and that is why the player is recognized as one of the best in Europe.

He began to compete at the highest level in Pentagram, a popular club at that time. Later in search of new challenges, he signed up for the German club, Meet Your Makers during the Counter-Strike 1.6 season.

Not feeling too comfortable on all the teams he had been on, he found what he needed at, where only two months later they won the first ESL Katowice with a prize of €100,000. After that, Taz played for Team Kinguin which recently won DreamHack Open Montreal 2018. Today you don't see too much of Taz in the professional CSGO scene. But we won't forget of what he has accomplished.

Håvard "rain" Nygaard

Rain is undoubtedly one of the best entry-fraggers in the world today. The 23-year-old Norwegian, who has occupied high positions in the HLTV ranking ever since he started professionally. He has been in the CSGO competitive arena since 2013.

Throughout 2017, rain has won titles for FaZe Clan including StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 3, ESL One: New York 2017, and ELEAGUE CSGO Premier 2017. 2018, the player had the highest average headshots per round in international championships: 0.44.

Fernando "fer" Alvarenga

The last year of Fernando "fer" Alvarenga, at SK Gaming, can be defined in one word: consistency. The Brazilian, who won third place in the HLTV ranking. Is notably, one of the most unpredictable players on the world stage. With a very aggressive style of play, fer managed to surprise the best teams in the world. He did this over and over again, precisely because it was so difficult to devise a strategy against him.

Before you flame up

We wrote this article based on the basis of achievements in tournaments but also from our personal thoughts. We based this ranking on results and performances from way back in Counter-strike 1.6. This means that it was not an easy list to do since we have so much love for some of the players that today are crushing CSGO. To finish this up, we hope that you enjoyed our list of the top 10 players of all time in CSGO.

Feel free to give us your opinion of our list and who you think deserves to be here.

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