After the really successful launch from Respawn of the Battle Royale game ‘Apex Legends’, the developers haven’t sit still and they gave us a view in the future of the game today!


The new season of Apex Legends will start July 2, and it will be called “Battle Charge”, the same day of that release you can play with the new Legend and an all new weapon!


The new Legend is called Watson, a young woman who, together with her father, helped designing the Apex Legends arena. Her gameplay style is quite unique and focuses more on defense, with laser grids that can be placed anywhere. They keep enemies at a distance and ping the location when someone walks through the laser grids. Her ultimate is a small turret that shoots shields and shoots enemy shells from the air. In addition, her passive ensures that every accelerant she uses brings here to 100% right away.



The L-Star is the new assault rifle from Apex Legends (as leaked early) that can only be obtained from care packages (like the Kraber and Mastiff), so it is no surprise that this will be one of the strongest rifles/guns in the whole game – so strong that you can even open doors with it!


There’s more than just the new legend and the new weapon, a lot of weapons are also buffered in season 2 and the game gets a ‘Ranked’ mode. In addition, leveling your Battle Pass in Season 2 is also a lot faster, as based on daily and weekly challenges instead of just time. It has also been confirmed that the new Battle Pass will contain no less than 4 legendary skins; 2 weapons and 2 for legends.


The new battle pass will probably, just as the last one, cost $10 and will still be available on Origin.

There will also be fewer badges, they’ll remove the seasonal stat trackers because it was ‘uninteresting’. In Season 2 it will only feature one badge that will evolve as you progress. All of these trackers will be free, instead of in the paid Pass. You can earn these trackers if you’re level 10.


Nothing is said about Solo or Duo mode yet, unfortunately.


How to gain XP fast?

So, as said before, you can gather XP by daily and weekly challenges instead of just time. This will boost your XP really fast if you do all of the challenges.


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