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It’s no secret that The First Descendant had a fairly rough launch, with numerous bugs plaguing the game’s initial release.

These bugs ranged from FPS issues and crash problems to players not getting the items they were purchasing, leaving excited players on multiple platforms sour-faced.

Luckily, the developer Nexon has swiftly published several The First Descendant patch notes and hotfixes, addressing some of the technical issues, with the newest being the 1.0.1 hotfix.  

Platform & System changes

  • Fixed the bug that would make an excessively loud logo sound when launching the game.
  • Stability improvements have been implemented for both the server and the client with the goal of reducing crashes.
  • On PS5, unintended factors that have reduced performance have been removed.
  • For PS5 and XSX, the malfunctioning FSR Upscale issue has been fixed.

The primary purpose of this set of technical changes is to address the ongoing performance issues that have been present in the game since its initial release. These issues have primarily affected PlayStation players, which is why the bug fixes mainly revolve around this platform at the moment.

Additionally, the platform & system changes tackle some annoying issues like the loud screech the logo volume made when launching the game.

Content Improvements

  • Accelerated recovery times for knockback and knockdown by 1.5 times.
  • Reduced the maximum usage of the Eterllick shield skill per phase from two times to one.

Content improvements introduce two quality-of-life changes, the first one being the increase in the speed of recovery time. The community has heavily requested this change as you could easily be chain CC’d in some situations.

Additionally, Elterlick’s shield respawns much slower which makes this fight much shorter and less tedious as a result.

Bug Fixes

the first descendant patch notes image


  • Addressed the issue where the back button didn’t function after closing the capacity exceeded popup in the module enhancement UI.


  • Resolved the problem on XB1 where other players’ heads wearing skins intermittently failed to display.


  • Corrected the ‘Skill Power Modifier’ not applying properly after level 5 enhancement of the ‘Lethal Infection’ module
  • Removed the ultimate module drop animation bug for the normal module ‘High-Power Rounds Capacity Increase.’


  • Fixed the absence of object destruction animations in the Strategic Outpost
  • Updated the name and description display for NPC Dominique in the Hagios region.


  • Applied the ‘Ancient Fire’ status effect to the Guided Round of the Ultimate Weapon ‘Restored Relic.’
  • Corrected tooltip errors for the Fire Skill Power of the ‘Active Volcano’ External Components 2-set effect.
  • Fixed tooltip errors for the Weak Point Damage of the ‘Frozen Heart’ External Components 4-set effect.

The majority of the bug fixes Nexon addressed in this section relate to minor miscellaneous in-game errors, most of which are related to display bugs.

Keep an eye out for this newest patch as The First Descendant patch notes hotfix 1.0.1 goes live on 2024.07.05 (Friday) at 08:30 PDT.

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