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The First Descendand Selling And Dismantling Feature Image

The First Descendant is a brand new looter shooter from NEXON Games. You can grab it on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

One of the first issues you might encounter is filling up your Inventory and needing more space. You can store some of your weapons and items in Storage Boxes, but even those have limited space. You must learn how to Dismantle and/or sell your items to free up space and get some resources while you’re at it. Here’s how.


How To Sell Or Dismantle Weapons & Items In The First Descendant


Dismantling Weapons
Dismantling Weapons

Weapons, Reactors, and External Components can be dismantled in your Inventory or in Storage Boxes. Mark the item/s you want to sell as Junk. Then press the Dismantle Junk button indicated at the bottom of the screen.

Dismantling from the Inventory can be done pretty much anywhere. Whether you’re idly roaming the open worlds, on a mission, or in a friendly base, just hit the Inventory button or access it from the pause menu.

Storage Box(Sell Or Dismantle Items)
A Storage Box In Albion

Storage boxes can only be found in Albion or Outposts.

Resource Acquisition Info
Resource Acquisition Info

The resources you obtain from dismantling items differ from item to item. For example, you can get Liquid Metal by dismantling Weapons and Solenoid by dismantling Reactors.

You can check where each item drops by viewing their Acquisition info in the Consumable menu.



Selling Weapons And Items In The First Descendant(Sell Or Dismantle Items)
Selling Weapons & Items

Weapons, Reactors, and External Components can be sold for Gold to Deslin, the Weapons Lab Director in Albion. You can find him in the Western part of Albion.

It should go without saying, but the higher a weapon or item’s level and rarity, the more Gold you get for selling it.


How To Dismantle Modules

Dismantling Modules
Dismantling Modules

Weapon and Descendant Modules can be dismantled by Silion, the Module Master in Albion. His lab or workshop is in the Western part of Albion, right next to Deslin’s place.

Dismantling Modules gives you Kuiper Shards, a resource used for Enhancing Modules (you’ll also need Gold). 

The rarer the Module and the higher its Enhancement Level, the more Kuiper Shards you get for dismantling it.

You can’t sell Modules, so dismantling them is currently the only way to get rid of them.


Can You Sell Or Dismantle Descendants?

If you’ve played Warframe, one nifty little feature is to sell Warframes for credits to free up Warframe slots, allowing you to craft more. In The First Descendant, you can’t sell Descendants, but there is a way to get rid of them. Once you run out of Descendant slots and don’t have the resources to purchase more, you can choose to Dismiss one or more of your Descendants.

Dismissing Descendants (Sell Or Dismantle Items)
Dismissing Descendants

To do this, go to your Descendant menu by pressing the Descendant button (H on PC) or by accessing it on the top bar when you go to your Inventory menu.

Then, pick the Descendant you would like to Dismiss and press and hold the Dismiss button, which is indicated on the bottom of the screen.

You can only Dismiss Descendants when you have more than one. You also don’t receive anything from dismissing Descendants apart from the newly freed-up slot.

Keep up to date with The First Descendant patch notes to make sure you don’t miss out on any big changes.

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