Best Apex Legends Landing Spots – [Updated]

Electronic Arts' Apex Legends keeps on embracing an overall great acceptance. From famous YouTubers to journalists themselves: They were all surprised by the news. But, after all the mess, which are the best landing spots on Apex Legends?

Before jumping straight into the matter, there are things worth mentioning. Mention worthy is that we posted an article explaining the best optimization settings for Apex Legends.

(...) the game design innovations and the enhanced teamplay make Apex Legends a surprisingly fair and justified title.

This is the creation which Electronic Arts did alongside Respawn, an American studio which, by the way, also participated in the creation of Call of Duty: Infinity War.

Seems like the battle-royale competitor is going up, with +1M players on their first 24 hours and with people still super hyped about it. We'll let the community give Apex a real try, and analyze its potential growth over time.

Get To Know Apex Legend's Map

Have you been playing lately? Do you feel like it's time for you to get some good tips on the landings? First, get to know King's Canyon: Apex's map.

The game map is beautifully designed. Surrounded by canyons, we are facing a wild environment filled with advanced hi-tech buildings.

Taking that first snap to our map, I think it's significant if we could just observe a 2D version of this:

Apex Legends Landing spots

The map is curious. Of course, it's a waste fo time comparing Fortnite to Apex Legends (I'm kidding, it's not). But one of the first things to notice is the colors.

Let's remember Apex comes from a modified version of the source code, which they also used for Titanfall.

As I previously mentioned in another post, EA's title is a combination of the first-person dynamism of Call of Duty: Blackout with the ambiance of Titanfall 2 in a battle-royale genre.

So, for the above mentioned and more, it's obvious we were going to face an opaque and pale environment.

Sure, it lacks colors. It lacks funny dances and crazy weapons. But Apex Legends does get on a serious tone here.

Kings Canyon offers us swamps, advanced facilities, and more interesting features to find out with each session logged in.

Taking what I just wrote as something fundamental, and considering our options for the game, let's start dividing our points of interest within this title.

Fascinating Map Points on Apex Legends

More like useful map points. There are a couple. Take a look at King's Canyon image once again. Despite we're still collecting more information over the game, here's what's obviously shown. Points of:

  • Airbase
  • Slum Lakes
  • Market
  • The pit
  • Wetlands
  • Bridges
  • Water Treatment
  • Thunderdome
  • Skull Town
  • Bunker
  • Airbase
  • Relay
  • Artillery
  • Swamps

Now, where to get the loot, coverage or even a good battle when playing Apex Legends?

Best Landing Spots for Looting on Apex Legends

Let's remember this game follows up the battle-royale sequence, as it is from the genre. This means, the bigger the space, the more we can get.

Just like e.g., in Fortnite, we used to go to the city to collect some good loot, it applies in a certain similar manner with this title. We need to find the boxes, and those can contain better loots than we expect.

But hold on, it's not all that simple. As we get to higher levels, we'll also have the chance to get different and better weapons.

Better loots also mean that more folks will be willing to fight for them. Find the Bunker, it's one of the best landing spots for loot in Apex Legends. That's a good way to collect some well-deserved loot.

We also recommend you to go to the Market, Bridges and into the Repulsor.

Also, as there is no falling damage, you can pretty much play along with the buildings in order to obtain the weapons you're looking for.

"Hot Zones"

Let's use the game in our favor. There's a way the title can randomly select you the so-called Hot Zones. These are potential loots and helpful locations for us.

These zones could be as supportive as the Supply Ships. Even though we need to consider if we want to go there, there's always going to have something awesome for us.

A good squad and a perfect strategy should do for you, guys. I mean, sure it could go terribly wrong, but... Ok, ok. You might as well get super destroyed while trying.

The Supply Ships can be seen from the far distance. And even on the map, as a blue ship icon -- And it's a giant one. There's no way to get lost with this one. Trust me.

It's more than obvious that moving to a Hot Zone or a Supply Ship implies that we're going to face other players. And those players mean no good. And it's going to be a mess.

Useful Tips for your Apex Legends Journey

You might get a team of competent players together. Solo-playing is fun, but it gets more entertaining when you're killing enemies with your buddies.

Not only that, Apex Legends may differ quite a bit from other titles. It requires concentration and good planning beforehand. Don't forget you're in a first-person shooter whose massive appearance was centered on Titanfall.

Other than that, here's what you need to do or avoid doing:

  1. Don't stay close to others in case you're not with a team. This may interfere with your objectives when starting a match.
  2. Find some common ground, maybe on non-named localizations of the map (yes, those who are not nearby the titles of each location).
  3. As in all battle-royales, try to keep up with the circle before it eats you up. You don't want to affect your health while looking for loot.
  4. Always strive for the bigger places, just as we mentioned. Yes, it might lead up to a confrontation, but if you're a good player, you could easily get out of those situations with some good weapons.

Last but not least, be always sure to check the loot bins. Other original battle-royale games have adapted the word "crate", which changed for t this title along.

There's plenty of gear findable on nearby zones that can offer you loot bins. Overall, stay focused and try to make a good plan before going out to battle. Use your instinct and be prepared.

Apex Legends Will Continue to Grow

Or otherwise will be another failed attempt to make a huge battle-royale titleThings are heading for the good, despite all of the criticism received on social media.

Respawn's intention was clear from the beginning: They just want people to have fun, whether the general critics like the game or not.

This is a good memo for the experience, but will Electronic Arts well keep the track of yet another failure in the gaming industry? We are definitely anxious to see what the future holds for Apex Legends.

We are going to continue watching how Apex Legends evolves, both as a game and within the gaming community opinion. Now go get your loot at the best landing spots in Apex Legend.

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