Teamfight Tactics Max Level – Actual Max Level in TFT

TFT max level

So, there is a lot of question surrounding Teamfight Tactics right now and one very frequent one is ''what is the max level in TFT?''. We will go through this with quick answers and make sure you have a full understanding of how the level works and what you can do to reach the max level faster.

Teamfight tactics - Max Level TFT

There are two max levels to keep track of in TFT. One being the champion level and the other one being your own level. For champions, max level is set to 3 in Teamfight tactics. It's a quite low number but it is still not the easiest task or fastest task to achieve. Due to the way to get there.
This is the way it works:

  1. You aquire three of the same 1-star champion.
  2. Combine these three 1-star champions and they make a more powerful 2-star champion.
  3. Collect three of the same 2-star champions and you'll have yourself a strong 3-star unit.

max level TFT

Your own max level in TFT is set to 9. 

You can earn XP in two ways. The automatic 2XP that you are given each round is already a good way to grind you XP to reach a higher level. Altough, if you really want to advance and do it in speed, you can purchase the 4XP with gold. Buying the 4XP is a really good way to make sure you're using your time as productive as can be and really give you an advantage over your opponents. Whats this advantage, you might ask. Well, for each level aquired, you're allowed to place one more unit on the board. Meaning, if you're low in level you'll be low on units.

Also, the higher your level is, the higher your chance is of getting rare, epic and legendary champions. So make sure that you keep an eye on your XP and make that max level as soon as you can.

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