TFT Max Gold – How to Earn More & How to use it Effectively

Gold stash

Why is Gold Important in Teamfight Tactics?

Gold is one of the key resources in TFT and has a variety of uses, helping to advance one within the game. Is the max gold amount in TFT (or so-called Teamfight Tactics) though? Whether it’s buying a new champion, getting extra EXP, or refreshing the selection of champions in the shops, gold can be used for it. Each round, you can purchase a champion from the completely random options, or you could work towards leveling up your character, in order to gain an advantage.

Options to spend gold on.

Does Teamfight Tactics Have a Gold Limit?

It is recommended to only keep hold of a max of 50 gold in TFT. The reason behind this is, as said below, you can only earn interest on balances up to 50. There is no point in keeping more gold as it won’t increase the amount of interest you will receive. Due to this, it is advised to spend any surplus on getting extra EXP, or buying the best champions you can and storing them. From what we have found, there is no limit on how much gold you can have. If you play the game strategically, encountering a limit should be the least of your worries. You should always stay below the recommended Teamfight Tactics maximum gold amount.

How do you Obtain Gold in TFT?

Gold can be obtained through various methods. The most straightforward way to get some is after each round, starting at 2 gold and increasing to 5. In addition, players can also earn interest on the gold they already have. You can earn between 1 and 5 gold as an interest on balances between 10 and 50. Think of it like 10% interest on every 10 gold, up to 50. Another simple way is through streaks. Whether you are winning or losing, you will receive a small but helpful bonus every few rounds. Lastly, a final way to rack up gold is through selling your team's champions, for the price you paid for them; this is recommended if the champion isn’t important or significant. You should aim to make use of the maximum team size with the best champions, which you can read more about here.

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