Teamfight Tactics Game Length – How Long Does a Game Take?

What is a Game in Teamfight Tactics?

In Teamfight Tactics, games are compromised of several different stages, each with several rounds. Most of the rounds are played against your competitors, however, some rounds are against NPCs (non-player characters). The Teamfight Tactics game length is actually relatively simple once you understand how it works. Currently, there is no set limit as to how many stages someone can play, with some people reaching 11-6 (stage 11, round 6). It is important to note that unless you play with a lobby of people who have a goal to get the highest round possible, you won’t reach stage 11. Typically, a game will last 6 or 7 stages.

How Long Does a Game Actually Take?

Most games last around 6 stages when people are playing competitively and strategically. The first stage consists of three rounds and the following few stages have six rounds, each taking around 30 seconds. This helps to ensure gameplay is quick and speedy. Additionally, each round has a 30-second planning phase where you change class combinations and adjust your team; this could be looked at as making each round 60 seconds long instead. Assuming that a winner is declared on 6-5 (stage 6, round 5), the game will last around 35 minutes.

We can reach this number as the first stage would last 3 minutes (3 rounds at 60 seconds each) and each full stage after would last approximately 6 minutes (6 rounds reaching 60 seconds each). With stages 2, 3, 4 & 5 being full stages, they would last 24 minutes (4 lots of the 6 rounds). When it comes to stage 6, in this scenario, there are only 5 rounds before the winner is declared. We need to add another 5 rounds worth of gameplay, which would be 5 minutes, totaling up to 32 minutes. Throughout the game, there are a few points where players get to collect extra champions, which can often take up to 50 seconds. We can add a few more minutes due to this, bringing the grand total to around 35 minutes.

Each round, including the planning phase, works out to be roughly 60 seconds long.

Teamfight Tactics Stage 2 Round 6

How Can You Last Longer in a Game?

Teamfight Tactics heavily depends on strategy and tactics and not luck, meaning it’s important to research each character and class. There are many great resources for picking the best strategies and it’s important to take a look at them. A variety of factors can help you be victorious, whether it’s your team’s positioning, how upgraded a champion is, or even the class types you’re playing with. Most things can factor into the Teamfight Tactics game length.

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