How TFT Champion Pool Works – TFT Champion Drop Rate

Champion drop rate in tft

Every Teamfight Tactics player knows that they need to keep upgrading their units now and then if they are to win. You will need to purchase the most recent units that will outdo that of your opponent. In this article, we will look at how TFT Champion Pool works and an overview of the recent TFT Champion Drop rate. With Teamfight Tactics, you really cannot tell what you will find in the market.

Although you cannot really determine precisely the kind of unit to appear in the shop, just know how the system works. With that knowledge, you can easily determine which champions will appear for purchase. The working of the Teamfight Tactics champion pool and drop rate usually depend on some factors like:

  1. Your character level
  2. Wins or defeats
  3. Your flexibility
  4. The gold stash size
how does tft champion pool work

Some players are lucky to get very useful units that rhyme with their team make-up and composition making it easy for them to play the game. On the other side, there have been players who really struggle to get going in this game.

With TFT games, combining and bringing the rhyming units together is the secret of becoming unbeaten. There have been multiple changes of late which you will know as you read through this article. However, first things first, let's have a look at some of the basics that affect how TFT Champion Pool works.

Basics that Affect How TFT Champion Pool Works

1. Your Character Level

In a TFT Champion Pool, there are tiers and levels. Tier usually represents the class of each champion. The numbers are the total number of copies for every tier that are existing in the store. As a player, you are likely to bump into a Tier 1 champions because they are many in the store. On the other side, it is hard to get a Tier 5 Champion because they few, only 10 copies.

Your character is a major determinant of how many copies you are going to get. The higher your level the higher the chances of having a high number of units in higher Tiers. Nevertheless, you will encounter minimal low-cost units.

In case you are the kind of player who wants to chase pricey units using the best Teamfight Tactics Strategies then you can decide to level up at a faster rate. When you have leveled up and hit the max level (level 9), your chances of encountering those high-cost units become high.

The reason for leveling up and chasing the units is because every unit has its own class, origin, and designations. Each class and origin carries some weight (buff) that when added to the right units it makes your team more defiant. The amount required to trigger the buff in your team varies and only a specific champion determines the amount of buff.

2. Your Wins or Defeats

There is nothing that will make you retarded at the same level as losing your game. Besides, another dangerous thing that will keep you in the same TFT champion pool is selling your units. As you know, when your level is low, you end up not having units.

The defeats eventually decrease your chances of having units or encountering them in your match. On the other side, if you win continuously, you will level up hence having greater chances of encountering those units from higher Tiers.

3. Your Flexibility

How does TFT champion pool work? Well, it depends on your flexibility as the player to work. Many players usually continue playing despite having wrong compositions which will make them defeated. The consequences of defeat are enormous. Instead, just pause, check at your champions and recognize the reason for the wrong composition.

Mostly, lack of synergies from the champions is the problem. Swiping them or deciding to sell them to get a completely different composition is the right thing to do. There is no sense in sticking to one routine which is not working.

Do your assessment and change any champion who is not up to the required synergy. After all, the bonuses and buffs as a result of wins are greater than a certain champion.

4. Your Gold Stash Size

In TFT, earning and using your golds effectively is one thing that determines how TFT champion pool works and its drop rates thereof. Maintaining a stable economy is crucial to reaching to the consequent stages and levels.

The size of the gold stash you have determines the amount of interest you get after every round of play. With these golds, you can gain rare units faster than any other player and later you might get those 3-Star champions. Keep your gold intact.

So, let's wrap up on how TFT champion pool works by looking at the TFT champion drop rates and some of the major changes that have taken place recently.  

The Recent Changes in the TFT Champion Drop Rate

As the developer added some buff traits on Assassin, Sorcerer, Wild, and Knights, the TFT champion Drop Rate changed slightly. Besides, the mystery box system, systems, champion pool sizes, and champions changed. You will also enjoy the new items, bug fixes, and soundtrack. Check some of the most recent updates done by September 11th, 2019.

When it comes to the Champion Tier Drop Rates, there were some minor adjustments. This determines which champion appears at any given level. The main changes happen in Level 3, Level 5, Level 6, and Level 9. Now Level 3 by Tier ranges from 70%, 25%, 5%, 0% and 0% for Tier 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 respectively.

Level 5 is now 35%, 35%, 25%, 5%, and 0%. Level 6 is ranging from 25%, 35%, 30%, 10%, and 0% while Level 9 is at 10%, 15%, 33%, 30%, and 12%. All the other levels were not affected by these adjustments.

Champion drop rate in tft

It is also good to note that the amount of XP required to level up changed slightly due to the inflated gold. For example, Level 5 now requires 12XP, Level 6 20XP, Level 7 32XP, Level 8 50XP while Level 9 requires 70XP.

How TFT Champion Pool Works: Conclusion

Teamfight Tactics can be a complicated game especially to a beginner who does not understand the logistics in this game. There is a whole lot that goes on in TFT game hence the need of knowing how the system works. The above is just a little glimpse of how one of the major system, TFT Champion Pool, in this game works.

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