Teamfight Tactics Max Team Size – On Bench and Board

Teamfight tactics max team size

We all love Teamfight Tactics but there is a lot of questions raised on the game. One that we see being asked frequently is what the max team size in Teamfight Tactics also called, TFT. So here we are at your rescue to answer this big question mark of yours.

Teamfight Tactics Max Team Size

How it works is that you can fill up all the slots that you have on your board which is 21 slots. However, having done the research from some of the most experienced players in the game we have come to a conclusion. Filling up all of the 21 slots on your board is close to impossible if not actually impossible. Some players say it might be possible by playing custom games. So 21 is the maximum champions on the field but you can also fill up your bench to up to 9 champions. That makes the max team size in Teamfight Tactics the sum of 30 champions in total. However, you should not expect to reach that number while playing ranked.

While each player is limited to a certain amount of units to put into their board. They will increase that cap while gaining higher levels. If you want to read more on how the level in TFT works, check out this article on TFT Leveling.

Legend level unit cap

We hope that you got the answer that you were looking for and if you didn't we would love to hear what you were expecting or perhaps if we simply can clarify anything for you.

Note that you most likely will have to be one of the end game players (top 4) to fill your whole board.

Also, if you happen to have more questions regarding the game, let us know. We are here to help. Now go and prove all those players wrong and fill that field up like a boss!

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