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Subnautica door codes

Subnautica is a game about exploration. The more you explore the world, the more of the story you discover. Completing the game and finding more secrets in the world are intertwined. However, sometimes you'll come across a door or other type of blocker that stops you from exploring. For those instances, you need a code to get through and continue exploring this fantastic world. What follows is our complete list of Subnautica door codes, including active and expired ones, so you don't get caught out with the wrong code.

  • Aurora Captain's Storeroom Code - 2679
  • Cargo Bay Code - 1454
  • Cabin No.1 Code - 1869
  • Laboratory Code - 6483
  • Robotic Bay - 6666

How to Enter Subnautica Door Codes

Entering door codes in this game is pretty straightforwards. There's usually a panel or interface that you need to interact with. Walk up to that panel or interface, type in the code, press Enter, and you'll have successfully used it. If that code opens a door, you should now see said door open. If it does something else, you might need to walk around a bit before seeing the results. In case you need an illustration, the below video demonstrates how to enter a code correctly.

Essential Preparations

If you're going to be using these codes, you'll be heading to the Aurora. whilst it's important to get to the crashed ship as soon as possible. You can't head there without some essential equipment to hand. If you do, you'll find yourself lost and possibly in danger of dying. Here, we've put together a list of all the items you need on you before you can go to the Aurora and use the door codes we've listed.

Useful Items


Repair Tool - Some doors in the Aurora are broken. You can't enter the code they need to unlock without fixing them first. A Repair Tool is the item you'll need to fix them, but without it, you're stuck. You craft this item early on in the story, so follow the main objectives, and you should find that you have one pretty quickly.

Laser Cutter - While the Laser Cutter isn't essential, it will allow you to access areas you can't get into otherwise. Both the Black Box Terminal and the Prawn Suit Bay are locked off without it. You can use it to cut your way through the debris and other blockages with no problems whatsoever.

Propulsion or Repulsion Cannon - You can bring whichever one of these you want. It's probably best to bring the one you get first since you'll be able to get into the Aurora faster that way. They're useful for removing blockages that you'll come across. There are some extremely annoying ones in the corridor on the way to the Laboratory. Either of these will make light work of that journey.


Seaglide - Since the Aurora crashed into an ocean world, some parts of it are submerged underwater. You'll be playing for hours exploring these if you don't have some form of propulsion to help you move around. A Seaglide is one of the first vehicles you'll craft in the game. It also makes light work of the journey from the starting zone to the Aurora as well.


Radiation Suit - This is probably the most important item on the list. The Aurora is leaking radiation like a chocolate teapot leaks water with freshly boiled tea inside. You will die quickly if you attempt to explore the Aurora without a radiation suit, so craft one before you even contemplate swimming out to the crash site.

Survival Knife - This is another item you get very early on in the game. It's necessary for killing fish for food, which you need to survive your time in the Aurora. It's also a good tool to open things up with, but mostly it's for your own protection. There are dangerous lifeforms around the crash site, and they could kill you before you set foot on the ship if you're not well-equipped.

Any Weapon - While the Propulsion and Repulsion Cannons are enough to defend yourself, you might also want another weapon. There are a few that you'll craft over the course of the main story, and any of them will work. You may also want to wait until you have a larger vehicle to defend yourself with before you set out to explore the crash site. It doesn't matter what you bring, as long as you bring something.

Active Subnautica Door Codes


The following codes are all currently active in Subnautica. We've also included an explanation of where and how to use them where applicable.

These codes are all for doors on the Aurora. This is the ship that players are ejected from at the game's start. You can see it off in the distance as soon as you emerge from your escape pod. Since the Aurora explodes soon after the game begins, it's important to get there and unlock every door you possibly can early on. These codes will help you quickly clear the Aurora out before it goes nuclear.

  • Aurora Captain's Storeroom Code - 2679 will give you access to the Captain's Storeroom.
  • Cargo Bay Code - 1454 gets you into the Cargo Bay.
  • Cabin No.1 Code - 1869 opens Cabin No.1.
  • Laboratory Code - 6483 will open the Laboratory for you to explore.
  • Robotic Bay Code - 6666 opens up the Robotic Bay for you.

Don't Forget to Explore


While the codes we've listed here work perfectly well on the doors they're associated with, some doors won't open. When you come across one of these, don't look for a code. Instead, explore the Aurora more. If there's no code in this article for a door, it's probably accessed from either outside the ship somewhere or underwater.


Those are all of the Subnautica door codes that you'll need in the game. Don't forget to take the correct equipment when exploring the aurora, and definitely don't forget to explore thoroughly before you give up on accessing a room.

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