Steelseries Arctis 7 vs Logitech G933 | Best Wireless Headset 2020

Many gamer's feels like the top tier of gaming audio is a realm exclusive to wired headsets. There’s still the popular myth that using a wired headset comes with problems like delayed audio output and poor sound quality caused by signal interference. There’s also the fact that wireless gaming headsets are powered by batteries, which means it’s possible to have the audio cut off during a crucial moment in the game. Let us find out which is the best wireless headset of Steelseries Arctis 7 vs Logitech G933

steelseries arctis 7 vs logitech g933

That being said, if you want to switch to wireless tech without breaking the bank should totally go for an entry-level option. Today, we check out two choices that fit that description: the Arctis 7 from SteelSeries, and the G933 from Logitech. Both have their share of fans, but which one will suit you better?

Arctis 7 vs Logitech G933Arctis 7Logitech G933
Sound Quality9/108/10
Performance / Latency9/1010/10
Battery Life10/109/10

The Looks - Steelseries Arctis 7 vs Logitech G933

Steelseries Arctis 7

These two headsets can’t be any more different when it comes to aesthetics. The Arctis 7 has a simple, almost minimalistic design; the oval ear cups and broad headband looks classy and efficient. You have the option to go for an all-black design or the alternative version which features white speakers (although you still get black ear cushions and headband).

It has very little by way of details, but it’s a great pick if you’re looking for something that doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Logitech G933

On the other hand, the G933 goes all the way in terms of design. Despite having 40mm drivers like the Arctis 7, its massive left and right rectangular speakers are among the bulkiest ones we’ve seen in any gaming headset.

The entire length of the headband is covered by hard plastic, adding to its heavy-looking profile. RGB lighting adorns both drivers and can be programmed to synchronize with other RGB Logitech gaming devices. Last but not least, the headset also has customizable magnetized tags that can be attached to both sides of the headset.

Comfort - Steelseries Arctis 7 vs Logitech G933

Any gaming headset worth its salt should be comfortable enough to be worn continuously for several hours. Even the slightest cause of discomfort can ruin the game experience and even have a negative effect on a user’s performance.

The Arctis 7 features a suspension headband strap designed to automatically fit the wearer’s head. And the G933’s retractable headband requires manual adjustments. While both headsets are comfortable enough for the average user, those with bigger heads might find the Arctis 7 to be a little too “clampy” for comfort. The G933’s bigger speakers and ear cups are great for those who don’t like the cushions directly touching their ears. However, we can’t help but notice how heavy it is compared to Arctis 7.

The ear cushions also deserve a special mention here. Arctis 7 features SteelSeries’ patented “Airweave” cushion, which is breathable and comfortable to the touch. G933’s earpads are made of foam covered in a mesh fabric which is also breathable but has a rougher surface that some might find too distracting.

7.1 Surround and Overall Sound Quality

7.1 surround sound gives gamers a better sense of where things are coming from; a must-have for playing FPS and action games where positional audio is just as important as what they see in-game. Both the Arctis 7 and the G933 support DTS Headphone:X technology which is a step above Dolby in terms of max data rate.

However, windows only recognize the G933 as a 7.1 headset by default. This means getting 7.1 surround sound to work on some games with the Arctis 7 might require manually configuring it through the in-game settings.

steelseries arctis 7 vs logitech g933

Surround sound is not worth it if the sound quality takes a hit. Fortunately, both the Arctis 7 and the G933 do well in this aspect. The Arctis 7 leaning a bit towards better acoustics and vocals and the G933 favoring bass. The biggest difference comes down to how well each option blocks out external noise. The Arctis 7’s Airweave cushions do a better job at blocking out sounds compared to the G933’s foam earpads.

Performance and Latency

When using a wireless headset, sound data takes time to travel from the PC to the actual unit. This delay is called latency, and it separates gaming headsets from ordinary wireless ones. Non-gaming headsets can afford to have a latency greater than 250 milliseconds (a quarter of a second). But that much delay could easily cause problems when playing a game where near-instant feedback is a must.

How do the Arctic 7 and the G933 fare in terms of latency? As it turns out, they’re both great. The Arctis 7 has a latency of 28ms, while the G933 is a bit faster with a latency of 22ms. The G933 has the upper hand this time, but we reckon that a difference of 6ms should be barely noticeable.

Battery Life - Steelseries Arctis 7 vs Logitech G933

Like we said before, today’s wireless headsets can go way longer between charges compared to their older counterparts. Arctis 7’s batteries require only 3.5 hours for a full charge. That's more than enough for an entire day’s worth of gaming. The G933 isn’t as efficient, giving us “only” 12.5 hours of usage time after charging it to full for about 3.8 hours. With that said, Steelseries Arctis 7 has a slightly better battery life vs Logitech G933

Fortunately, running out of charge isn’t a major problem for either option because you can still plug them directly to your PC. However, it’s important to note that both the Arctis 7 and the G933 cannot transmit sound via USB cable; you need to use the 3.5mm jacks if you want to use them in wired mode. The USB cable is only used for recharging the batteries. It’s also important to note that the G933’s RGB and BOTH headsets’ microphones do not work with the 3.5mm jack unless you use a mic splitter adapter.

Arctis 7 wins – but just by a small margin!

While both the Arctis 7 and the G933 are considered solid wireless headset options, we believe that the Arctis 7 is the better option as the best wireless headset. But just by a very small margin. The SteelSeries favorite is lighter, does a better job at getting rid of outside noise compared to the G933, and has almost twice the battery life of its Logitech counterpart. If you’re a no-nonsense gamer who just wants good cans, the Arctis 7 has you covered.

However, we can barely consider it a loss for the G933. Logitech’s wireless headset is the clear winner in terms of customizability thanks to its RGB and customizable tags and offers slightly better bass. It’s also the better choice for users with big heads and those who don’t like stuff sticking directly to their earlobes. Last but not least, the G933 won’t require you to keep re-configuring your audio settings for certain games because Windows actually recognizes it as a 7.1 surround sound.

That was quite the face-off of Steelseries Arctis 7 vs Logitech g933, but we're sure we've made the right decision. Don’t hesitate to get your hands on one or the other – both will be a fine addition to your gaming setup.

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