S-Racer Gaming Chair Review | 🥇 Should You Buy it?

s-racer gaming chair review

The S-Racer Gaming Chair is possibly one of the most sought-after gaming chairs on the market, majorly because of the price. Homall, the company behind the chairs, offers a range of gaming products that have been designed with gamers in mind. These chairs are very hard to come by, so if you want one, you should buy one immediately when you see them in stock. There are quite a few reasons why these chairs are seen as the best out there. In this S-Racer Gaming Chair review, we're going to cover everything great and any downsides that might put you off.

The S-Racer Gaming Chair is a fantastic gaming chair at a reasonable price. At just over $100, it's well worth buying unless you're after something that uses superior quality materials. Overall the build quality of these chairs is great, but they lack some functionality that would make them perfect. Given that these chairs are designed for gaming, it feels like some aspects were compromised, while other features, which feel pointless, were included.

S-Racer Gaming Chair - Build Quality



  • Easy to assemble
  • High-quality materials
  • Wide range of colors
  • Well-positioned wheels


  • Armrests are fixed
  • Seat feels as though it could break under the wrong conditions

The Looks

The first thing we're going to cover in this S-Racer Gaming Chair review is the product's build quality. These chairs come in a range of different styles, but the only core variation is the color. It's nice to see that there are so many versions of the chair, including a light pink and white offering that doesn't look overly feminine. Each color scheme is well-balanced enough that you can enjoy them regardless.


Every chair arrives disassembled and requires assembly by the user. However, each part is packaged separately for ease of assembly, and the instructions and smaller parts are easy to find and fix together. Clear instructions make this one of the better chairs on the market. As long as you follow them, you'll be able to build it and have a comfortable gaming chair for years to come.


In terms of the quality of the actual chair itself, almost everything is made from plastic. This would be a downside if the plastic were of poor quality. What we have here though, are chairs made from high-quality plastic that isn't going to break easily. You could throw yourself into the chair a few times with force and still expect it to work just fine.


Five wheels provide a fantastic range of motion. They're positioned well-enough so that you can move around even on thick carpets and rugs. Some chairs don't have the angle between the post and wheels set correctly, leading to issues when moving around with the S-Racer Gaming Chair that isn't a problem.

Comfort Factor



  • Cushioned seat and back
  • The neck cushion is fantastic
  • Comfortable for hours upon hours of gaming


  • The optional lumbar cushion feels pointless
  • Backrest adjustments are absurd

Base and Backrest

The base of the S-Racer Gaming Chair is quite comfortable by itself. It's a full chair that's cushioned all over. However, the chair comes with two extra pillows. One for your neck, and another for your back. The back pillow is comfortable, but it's actually easier to use the chair without it. The neck pillow is the best thing about this chair though. It makes gaming for hours a breeze, and you never notice it.

The chair has three maneuverable parts that you can use to create the best setting for you. The first is a lever that tilts the seat forward. It creates a slope downward at the chair's edge, which removes any feeling of the edge digging into your legs. The second part of this lever is more obvious, moving the seat up and down as any normal office chair does. It works fine enough.

The third maneuverable factor is slightly odd. It's the same functionality that an office chair has yet again, allowing you to adjust the angle of the back of the chair. However, it tilts from around 45 degrees over the seat, all the way back to 180 degrees. This would be great if the chair doubled as a bed, but in reality, it doesn't. This feels like the mechanism was made to fit in a gaming chair, rather than custom-made. As a result, it also feels like a gimmick made by the chair's marketing to appeal to gamers. No one is going to use the chair in that way though. Absolutely no one.

Not so Comfortable

The final comfort factor we need to cover in this S-Racer Gaming Chair review is the armrests. These sit at just about the right height for anyone buying this chair who stands at between five and a half and six feet tall. Any shorter or taller though, and you'll run into problems. The arms aren't adjustable, meaning that they can be quite uncomfortable for some users. This feels like an oversight since many office chairs with the same level of maneuverability in the back and base also include armrest adjustment.

This issue persists when trying to push the chair up to your desk. The arms don't move, so if you have a desk at the same height, you might not be able to get as close as you want to it. Furthermore, if the chair is higher than your desk, you may need to move items away from where the armrests will encroach on your desk space.

Seat Restriction

Finally, should you need a wider seat than the chair offers, you might want to send it back. The arms don't move in any way, shape, or form. Whilst the weight limit it can take might be 300 pounds, the size limitation of those arms makes it a lot less.

Imperfectly Balanced


This gaming chair is fantastic for everything you need it for. As long as you're sitting it in normally, lying it back to 180 degrees, or swiveling around, it's perfect. There are a couple of issues with the balance of this product though. It seems as though it wasn't designed to be as sturdy as normal office chairs.

What I'm talking about is leaning over to pick something up. If you need to grab something that's far away or on the floor, you're better off standing up or getting up out of the chair entirely. If you lean too far forwards, putting a lot of weight on the front of the seat, the whole thing will fall forwards with you.

In fairness, this is pitched to users as a gaming chair, and part of the functionality is that the seat tilts forward. However, the issue feels deeper than the balance. While I'm not willing to try this on my own chair, I think that if you applied just a bit too much pressure on the front of the seat, the whole thing would break.

This seems to be the weakest point. I don't see a need for the chair to be structurally sound in this area. In fact, it would seem like overkill if it was. The issue is that it's easy to pull the lever and adjust the seat too far forwards. That, combined with a single unfortunate slip, could result in the chair breaking.


The issues that I've outlined in this S-Racer Gaming Chair review are nitpicking at best. Overall, this is a fantastic chair for the price. I'd even go as far as to say that the added functionality that the armrests are missing is justified because of that lower price.

For one final plus point of buying this chair, it's important to remember that it can double as an incredibly comfortable office chair as well. Regardless of the color scheme, you can spend much less on this chair and end up with a durable and comfortable chair for all of your home office needs.

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