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Rogue company best settings

Rogue Company is a brand new tactical shooter from Hi-Rez Studios that has just launched into its beta. Many people have been jumping in to see what it’s all about. When doing so, you want to make sure you have Rogue Company’s best settings for FPS set up so that you can have a significant advantage from the start.

PC Requirements

To start, you need to make sure your system can even run Rogue Company! Obviously, if you are playing on console, then this doesn’t apply to you, but when playing on PC, your parts might not cut it. The minimum PC requirements are as follows:

Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit

CPU: Intel(R) Core i5-2320 ( or AMD equivalent)

GPU: Nvidia GTX 650 ( or AMD equivalent)


Storage: 20GB

These statistics and the games recommended requirements can be found at the Epic Games store. Now that you know you can run the game, here are the settings that will be the most useful to maximize your FPS in Rogue Company.

Best Rogue Company Settings for FPS

Rogue company settings

Screen Mode: FULL SCREEN

Resolution: Default to Monitor


Motion Blur: OFF

Global Quality: OFF

View Distance: HIGH

Shadows: MEDIUM

Anti-Aliasing: LOW

Textures: LOW

Visual FX: LOW

Post Processing: LOW

Foliage: LOW

Screen Mode:

When picking your screen mode in Rogue Company, you have three options available to you: Fullscreen, Windowed Borderless, and Windowed. These options change the appearance of the game on your monitor, with the windowed modes being more useful in multitasking scenarios, and the fullscreen mode being the most beneficial when just focusing solely on the game.

Recommendation: Fullscreen

For the most part, fullscreen is going to be the best when trying to maximize frames, as it is the mode that focuses entirely on the game.


In Rogue Company, the resolution setting is pretty straight forward. The game should default to the resolution of your monitor. Resolution is how many pixels your monitor is displaying.

Recommendation: Default to Monitor

Stick with the resolution of your monitor! The only reason you should be adjusting this is if your graphics card will have difficulty displaying at that resolution.


VSYNC is a phenomenal technology that locks your game at a set FPS to avoid screen tearing. If you are trying to maximize your FPS though, this option could possibly set you back.

Recommendation: OFF

This setting will require personal testing based on your system. Start with VSYNC off, as this is the best way to maximize FPS with this setting. If screen tearing becomes a problem though, it might be best to turn VSYNC on.

Motion Blur:

Motion blur is a setting that is typically used when running at a very low FPS. It makes it easier for the computer to run the game as it is taking away the details of the game. 

Recommendation: OFF

Unless you are playing on a rig that can barely run this game, you should keep this turned off as it is only going to make tracking enemies more difficult.

Global Quality:

Global Quality is a setting for people who do not want to have their settings be precise, but would rather just jump right into the game.

Recommendation: OFF

If you want to be able to fine-tune your settings to be as accurate as possible, this setting is only going to prevent you from doing so.

View Distance:

This setting is actually quite tricky, as lowering it will improve the performance of the game, but it will be harder for you to see objects and enemies from a faraway distance.

Recommendation: HIGH

If you can, you should keep this setting at least on high. If your FPS is having trouble, you may have to turn it to medium or even low.


Shadows typically make the game look more realistic, but come at the cost of frames. They can add depth to the game though, which can be useful in combat.

Recommendation: MEDIUM

Turn shadows to medium or low for most systems to maximize on frames. 


This setting adjusts how edges look in-game. The higher the setting the more smooth the game will look.

Recommendation: LOW

Overall if you are trying to max out your FPS keep this setting on low. This setting is really only for looks, but truthfully it is only going to give you a few extra frames so if you can’t stand how the game looks you can always turn it up to your liking.


This setting gives objects that would normally look flat more detail. 

Recommendation: LOW

When trying to get the best FPS this setting should be set to low, but if you have a higher-end rig setting this to medium or high will make the game look much better.

Visual FX:

Changing this setting will change how certain interactions in the game look, and overall how particular objects look.

Recommendation: LOW

To ensure you are getting the best FPS this setting should be set to low, as it will not affect the gameplay. Again though, if on a higher-end system this could be set to a higher setting based on the player’s preference.

Post Processing:

This setting only slightly improves the visuals of the game while taking a small hit to performance.

Recommendation: LOW

On all systems, this should be set to low as it is basically useless, and keeping it on high will cost you a few frames.


This setting just changes how far away you can see foliage ( grass, bushes, and trees). 

Recommendation: LOW

 This setting can be set to low on any system to maximize FPS.


Those are all the settings that you should be keeping an eye on when trying to achieve the best Rogue Company settings for FPS. Hopefully, this article was useful and will help you lead your company to victory! If you are into other competitive shooters such as Valorant, then you should check out our article on the best settings for Valorant!

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