Rarest League of Legends Skins | And How to Acquire Them

Rarest League Of Legends Skins

In the world of LoL, skins mean a lot. Yes, having an expensive skin won't get you into Challenger, but having an ultra-rare skin will get you to respect from fellow players, instantaneously.
While you can get most skins from the store, or craft them at any given moment, some skins are not that easily obtained. This post will focus on those rare gems you can sometimes stumble upon while battling throughout the Rift - here are the rarest League of Legends skins you can only wish to own.

  • Pax Skins
    • PAX Twisted Fate
    • PAX Jax
    • PAX Sivir
  • GamesCom Skin(s)
    • Vancouver Amumu
    • The Mighty Jax
    • Team Spirit Anivia
    • Ice Toboggan Corki
    • Whistler Village Twitch
    • All-Star Akali
  • Veteran Skins
    • King Rammus
    • Young Ryze
    • Black Alistar
    • Silver Kayle
    • UFO Corki
  • Rewarded Skins
    • Grey Warwick
    • Medieval Twitch
    • Triumphant Ryze
  • HexTech Skins
  • Most Expensive
    • Urf Warwick

Tournament and Event Skins

From time to time, Riot decides to treat us with skins that celebrate special events such as PAX, Olympics, or Football World Cup. On those occasions, they release skins for a limited amount of time, and/or to a limited amount of players. Many of those skins never show in the in-game shop, hence making them extremely rare.

PAX Skins

PAX (Prime) from 2009, 2010 and 2011 had special gifts for people who attended the events - PAX League skins. LoL was still young at the time, and Riot wanted to promote the game; thus they gave out some awesome skins.

PAX Twisted Fate

Because this skin was gifted the first, on PAX '09, the fewest number of players got it. In fact, PAX 09 was the first major games event Riot had signed up for. Around 50 000 people attended PAX 09, but you had to go to Riot's boot in order to get the skin code.

Unfortunately, in 2014 Riot decided to disable all skin codes that weren't redeemed. By then you could still find PAX TF on eBay, for hundreds of dollars, now it's gone for good.

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PAX Jax and (Neo) PAX Sivir

For the two following years, in '10 and '11, Riot continued to gift players who attended PAX events with legendary skins, this time for Jax and Sivir. In fact, PAX Sivir got a rework in '17, becoming Neo PAX Sivir. These PAX skins are not as rare as PAX Twisted Fate, but considering that LoL was still heating up, they are quite rare. Especially Jax, as it never got re-released.

GamesCom Skin(s)

Riot Squad Singed

PAX was not the only event Riot went to as a publisher, in 2010 they visited GamesCom. There, they have gifted participants of the event with Riot Squad Singed.

Although this was the only time so far that Riot gave out a GamesCom skin, Riot Squad Singed is much more common than the PAX skins mentioned above, primarily because it was available in the store occasionally. But because not many metas favored Singed, and because the skin was discontinued, it is one of the rarest lol skins you can see.

World Cup and Olympics Skins

Vancouver Amumu

The favorite LoL Mummy got its limited-edition skin to honor the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010. But, since this skin wasn't gifted out for free, not many people back then decided to pay money for it, especially considering how young League was. It is estimated that less than 25k actually bought it - how many are still playing today, nobody knows.

The Mighty Jax, Team Spirit Anivia, Ice Toboggan Corki, Whistler Village Twitch

Credit: mobafire.com

These skins were also a Vancouver-Olympics special, available in the store during the event. But because they were better looking than Amumu, more people got them, and they are slightly less rare. Today, however, they are very hard to see, making them worth the mention.

All-Star Akali

This skin was available in the store during the FIFA World Cup 2010. Although it was much more popular than Vancouver Olympics skins, it is still an incredibly rare one to see, after all, eight years passed.

Veteran Skins

Now we are going to mention some skins that are super rare, mainly because only veteran LoL players have them. How many of them are still playing, almost 10 years later, we don't know. But we do know that you can't really see these skins that often.

King Rammus

If you were lucky enough and you've been invited to participate in the beta testing of this beautiful game, you have got King Rammus. This skin mimics King Koopa from the Super Mario series and is one of the rarest skins you can see today. Only the true veterans that are still in the game a decade later, can brag about it by wearing this skin when playing the speedy tank turtle.

Young Ryze

Also formerly known as Human Ryze. You could get this skin by pre-ordering a copy of LoL Collector's Edition through Amazon or Gamestop. The reason why this skin is so rare is that League is free to play, and always was. Not many people were willing to purchase a Collector's edition of the game back then, as not many were confident it would grow this large, it was still a mystery. Those who were, now have one of the rarest skins in League  - Young Ryze.

Black Alistar

Black Alistar was also a part of pre-ordering a Collector's Edition of LoL and is as rare as Young Ryze. However, because Alistar is a support champ (and nobody likes to play support), you will see it less often. 

Making Black Alistar one of the rarest League of Legends skins out there as for today.

Silver Kayle

Silver Kayle is also an old skin that you could get if you purchased a Collector's Edition of the game. But, you could just get it with a regular copy - Human Ryze and Black Alistar were a part of the pre-order version. Thus, Silver Kayle is less rare than those two, but it is still tough to see, so much time has passed.

UFO Corki

If you have created your LoL account before Jan 14th, 2010, you got UFO Corki. This skin was a gift to all players as a "thank you" gift as Riot Games won some reader's choice awards. Since League was less than six months old, not many people were lucky to get UFO Corki.

Rewarded Skins

This group has skins that either requires a certain skill level or dedication from players. Only those who meet the criteria were able to unlock them, which made these skins earn a spot on the list of the rarest League of Legends skins.

Grey Warwick and Medieval Twitch

Riot used to have a referral system as they wanted to boost the player count. Players who invited 50 friends that reached level 10 got Grey Warwick, and players who invited 350 friends that reached the same level got Medieval Twitch. Because these numbers were ridiculously high, almost no one got the skins, so later Riot decided to reduce the required number to 3 and 5 referrals. But, since the whole referral system is history, these skins are rare to find, even though they are now available through the Honor System.

Triumphant Ryze

This skin is an award for those of you who win an official Riot tournament. Not only LCS, any event officially recognized by the game makers will grant you Tournament Ryze, but still, not many people will be able to do that.

HexTech Skins

Back in the day, skins were only available through the store. But, in 2016, Riot introduced the crafting systems, and with it, HexTech skins that were only available through the HexTech crafting system. There are seven skins you can craft. Although anyone can do it, it takes a lot of effort to get the material to make these HexTech skins.

Most Expensive League Skin

Urf Warwick

Urfwick or Urf the Manatee is the most expensive league skin you could ever find in the Riot Store, costing an astounding 5000 RP. However, it was discounted to 50  RP and 500 RP for a couple of weeks, before being returned back to 5000 RP on the last day. Because it was ultra-expensive, and only available for a limited period, you will not see Urfwick too often, if ever.


That was our take on the world of rare League skins. All of these skins have unique stories behind them and are much more than a plain visual upgrade.

We hope you enjoyed this article about the absolute rarest skins in League of Legends even though most of them aren't acquirable anymore. But that's what makes them so rare, right?

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