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Generally speaking, cursed items in Phasmophobia are some of the most fun ones to use, and the Voodoo Doll is no different.

With the ability to completely alter the dynamic of the game, using the Voodoo Doll effectively can provide critical insight during the investigation in Phasmophobia.

What is the Voodoo Doll?

In Phasmophobia, the Voodoo Doll is one of the cursed items you can use to your advantage during the investigation process. 

In particular, this item allows you to locate the ghost and force certain interactions in order to complete the EMF objective.

Strategy-wise, effective usage of the doll can provide additional evidence by compelling the ghost to interact with items that can reveal its type.

Statistically speaking, there is a 1 in 7 chance that the Voodoo Doll gets selected as the cursed item in each contract with a specific spawn point on the map.

How to use the Voodoo Doll?

Phasmophobia Voodoo Doll

By design, the Voodoo Doll has 10 pins stuck in it and interacting with it pushes one of the pins in.

Once pushed in, the pins will force the ghost to make a small interaction such as:

  • throwing an item
  • opening or closing a door
  • turning the light on or off

If you push a pin and nothing happens, this means that the ghost is too far away at that moment. For this reason, the ghost couldn’t meaningfully interact with any objects that are in your vicinity.

Because of this, the best idea is to use the Voodoo Doll in the rooms where you’ve previously detected the ghost. This ensures that the ghost interacts with certain items which can lead to an easier investigation.

Voodoo Doll interactions

Interacting with one of the pins drains your sanity by 5% each time you push a pin in. For this reason, it’s important that you’re alert of your sanity level at all times.

If you attempt to push a pin while your sanity level is at 0%, all the remaining pins will be pushed in at once, automatically triggering a cursed hunt.

Additionally, pulling any of the pins on beginner and intermediate difficulty levels will end the initial grace period at the start of the investigation and trigger a ghost hunt. 

The Heart Pin Voodoo Doll

You can push up to 9 pins which causes a regular interaction, with the tenth pin being the Heart Pin which triggers special effects.

Keep in mind that the order in which you push in the pins is random, which means you can push the Heart Pin at any point of interaction.

Pushing the tenth pin, known as the Heart Pin triggers a cursed hunt and drops your sanity level by 10%. The cursed hunt is similar to the regular ghost hunt, with the only difference being the fact that it’s a cursed item causes it.

Furthermore, pushing the Heart Pin does not block you from using the other pins if you still have any unused ones left.

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