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phasmophobia audio settings - set up mic

Phasmophobia is such a unique game in many ways. It was built by a single developer and has somehow managed to take Steam by storm thanks to the fantastic new multiplayer experience it has to offer. Part of what makes the game so special is the way it uses your audio. It can take key phrases and let you speak to the ghosts you'll be hunting. Those ghosts will even react appropriately, although sometimes that means killing you. In this guide, we're going to cover the best Phasmophobia audio setup/settings to help you make the most of your time in the game. Our guide for Phasmophobia mic setup is as follows:

How to set up your mic in Phasmophobia:

  1. Setup Your Preferred Mic

    This is something you can set within Windows 10 itself. Open the Sound Settings on your computer and select input. Choose your input as your preferred mic, not the default one.

  2. Open Phasmophobia

    Open up the game. Once you're in, head to the Whiteboard and choose the 'Options' menu, then open 'Audio'. Now you can set your default mic to your preferred mic in the game as well.

  3. Test

    Once you've completed the steps above, you should see a large 'Test' button below the 'Audio' section. Click it, and the game will ask you to say a specific phrase. Say the phrase and make sure the game registers you correctly.

Phasmophobia Voice Recognition is Important


After completing the steps to setup your mic, you'll want to ensure that voice recognition really is working. If the game can't understand what you're saying, you're going to run into many problems. Exactly like the issues you'd run into if you set the game to the wrong difficulty level.

There are Ouija Boards throughout each map that players can interact with. These function by getting the ghost to answer the questions you ask. Of course, if the game can't recognize your voice, then the answers you get won't make any sense.

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This isn't just silly, it's dangerous for a small group of players. Just one member of the squad not being able to talk correctly could lead to a complete failure. There's no way to know if certain words will trigger a ghost to attack automatically, and some may even attract them. Without knowing that your voice is being recognized correctly, you stand a good chance of putting your team in danger.

Setup Early

Your mic setup may be the most important part of getting ready for a game in Phasmophobia. You don't want to need to mess with your mic settings while a ghost is slowly hunting your and your friends, after all. Make sure you go through the process we've outlined above before you even contemplate starting a game with friends. It will make everyone's lives much easier.

Phasmophobia Setup Voice


Part of what makes Phasmophobia audio setup/settings so great is that it relies on players getting freaked out by it. Your voice's volume will change depending on your proximity to other players. So if you're far away at the other end of the house from your team, they probably won't hear you talking. The same goes for you hearing their voices. If they're too far away, you'll be all on your own.

Obviously, you'll want to stay in contact as much as possible. However, sometimes it simply won't be. If you're feeling brave and you head out on your own, there's no way that anyone will know what happened to you if you die. Therein lies the terror of Phasmophobia. Since your teammates won't be able to talk to you, they won't know you're dead until they find your body. They'll also have no clue where the ghost is if they're off on the wrong side of the map whilst it's killing you.


Providing you follow our step-by-step guide for Phasmophobia audio setup/settings, you'll have a great time. After all, as long as your team can hear you well, hopefully through the correct mic, nothing could go wrong, right? The ghost can hear you too obviously, so that's not great.

The best part of playing Phasmophobia is with a mic. It's a game that is designed to be played with friends. You can go down the route of being incredibly serious, or have some fun and scare others with weird noises they might not be expecting.

If there's something about setting up your mic in Phasmophobia that you think we've missed, please let us know in the comments.

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