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phasmophobia monkey's paw wishes

The Cursed items in Phasmophobia are some of the most entertaining ones to use as they alter the dynamics of the game in unpredictable ways. In particular, the Monkey’s Paw is one of the most intriguing ones to use because of its dual nature, providing the player with both positive and negative effects, based on the wishes.

For this reason, it’s crucial to use it wisely and be aware of the effects your wishes can trigger.

The Monkey’s Paw Wishes

Wish Positive Effect Negative Effect Wish location

I wish to see the ghost

Triggers a summoning ghost event at the ghost’s current location Begins a cursed hunt while the user’s vision is obscured by a dark fog Manager’s Office

I wish to trap the ghost OR 

I wish the ghost was trapped

Teleports the ghost to its favorite room and locks all of its doors for 1 minute. After the grace period, the ghost will start a standard hunt. There is a 25% chance for doors to unlock only after the grace period Female Dorm Room

I wish for activity 


I wish the ghost would do something

Doubles all ghost activity for 2 minutes The fuse box will break permanently, and the exit door will be locked for 2 minutes Chapel

I wish to revive my friend


 I wish for life

Revives a deceased player 50% chance of causing the wisher’s death Classroom

I wish for anything

Randomly grants one of the (unused) wishes N/A Waiting Room

I wish for knowledge

Eliminates one incorrect piece of evidence and its associated ghost types from the journal Initiates a cursed hunt in proximity to the user. User’s vision is covered in dark fog, and their hearing will be muffled Restricted Area

I wish for (weather)

Changes the weather as desired Causes temporary blindness while the weather changes and deducts 25% sanity. Wishing for rain has a 50/50 chance of granting either light or heavy rain Morgue

I wish to leave

Unlocks all exit doors at any time, including during hunts User’s speed will be reduced and vision will be reduced for 5 seconds Hospital Wing

I wish to be safe

Unblocks the nearest blocked hiding spot The lights in the user’s current room will shatter, and the ghost will be able to hear the player from any distance Matron Office 1

I wish to be sane 


 I wish for sanity

Sets every player to 50% sanity Passive sanity drain will be multiplied by 1.5 for the remainder of the contract, and the ghost’s favorite room will be set to a random room Kitchen

What is the Monkey’s Paw Phasmophobia?

The Monkey's paw

In Phasmophobia, the Monkey’s Paw refers to a cursed item that was introduced into the game with the “Tempest” gameplay update. This magical artifact grants you wishes that can be used within the investigation area once each. However, you can use multiple 

On the positive side, these wishes provide a myriad of unique effects potentially altering your surroundings, revealing information about the ghost, or giving you special abilities. 

On the other hand, these wishes also come with twisted consequences which makes the game more challenging and exciting as using this artifact adds another layer of risk.

How to use The Monkey’s Paw?

To make a wish using the Monkey’s Paw, you must use voice chat or the text option in voice-to-speech. 

If you’re using a microphone, simply speak your wish clearly into the microphone. On the other hand, if you’re playing without one, just click on the text of the wish option you desire on the UI displayed.

Furthermore, once you’ve chosen, the Paw will grant any recognized wish and bend one of its fingers as a result. Once all fingers are bent, the Monkey’s Paw cannot be used for the remainder of the game.

How often can I get The Monkey’s Paw?

The probability of the Monkey’s Paw appearing in one of your contracts is 1 in 7 unless you’re playing on the Insanity difficulty.

Additionally, the number of wishes you’re granted also varies on a selected difficulty, with the easiest difficulties gaining the most wishes.

Difficulty Number of wishes Difficulty reward multiplier
Amateur 5 0x-1.99x
Intermediate 4 2x-2.99x
Pro, Nightmare, Insanity 3 3x or higher


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