Phasmophobia Index Controllers Setup 🥇| Best Settings for Valve Index

Phasmophobia index controller setup

Phasmophobia has taken the world by storm. The game allows you to dive into the world of ghost hunters and try to find proof of the paranormal with a group of friends or random players. Part of what makes the game so incredible is the fact that you can play it in VR. However, you need to have the right controller setup if you're going to hunt ghosts efficiently and avoid being mysteriously murdered, just like how you need the perfect audio settings for the game too. Below we've put together a guide for the best Phasmophobia Index Controllers setup, as well as some tips on how to play in VR.

For the best experience in Phasmophobia with Valve Index Controllers, setup the grip grab types to Touch/Hold in settings. It's also recommended that you use the following controller angle: 30 0 -60. You can Enable/Disable trackpad movement by turning community bindings On or Off. It's recommended that you Disable Tracking but keep Grip Clicking turned On.

Phasmophobia Index Controllers Setup

Playing Phasmophobia VR

The best setup with Index Controllers will ultimately be down to your own preferences. You may like using the trackpad for movement, whilst someone else won't. Here we'll guide you through the basics of controller setup for Phasmophobia and offer our own personal recommendations for the best experience.

Angle Settings


This is one of the most basic settings in any VR game. It affects the angle at which you'll be holding your controllers. Certain games have specific settings that feel right for them, but not for any other game.

  • Recommended controller angle settings: 30 0 -60

In Phasmophobia, the game's base settings for controller angles aren't the best. They feel awkward while attempting to pick anything up or hold items.

I've seen suggestions of 45 degrees as a good setting. However, the best setting seems to be 30 0 -60. This provides perfect gripping and holding angles. You're obviously free to mess with this setting until it feels right for you, but if you start where we've recommended, you'll find the perfect angle for you much faster.



The first thing you'll want to change on your controllers is the trackpad settings. The trackpad can be used for tracking movement in Phasmophobia. For anyone else, your character will look like they're falling over themselves as they move. For you, though, it's a far more realistic experience.

  • Set your steam VR settings to community bindings for Trackpad Movement

You can turn Tracking Movement On or Off for the trackpad by going to your Steam VR settings and Enabling or Disabling Community Bindings for Trackpad Movement, respectively. If Community Settings are Enabled, you'll be Tracking Movement on the trackpad. If they aren't, you won't be tracking movement in this way.

I'd recommend that you try the game with the Tracking Movement turned on to start with. Once you get a feel for how these controls play in the game, you'll have a much better idea of whether you like them or not. I find that they give you more freedom of movement. If, however, you want something similar to the PC experience, keeping Tracking Movement turned Off.

Grip Grab Types


Phasmophobia has several items that you need to interact with. Some you'll just hold, others you'll be moving and setting up. To do this, you need to be able to grab those items.

  • Set your steam VR Grip Grab Types to Touch/Hold.

This will ensure that when you use the Index Controllers in Phasmophobia, you'll be able to work with the built-in grips. Making for a much more natural gameplay experience.

Different Grip Functions


As with many VR games, there are multiple functions for items that can be held by the player. However, if your settings aren't configured correctly, you might only be able to pick an item up. This makes any other functionality completely impossible for you.

Don't worry. There are some Community Settings for this as well. Search for the Community Settings named 'Disable Movement & Grip Activate). This setting deletes Trackpad Movement and sets your Grip Click to an in-game trigger press.

With this Community Setting Enabled, you'll be able to pick items up and use them as well. If you're having a problem in the game with making anything work, this will probably solve your issues.

Find What Works for You

Like any VR game, Phasmophobia is all about how you want to play. You'll find that some of these settings work for you, whilst others don't work at all. If you feel nauseous or start to feel a pain in your wrist, you know something isn't right. Get out of the game and change the settings, then try another match.


As I mentioned earlier in this article. You need to find the right settings for you, but these are a great place to start. You don't want to spend hours finally getting around to turning all of these settings on, only to find that they all need to be tweaked to your personal preference over another hour or so.

If there's something about setting up Index Controllers for Phasmophobia that we haven't included, let us know in the comments.

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