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If you have been playing Phasmophobia with your friends and you feel like the game got easy, don’t worry, there are more difficulties you may not have tried yet. Here you will see how to change the difficulty in Phasmophobia.

How To Change The Difficulty in Phasmophobia

If you already meet the level requirement for the difficulty you are looking for, and the location you want to play is still in a lower difficulty, don’t worry, here is the answer to how to change the difficulty in Phasmophobia:

What you need to do to change the difficulty in Phasmophobia is to restart the lobby. The difficulty on each location is randomly defined, so restart the lobby until you get what you are looking for. You will need level 15 for the hardest difficulty, Professional and Level 10 for Intermediate.

Now if you don't meet the requirements to try the harder difficulties you'll need to start leveling up, which you can read more about below.

Level up


If you don’t know how to level up your character, all you need to do is complete contracts. By successfully completing contracts, you will earn experience to level up.

Side Quests

Make sure to do as many side quests as possible, as they will give you extra money and extra experience. So, if you want to level up quickly, make sure to know how to complete every task and complete them as fast as you can!

Different Difficulties You Can Find in Phasmophobia

Amateur - This is the first and default difficulty that you'll start with.

Intermediate - You will unlock this difficulty at level 10.

Professional - Once you're level 15 you'll be able to play with this difficulty which is the hardest one in Phasmophobia.

Changes For Each Difficulty

Cash x1x2x3
Preparation time5 minutes2 minutes0 minutes
Sanity ConsumptionBasic+50%+100%
Ghost ActivitiesLowMediumHigh
Hunting TimeShort huntMedium huntLong hunt
Ghost StealthEasy evidenceMedium evidenceHard evidence

Cash is the amount of money you will earn after finishing a contract. So before you start a new contract, you can spend that money you earned in order to buy gear and equipment to improve your efficiency in the field!

Experience is the amount of XP you will earn after finishing a contract. The more quest you complete, the more experience you will earn, so the faster you will level up to unlock higher difficulties.

Preparation time is the amount of time you have before the ghost activities and the hunts begin.

Sanity Consumption is how fast your sanity will reduce when you experience ghost activities. Once it's low it's very dangerous, so try to have the necessary gear to survive. You can use items like sanity pills to increase your sanity, or a crucifix or incense to be safer.

Ghost Activities are every supernatural experience you will face. This includes lights going out, doors closing, even bottles or books falling down.

Hunting Time is how long the ghost is out hunting for you or your friends. The higher the difficulty, the higher the time he/she will chase you around the location.

Ghost stealth is how careful the ghost will be leaving evidence. Sometimes it will be very difficult to find the room where the ghost is active. You can trigger his reaction by calling out his/her name out in your microphone, but be careful, that's gonna anger the ghost.


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