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The selection of Camp Woodwind’s cursed items is scattereted throughout the map, providing different ways to interact with the ghost.

The camp is home to a variety of cursed items, each offering unique and intriguing effects that can aid or hinder players during their investigations. 

For this reason, it’s crucial to be aware of the whereabouts of these items as well as understand how to effectively use them.

Music Box

Camp Woodward's cursed items music box


The Music Box is found at the very edge of the left side of Camp Woodwind. It is located in the yellow tent, specifically atop the small table inside that’s next to the chair.


When you activate the Music Box, a haunting melody plays that attracts the ghost and triggers an interaction. 

Depending on your current distance from the ghost, the ghost can interact with the melody in two ways. If the ghost is more than 20m away, it will start humming to the melody which can be used to find its whereabouts.

However, if the ghost is extremely close and within a 5m radius, it will trigger an event in which the ghost manifests and starts walking to the Music Box.

This physically reveals the ghost, allowing you to take a photo of the ghost which is crucial for the investigation

Ouija Board


To locate the Ouija Board, you must first head to the games tent. It is located on the right side of the Camp Woodwind, just a few steps away from the initial entrance. You can find the Ouija Board in the middle of the playing table next to the bowling equipment.


Ouija Board can be used in the investigation process to gain more info about the ghost through questioning. 

By asking the board crucial questions, you can reveal important information about the ghost, such as its location or type. The board answers, with a cost attached to its service.

Depending on the type of question you ask the board, you will suffer a certain amount of sanity drain. For example, the most straightforward questions such as uncovering the ghost’s exact location inflict a whopping 50% sanity drain.

Haunted Mirror


Although the Haunted Mirror is situated in the middle of Camp Woodwind, it’s pretty easy to miss. This cursed item sits near the campfire, between two large trees with string lights, next to the area of the camp with the colorful sleeping tents.


The Haunted Mirror is one of the Camp Woodwind’s cursed items whose purpose is to help you locate the ghost’s favorite room. Once the mirror is activated, it provides you with a live view of the room, displaying useful clues in a panoramic view. 

While using the mirror, there are various types of clues you can encounter such as light cues or moved items. However, prolonged usage of the mirror comes at a cost.

Statistically, each usage of the haunted mirror drains sanity at a rate of 7.5%/s, or 20% per use, whichever is higher. 

Tarot Cards


In Phasmophobia, Tarot Cards can be found in the picnic area of Camp Woodwind. They are situated on a picnic table among other items including a small journal and a coffee cup.


Tarot Cards are one of the most fun Camp Woodwind’s cursed items in Phasmophobia given their inherently random nature. Each Tarot deck you encounter contains 10 random cards, that you can draw to gain effects.

Similarly, there are 10 card types in the game, with each card type having a unique effect that triggers once it’s revealed. There are different draw odds for each card type.

For example, there is a 20% chance to draw a card like The Wheel of Fortune that grants or takes away your sanity. However, more impactful cards such as The High Priestess that randomly revive a chosen player only have a 2% chance of being drawn.

Summoning Circle


The Summoning Circle is situated in the food tent that is right next to the game tent. It looks like a red demonic circle that’s carved in the middle of the ground, between the tent’s tables.


The Summoning Circle is one of Camp Woodwind’s cursed items that can be utilized to summon the ghost. 

You can spawn the ghost by lighting all 5 candles of the circle with an igniter. For each candle lit, the sanity levels of nearby allies will reduce by 16% (a whopping 80% for the entire item).

Once the candles are lit, a materialized life-form version of the ghost appears in the middle. An opportunity like this is ideal for taking photos that can later be used in the investigation.

Voodoo Doll


The Voodoo Doll is a cursed object that can be found in the sleeping tents area of the camp. 

There are several sleeping tents of various colors but the main point of orientation is the large red tent.

Next to the large red tent is a smaller, cyan-colored one, with the Voodoo Doll lying in the front.


High risk high reward is what Voodoo Doll is all about as it forces the ghost to interact with you. 

You can use the doll’s powers by pushing pins stuck in the doll, with each pin pressed forcing a small interaction from the ghost.

This is particularly useful as forcing the ghost to interact with you easily reveals its location. However, there is a risk when using this item. 

One of the pins in the doll is a Heart Pin and pushing it triggers a cursed hunt as well as drops your sanity level by 10%.

Monkey’s Paw


Finding the Monkey’s Paw can be a bit difficult in Camp Woodwind given that it’s at the very edge of the camp.

The uppermost edge of the camp is the host to the lover’s bench area. In this zone, you’ll find the Monkey’s Paw on one of the tables.

It sits on an empty picnic table next to a pair of marshmallow sticks where you can pick it up and use it.


The Monkey’s Paw is a cursed artifact that can be used in a wide variety of ways, making it extremely flexible depending on your needs. Essentially, the item is a wish granter that fulfills recognized wishes by activating unique effects that change the state of the game.

However, depending on your wishes, the paw can also inflict numerous debuffs such as sanity drains or physical anomalies.

You can use the Paw up to 5 times (1 for each finger), after which the Monkey’s Paw grants no further wishes. 

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