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For those who seek glory in Phasmophobia, few challenges can compare to the Apocalypse challenge. 

Often considered to be the most difficult challenge in the game, it is the ultimate test of skill and bravery.

In order to effectively tackle it, you must thoroughly prepare for the quest that lies ahead by precisely planning your strategic approach.

What is the Apocalypse challenge?

How to start the Apocalypse challenge?

The Apocalypse challenge is the ultimate challenge in Phasmophobia that will solidify you as a master of the game.

It’s a custom challenge that you must create itself since it’s not a built-in feature.

To begin the Apocalypse challenge, you must follow these steps:

  • Enter singleplayer
  • Go to the Sunny Meadows Institution
  • Play on a custom difficulty (6x multiplier or higher)
  • Guess the correct ghost type 
  • Complete all of the optional objectives & capture a photo (any star rating will suffice)
  • Survive

Simply reading through these challenges might send a shiver down your spine, but the challenge can be completed and the ultimate prize obtained

Apocalypse challenge skull trophy

It’s no surprise that a difficult challenge like this comes with a prize worth showing off if you make it out alive.

Once completed, the challenge awards you with the ultimate tribute in the form of skull trophies that you can display.

Depending on the level of the custom difficulty you’ve chosen, the skull trophy changes its appearance.

Skull type Badge Multiplier
Bronze Apocalpyse Adept 6x multiplier or higher
Silver Apocalypse Master 10x multiplier or higher
Gold Apocalypse Legend 15x multiplier


Naturally, completing a challenge of a higher tier grants you all of the rewards of the tiers below. For example, if you complete the challenge on a 15x difficulty multiplier, you’ll sweep all of the rewards for Apolcapyse Adepts and Masters as well.

How to complete the Apocalpyse challenge Phasmophobia

Apocalypse challenge phasmophobia

Roll the challenges

One of the most difficult aspects of the Apocalypse challenge is the fact that you must complete all of the objectives. 

Naturally, some objectives are more difficult than others and you’ll be assigned with 4 objectives each game, 3 of which are random and 1 one of which is the photo-capturing objective. 

Since this is a custom challenge, you get to decide the optional challenges that will take place in the challenge.

You can use this to your advantage and roll the challenges until you get something that’s objectively easier to complete.

This will make the overall difficulty of the challenge somewhat more tolerable and easier to complete.

Plan your loadout

Your loadout is your preference and you should always carry items you feel will easily expose the ghost and complete the challenge.

However, due to the specific nature of this custom challenge, some items stand out over others in terms of their efficiency

Here are some of the recommended items to use in the Apocalpyse challenge:

  • Camera (mandatory because one of the objectives is to capture a photo of the ghost)
  • Parabolic microphone (extremely useful for locating the ghost, determining its speed, and type)
  • Motion sensor (detects the ghost’s movements)
  • Igniter, incense, and candles
  • An additional item that completes one of your optional objectives

A loadout like this provides a perfect balance of objective-oriented items and ghost-hunting tools.

Plan your hiding spots ahead

Staying alive is a paramount objective when completing the challenge which is why you must know the best hiding spots at all times.

For the duration of the first hunt, it’s best to patiently sit tight in the lobby and try to acquire the ghost’s location.

Moving further, you must reposition yourself and plan accordingly. One of the best safe spots during this challenge is behind a piano inside of the chapel. 

While you’re hidden behind the piano, the ghost won’t be able to detect you and you can freely analyze its movements and actions.

Trust your gut feeling and evidence

Attempting to identify a ghost in Phasmophobia can often leave you second-guessing your instincts. This is a natural feeling because there are dozens of ghost types in the game.

In a situation like this, you need to closely analyze all of the evidence you’ve gathered. By logically filtering out the ghosts that don’t match with the evidence, you reduce the likelihood of a wrong guess in the end.

However, evidence is not the only thing your guess should rely on. This is because, regardless of the amount of evidence you gather, identifying the correct ghost type can be tricky as they often share certain traits.

You should also trust your instincts as they can be the difference-maker between a wrong choice and a right one.

Confront the ghost to take a picture

phasmophobia ghost

The Apocalypse challenge’s only consistent optional objective, regardless of how you’ve rolled, is the photo-taking quest.

For this reason, you must have a strategic game plan for every playthrough when it comes to taking a picture of the ghost.

The best strategy is to wait out the first hunt in cover, before creating a massive ruckus when the second one begins.

About 30-40 seconds after the hunt commences, you should start yelling and making as much noise as possible.

Once the ghost is in your close vicinity, all that’s left is to take a swift picture and find cover as soon as possible to avoid dying.

Analyze the ghost

Since identifying the ghost’s type is one of the conditions of completing the challenge, you must continuously keep track of its traits.

The best time to analyze the ghost’s movements and actions is during a hunt. This is because, at this time, the ghost is extremely active which allows for a simple analysis.

During this period, it’s crucial to always keep your journal on standby under the evidence section. 

By crossing off ghosts you’re sure you’re not dealing with, you narrow down the selection of the ghost types, making it easier to conclude the analysis based on evidence.

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