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Party Animals how to climb

Party Animals puts you and several other players into an arena and tasks you with beating them up. You can do this through all kinds of means. You might want to punch and kick, or you could use a dropkick, headbutt, and even pick up objects to throw. However, you could also literally drop onto an enemy from above. But for that, you need to learn one key thing in Party Animals: How to climb.

To climb in Party Animals, you need to walk up to a wall and grab it. You can do this with the grab button, set to the right trigger by default on controllers. You now need to hold the jump button, mapped to 'Y' by default on controllers. This will see your character slowly pull themselves up a net or wall until you reach the top. At the top, you need to make sure you control the character so that they land correctly, instead of falling off the ledge.

We understand that climbing in Party Animals isn't the most intuitive thing you'll be doing. After all, this game is mostly about beating other players up. Next, we'll go through the details of why you might climb in Party Animals and how to do it in an intense match.

Party Animals: Reasons to Climb


There are only three reasons you might want to climb in Party Animals.

1. Avoid Damage

This first reason is what most players spend the majority of their time doing in the game. Avoiding damage. If you climb up and out of the way, your enemy will have a better chance of knocking other players out than they will of getting you down from the wall.

It's a cheap tactic, but it may just save you if you're constantly losing rounds. Remember that everything drains your stamina though, as it does in real life. If you're climbing for too long and fall off, an enemy could hit you once and knock you out. Try to keep your stamina up by dropping off when it reaches the halfway point.

2. Get Back up to the Arena

When you're thrown out of the arena in Party Animals, you don't always fail the match. If you drop off the edge and land on your feet, you can run to the arena's ledge and climb back up. This means that you can get back into the fight and won't lose.

The only way that you'll end up losing rounds in Party Animals is if you're thrown out of the arena by another player and land on your head or side. This is what happens when you're thrown out and are knocked out at the same time. If you're unsure how to do this, check out our guide for how to throw players in Party Animals here.

3. Surprise Attack

This reason leads on from the first one in this list. While you might be climbing the walls of an arena to avoid being beaten up by two enemies at once, you could also lie in wait for a surprise attack.

For example, if you climb up out of the way, two other players could get into a serious fight. This means that they will be distracted. When they come close enough, or when one has just thrown the other off of the edge, you can drop down and dropkick them. This will see them fall off the edge and hopefully win you the match. It's a tricky tactic, but one that can pay off extremely well for skilled players.

Party Animals: How to Climb During an Intense Match


Some matches in Party Animals are just impossible to win. You might get matched with some extremely skilled or lucky enemies. If you do, they can block every attack you make and end up knocking you out every time. If you want to win, you need to do something different. You need to climb.

When you all drop into the arena, immediately run for the wall and climb it. Most players bundle into the middle at the start of the match, so if you veer off to the side, you should have no one trying to pull you down.

From here, you can wait out some of the match, allowing the other players to beat each other senseless. Once a couple of the enemies have thrown each other off the edge, they'll turn their attention to you. Before this happens, pick a moment to drop down and take them out while they're distracted.

When there are skilled players who simply won't let you win, you need to play dirty. This is about as dirty as it gets in Party Animals, but it will see you win the match as long as you pay attention and get your timings right.


That is the end of our guide on how to climb in Party Animals. It's not an extremely complicated process, but it's something that can be very powerful if you do it at the right moments. The more matches you play, the more you'll realize when climbing can be used to your advantage. Don't get caught out, and take these tips with you into the next game you play.

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