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Nightmare Mines is a surprising Roblox horror game. While it's not quite as scary as you might have hoped, it's full of deep lore and interesting puzzles. What kept me playing wasn't the scare factor. It was more of the fact that I wanted to finish the next puzzle or find the next room. Every part of this game presents a new question, and chasing the answers to those questions is quite enjoyable. In this Nightmare Mines Roblox game review, I'll explain all the reasons you should play the game and a couple of reasons why you might want to avoid it.

The Good

  • Interesting puzzles
  • Enjoyable gameplay
  • Looks good for its age
  • Keeps you guessing

The Bad

  1. Pretty awful scare factor
  2. No soundtrack



This is one of the few original Roblox games to feature a fully-fledged story of its own. Players are thrust into Sanctum Mine alongside seven others and must work their way to the center of the facility. Once there, they'll need to stop the endless hordes of man-eating monsters that are being produced from the bodies of dead miners.

This is enough to justify the gameplay, but I love that there's even more backstory. A shady government group was running the mine and forced miners to mess around with an unknown material uncovered. This caused the first few monsters to appear, and it's why the mine is such a nightmare in the first place.



The gameplay is where the meat of Nightmare Mines is found. There are a series of rooms and tunnels that players need to work through to get to the facility's center. Each area has a new puzzle or more indications of the horrors that lie ahead. Getting through each puzzle is one thing, but there are other dangers that soon present themselves.

Man-eating monsters will occasionally drop from the sky, and if you don't escape them quick, you'll end up dead meat. They're not the most terrifying enemies I've seen in a Roblox game, but they do a great job here none the less.

The game was build in 2010, but it doesn't look like it was. The visuals have stood the test of time, and you won't notice their age once you're playing. Considering that there are full remakes of games like FNaF: Help Wanted on Roblox, this is still a good-looking release even compared to those.


The only thing you might notice is the lack of a soundtrack. This game is devoid of noise for huge portions of playtime. Sadly, the experience of the user suffers because of it. If there were any sound at all, even just creepy noises, it would be enough. As it is though, this is the game's biggest downfall.


Overall, Nightmare Mines is a bad game at all. What I do think has hit it hard is the Roblox community moving onto more popular horror titles. Everyone was playing this game at one point, but now it's a bit of a ghost town. As a result, playing it can be difficult unless you hook up with a group of friends to complete it. Other than that, though, this is a solid horror game. I wouldn't be surprised if a new developer picked it up and remade it in some shape or form because everything, apart from the audio design, is great. If you and a group of friends have been dying to play a horror game together, then this should be it.

That's it for our Nightmare Mines Roblox game review. If you want to see the game in action, check out the video above to get an idea of what you're letting yourself in for. If you fancy more Roblox horror, then check out our list of the best horror games for 2020 here.

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