Most Expensive CSGO Skin 2020 – For Every Weapon

It's time for skins! We've done rarest LoL skins, now it's time for the most expensive CSGO skin you can find in 2020.

Do skins make you a better player? Hell no. Are they a complete waste of money? You bet. Are they absolutely necessary? Of course they are!

Who would want an iPhone X if they can have a nice looking virtual rifle instead? Pure logic, and simple truth. Now prepare your dad's credit card and let's dive into the world of most expensive CSGO skins.

TL: DR: The most expensive CSGO skin is AWP Dragon Lore. You can get it for around $1500, but the most expensive ever went for over $60k. You can get a hell of a car for that amount of money, but since you are too young to drive, we suggest you to read this article and find out how you can re-invest your college money in a better way.


Minimal Wear: $1500+
(Souvenir: $3000+)

Credit: CS: GO Stash

The king of all skins, Dragon Lore is the most expensive CSGO skin you can find on any market in 2020 and we expect it to stay that way. If you are lucky to find a Souvenir edition available, your parents are going to be very sad, as they will throw away $3k+ to ruin your miserable life even more.

But the most expensive Dragon Lore was also the most expensive skin ever sold, and it went for over $60k! It was signed by some professional player, and had some stickers on it, but who cares, nothing can justify wasting away your whole education on a skin. Or can it?

As for the regular version, $500+, even for those in the worst condition. And add to the equation that you can't play AWP, which means you will buy this so the enemy team can pick it up from your corpse makes AWP Dragon Lore the best and the most necessary buy not only in CSGO, but probably in the whole gaming industry. Thank you Lord Gaben for allowing us this much fun, with such an affordable price tag!

Most Expensive Pistol Skins

Pistols skins are a great investment because you always carry one, whether you like it or not. So yes, spending a fortune on an absolute necessity that you don't even want makes perfect sense, if you have brain lag. Here are the picks:

Glock-18 | Fade

Minimal Wear - Factory New: 271,66€ - 396,92€

Most Expensive Glock in CSGO

You get a Glock when you spawn as a T. That's it, the only reason we mention it. It doesn't do much killing, even if you shoot heads, but it has a nice 20-bullet clip and that burst mode that no one ever uses. However, that doesn't stop it from being expensive, at least in the Candy Apple variant.

It's a normal Glock-18 with red paint on top, that's it, what did you expect? Well, you better explain it to your parents a little bit better than we did to you, at least if you plan to get the 396,92€ for the Minimal wear version.

USP-S | Kill Confirmed

StatTrak Battle Scared - Factory New: 64,07€ - 360,50€

Most expensive Usp-s in CSGO
Credit: CS: GO Stash

OK, so USP can actually kill people if you hit them in the head the first time you see them. You won't get many second chances because it doesn't have many bullets, plus it has a low rate of fire. At least you will make those Terrorists very happy when they take your Kill Confirmed pistol that you bought with the hard-earned money that your parents gave you. For a Factory New StatTrack edition, you will have to splash more than $400, peanuts.

P250 | See Ya Later

StatTrak Battle Scared - Factory New: 9,44€ - 69,31€

Most expensive P250 in csgo
Credit: CS: GO Stash

Now a good thing about P250 is that both Ts and CTs use it, which makes it a good investment, as you can carry one throughout the whole game. But, everybody else knows this, and that's why you need an expensive one, as you don't want to look cheap! StatTrak See Ya Later is a good option. It looks nice, counts kills, is a new name on the market, and it is just expensive enough so you can lie to yourself how cool you are wearing one.

Most Expensive SMG Skins

SMGs are considered by many to be a waste of money, but we will mention them anyway because wasting money is the whole point of this article. So you are wasting in-game money on an SMG, and you are wasting your parent's real money on skins for those SMGs. We salute you, Sir, that's YOLO at it's finest!

P90 | Emerald Dragon StatTrak

StatTrak Factory New: 69,10€ - 831,19€

Most expensive P90 in csgo
Credit: CS: GO Stash

OK so P90 is essentially an ugly box that fires an enormous amount of bullets at an enormously stupid rate. To make it look even worse, you get this skin. It even has StatTrak so it can count to ten since you can't, and that is how many kills you are going to get with this, in your lifetime. Too bad it won't count to 850, because that's the least you will have to give for one, Factory New. (We do see this one sell for about 250£ as well but there have been quite a few sales around the 850£ mark.)

MP5-SD | Co-Processor

Souvenir  Factory New 13€ - 54,73€

Credit: CS: GO Stash

This weapon was re-introduced to CSGO as it was extremely popular in the previous versions of the world's most famous shooter. Of course, back then, we didn't have any skins for it, neither did we have silencers. Thankfully now we have both. For as little as $150 you can get a Factory New Co-Processor, Souvenir edition. The skin looks quite basic and is very overpriced, but considering that MP5 has only two skins, you will stand out from the crowd by owning this one, not by owning any brain, of course.

Most Expensive Rifle Skins

This is the only category that makes any remote sense. CSGO is all about rifles, and if you are going to spend heavily on any weapon group, rifles are your best investment. Thankfully, rifles are the most expensive category too, and you will have many opportunities to violently waste away your family assets here.

AK-47 | Fire Serpent

StatTrak Factory New: 409,19€ - 1.847,37€

The best weapon in the whole game, therefore, an overly expensive skin for AK is a must-have. Because you will use the AK for the rest of your natural life, you better get one with StatTrak, as this is the only weapon that will actually collect enough kills for you to brag about. Our pick is Fire Serpent, not only because it is stupidly expensive at $1500+ for Factory New, but also because it is abysmally ugly. Getting one will show the world how little you care about your parent's money, making you even more awesome to your virtual friends.

Galil AR | Chatterbox

StatTrak Field-Tested: 7,10€ - 93,98€

Credit: CS: GO Stash

Galil is basically a cheap version copy of the AK. It kinda looks like a real weapon but that's about it, you will be better off with firecrackers against a real AK. So buying expensive skins for this weapon makes perfect sense, and that's why our suggestion is Chatterbox. This skin is so stupidly rare that you can only get a Field-Tested version of it, for a little over $100, a bargain!

M4A1-S | Knight

Souvenir Factory New: 309,72€ - 397,51€

Credit: CS: GO Stash

OK, we all know that M4A1-S is neat, as it is incredibly accurate, and silenced, even though it has so little ammo, making you think twice about every bullet. That sounds boring, why don't you spice it up with a $350 Souvenir Knight skin? So no StatTrak, just a simple skin. It even looks quite basic, as it only has a little bit of gold here and there, which makes this amount of money even more wasted, and the skin even more awesome.

M4A4 | Howl

StatTrak Field-Tested: 1.054,76€ - 2.463,15€

Credit: CS: GO Stash

The most expensive M4A4 skin was actually stolen and was since then been replaced, which made it legendary. To get it, you will need to pay a fortune, $1500+ for a StatTrak Field-Tested version. That is, of course, if you can find one, they are extremely rare. The skin does look nice, we have to admit, but just put real $1500 on a table in front of you, and see if getting one makes any sense. Thought so, please share in the comments below how it feels to fire M4A4 Howl.

Most Expensive Knife Skins

Knives are very useful in CS: GO, as you press number 3 or Q for 0.1 sec in order to reload AWP a bit faster. Oh, and you also pull out your knife when you are running from site A to B because you didn't put your headphones on, missed the site, and now you are short on time and the bomb is ticking. So make sure you get the most expensive, StatTrak skin you can find, as it makes perfect sense.

Stiletto Knife | Crimson Web

StatTrak Minimal Wear $1300+

Credit: CS: GO Stash

The most expensive CSGO knife goes for $1300+ for a Minimal Wear StatTrak version, around $700 for Well-Worn. For that amount of money, you can probably find somewhere a real 16-century stiletto, straight out of a Renaissance museum. But because the culture is a complete waste of money and time, make sure your's is well-spent on a virtual copy, painted in nice ugly spider net red, for more swag.

Most Expensive Gloves

Because having overly expensive weapon skins simply isn’t enough, Valve decided to introduce gloves. Besides keeping your virtual hands warm, gloves are also perfect for our article because they are the sole definition of uselessness, and they are ridiculously overpriced. Now you can feed the enemy team with style!

Specialist Gloves | Crimson Kimono

Battle Scarred - Factory New: 377,87€ - 4.046,62€

The most expensive CSGO gloves you can get are Specialist Gloves, definitely. Gloves are an essential gym accessory, and you may fool someone else thinking that you are a buff athlete if you get these. For the price you pay Crimson Kimono, you would get approximately 15 years of gym membership.

But pumping iron takes time and dedication, it is much easier to turn caps lock on, and yell at people to feel tough. Like this:

Want some new skins but dont have the money?

If you have asked your parents for money so that you can buy skins, and they didn't kick you out of the house, congratulations.

Now you need a plan B, and that is getting skins by buying keys and opening cases, or by betting on CSGO matches.


Remember that the life-cycle of these skins in terms of worth might quickly change therefore you should be careful to put too much money into skins and leave them for a long period of time.

So that was it for the most expensive CSGO skin in 2019-2020, we hope you've found some that feels worthy spending incredible much money on.

Remember, you have a virtual reputation to keep, so try not to ruin it by wearing something embarrassing you got in a weekly drop. From now on, you need to be conscious about your money; save every single dollar, and after years of your parent's hard work, you might even get that Dragon Lore. Just don’t give up on your dreams!

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