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lol worlds betting odds

LOL Worlds betting odds change depending on where you're planning on placing a bet. In this guide we're going to walk you through what the different types of betting odds are. We're also going to give you an understanding of which teams could see you earn the most return from the money you put down.

How to Bet on LOL Worlds 2020

First things first, how do you make a bet on LOL Worlds this year? If you already know which team you fancy as the winner, or have some smaller bets you'd like to make, then you can check out our guide to Best LoL betting sites. Here we've covered the best sites to use, and what you'll get from them. These are also the sites that will have the best betting odds for Worlds 2020

Best odds betting sites:

LOL Worlds Teams Odds to Win Worlds 2020


UK Bookmaker BET365 slate TES, a Chinese Team, as the most likely to win LOL Worlds this year. The odds are 7/4 or +175, which equates to a 36.4% chance of winning the tournament. TES is led by a professional player known as JackyLove, who won the tournament with a team called Invictus in 2018.

The second favorite team for this year's LOL Worlds betting odds is DAMWON Gaming of Korea. Their odds are 13/5 or +260, which equates to a 27.8% chance of them winning.

There has never been a winning team for this tournament from North America. In fact, simply getting past the group stages is generally considered a win for them. With that said things can change, so a bet on any of them may pay off in the end considering their odds.

The teams taking part in this year's LOL Worlds are as follows. We've also included the odds according to BET365.

TeamUK Odds FormatUS Odds FormatDecimal OddsWinnings from US $10
Top Esports (TES)7/4+1751.17$17.50
DAMWON Gaming13/5+2601.26$26
JD Gaming 9/2+4501.45$45
Fnatic 30/1+30004.00$300
Team SoloMid39/1+39004.90$390
LGD Gaming50/1+50006.00$500
MAD Lions70/1+70008.00$700
Team Liquid80/1+80009.00$800
PSG Talon150/1+1500012.50$1500
Unicorns of Love175/1+1750012.75$1750
Machi Esports 250/1+2500013.50$2500
Papara SuperMassive300/1+3000014.00$3000
V3 Esports800/1+8000019.00$8000

Check all the updated odds at: (one of our favorite bookies below)

Odds for Past Winners

To give you an idea of how the odds compare in 2020, we've got the odds for past winners of the tournament. SK Telecom T1, who won the tournament in 2013, 2105, and 2016, placing second in 2017 and reaching the finals in 2019, were given odds of +800. Unfortunately, the team didn't qualify this year.

Invictus Gaming, the team that won 2018's tournament, and a member of which is now part of TES, were given odds of +400 this year. Those are pretty good odds considering it's been a year since the team won a tournament, and they're down one of their key players.

Finally we have Fnatic. The team began LOL Worlds with odds of +2500, but they're now up to +3000, as you can see in our table above. They're one of the strongest European teams, and have been a part of the competitive LOL scene since its inception. this may give them an edge over all other European teams.

Which North American Team has the Odds in Their Favor to Reach the Group Stages?

As we've already mentioned, there are a few teams from each country who are automatically entered into LOL Worlds. The rest must battle through the Play-In Stage in order to reach the Group Stage.

There are three teams competing from North America, Team SoloMid, FlyQuest, and Team Liquid. The odds are with Team SoloMid to make it through to the Group Stage this year at +3900, or 39/1. Then the odds are with Team Liquid at +8000, or 80/1, followed by FlyQuest at +10000, or 200/1.

Most Popular Odds Formats

You are likely to see some different formats for the odds when doing your research on LoL Worlds 2020. I thought I'd explain them for you below so that you don't have any question marks when they show up on different websites.

What are Fractional Odds?

Fractional odds are the primary odds used in horse racing, and they're generally used by bookmakers around the UK. These odds are very simple to work out, as is illustrated in the table above. The first number is the winning amount, and the second number is the amount you need to bet.

The fractional odd 8/5 will return $8 for every $5 you put down, for example. With many of the lower teams in the table above, all you need to do is put $10 down, and you could earn yourself up to $10,000, providing some sort of miracle happens.

What are Decimal Odds?

Decimal odds are a bit more difficult to understand. They're the main format used in Europe, as well as in some areas of Canada.

With decimal odds, a price point of 2.00 is a flat line of +100 in American odds, and 1/1 in fractional odds. Therefore, anything with a point of 2.01 or higher is a favorite, and anything with a line of 1.99 or lower is an underdog.

To put it plainly, $100 on a team at 1.52 will earn you $52. Whilst a $100 bet on a team at 2.60 will get you $160.

What are American Odds?

American odds are maybe the most complicated odds you'll need to get your head around. Most online betting sites will use them though, so it's good to go in knowing what you're looking at.

American betting odds will appear as +??? or -???, and that's where the key to working out your winnings lies. At a rate of -195, you need to put down $195 in order to win $100. However, with a rate of +165, you'll win $165 for putting down $100.

LOL Worlds Tournament Format


2020's LOL Worlds tournament takes place between September 25 and October 31, and will see a number of teams compete all the way up to the finals.

Four teams from China, Europe, and Japan are entered based on previous performance, with three from both North America and Korea. Each team must take part in the 10-play team stage in order to qualify for the Group Stage.

In the Group Stage, 16 teams from four groups will fight to move up the standings. The top two teams from each group will move up to the quarterfinals, where a knockout will take place to decide who takes home the cup.

Keeping Track of the Tournament

Whilst you could watch the entire tournament over on Twitch here, you probably have a day job, or at least something else that you should be doing like eating or cleaning. Don't worry, we've got you covered.

The Group Stages take place between October 3 and 11. Then the Quarterfinals will be between October 15 to 18. The Semifinals are between October 24 to 25. Finally the Finals are on October 31. Be sure to tune into the tournament in the link above if you want to watch which teams are playing in each stage.

Which Team is Likely to Win LOL Worlds 2020?

Everyone agrees that whilst Korea has dominated the tournament throughout history, it's China's time to shine. Most sites would tell you that Top Esports (TES) looks to be this year's winner, and we'd agree. They're headed by a seasoned pro from Invictus, a team that won one of the most prolific victories int he tournament's history in 2018.

What Should You Bet on?

Whilst it's easy to simply pick a few teams you think might win the tournament and place your bets, there are other bets you could make as well. Often a bookmaker will offer bets on a team placing in the top three, or simple making it past the group stages in some cases for the North American teams.

If you see odds such as these, you might want to take them. A bet on a North American team making through the group stage will pay out much earlier than the overall winner will. That's because the group stages are over first, and the LOL Worlds winner won't be crowned until Halloween.

It's also worth noting that LOL Worlds betting odds will change depending on which website you're looking at placing a bet with. One bookmaker might offer better odds for a team than others, so you should shop around before you pick one to bet with.

If there are any facts about LOL Worlds that you think should be part of this article, let us know what they are in the comments.

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