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Least played lol champs

At the time of writing, League of Legends has 151 playable champions. But a few of these champs are not being used very much, probably because they are weak, hard to play, or put frankly, useless.
We've covered the Top 15 least played LOL Champs for 2020:

1. Corki

  • Pick Rate: 0.82%

Poor Corki is at the bottom of the list for the least played LOL Champs 2020. He has a pick rate of 0.82%, according to While he looks like a fun Champion to play as the player base's reaction says otherwise.

It seems like the biggest issue with Corki is that he has no presence in a lane. He's impossible to use on his own to defend a lane and gets slaughtered when in a one-on-one fight with another Champion. Unfortunately, this is a case of not enough people playing as Corki because his skill cap is too high. There are so many other Champions out there who are more efficient and easier to learn. As a result, there's no point in playing as Corki.

With that said, he does have a small community of dedicated Corki Mains. Watch out for them, because if they're playing as him, they're probably quite proficient.

2. Ivern

  • Pick Rate: 0.84%

Ivern is another difficult Champion to play as, and he doesn't exactly look fantastic, does he? His pick rate is just above Corki's at 0.84%, which is still abysmal.

As I mentioned, the issue with Ivern is that he's a difficult Champion to play as. However, those who do manage to master him understand where he shines in a match.

Ivern's abilities make him great for defending other Champions and delaying the enemy. He has a shield ability that can be very powerful at later ranks in a match. However, it's his bushes that are the real highlight. Players can set these up to delay the opposing team from reaching their crystal, giving them more time to gain an advantage in the match.

3. Aurelion Sol

  • Pick Rate: 0.90%

This Champion has a pick rate of 0.90%, still not breaking into even 1% of the player base. The issue with him seems to be that he plays so differently from other Champions. This results in players developing bad habits that make playing as other Champions almost impossible.

Aurelion Sol is built for wave management, killing lots of smaller mobs, and roaming in the jungle.

Unlike most champions, Aurelion Sol is made to sneaking up on enemy players from the jungle and surprising them. You wouldn't spend this long in the jungle with most other Champions. This is what seems to teach players bad habits because they try to use the same tactics they use with Aurelion Sol with other Champions. Of course, this doesn't work because most other Champions just need a little bit of jungle action, gaining most of their experience in the lanes.

4. Taliyah

  • Pick Rate: 0.98%

This is the most normal looking Champ on our Least played LOL Champs list for 2020 so far. She's a Battlemage with a pick rate of 0.98%. Her downfall has only recently happened, and it's nothing to do with her.

The core reason that Taliyah is picked so infrequently is because of a patch to League of Legends. About one year ago, an update tanked her win rates through a nerf. It doesn't matter how good a Champion is, they can't survive that.

Win rates are important to players. The more they lose, the further down the ranks they'll fall. Players want Champions that will help them win and rise through the rankings. Sadly, Taliyah appears to have been nerfed by the developers. Despite this, those who love playing as her can still be found in the occasional match.

5. Skarner

  • Pick Rate: 0.99%

We're still not into the 1% of pick rates yet, with Skarner's being 0.99%. The core issue with this Champion isn't the way he looks, because he looks fantastic. It's actually his skills and abilities.

Skarner is an unpopular Champion because he's not viable enough in a match. He has one good attack that deals damage, but he needs to be at a very high level to make the most of it.

On top of this, Skarner is only good when near a Spire. These structures will damage enemies over time, and Skarner will be destroyed if he's fighting another Champion away from one. Most players don't want to restrict themselves to only fighting in a few locations in every match, which is at the heart of why barely anybody plays as Skarner.

6. Kog'Maw

  • Pick Rate: 1.10%

Finally, we're breaking into the 1%. Kog'Maw has a pick rate of 1.10% if you can believe it. Don't think that makes him a good Champion though because he's definitely not.

Interestingly, it seems that Kog'Maw's power as a Champion lies in death. This is a Champion that you need to actively draw as many enemy Champions to, in order to cause maximum damage by dying. It might sound mad, but that's where Kog'Maw is best used. His prowess lies in passive damage, which will take down four Champions at a time if you're willing to sacrifice him in the process.

Most players don't enjoy dying in LOL, so most people don't play as Kog'Maw. For those that do, there's little more to do than move slowly to a Spire, draw in the enemy, and die.

7. Azir

  • Pick Rate: 1.12%

The pick rate for Azir is only slightly better than Kog'Maw at 1.12%. He used to be an incredibly popular Champion, but something's changed.

There are two main reasons Azir is so unpopular.

  • He was used a lot by players from big eSports teams. However, much like Taliyah, he's been nerfed to oblivion. This was because he was a viable Champion for a good long time. However, he was nerfed due to his popularity, making him much weaker, and dropping his win rate.
  • The second reason Azir is so unpopular is because of how difficult he is to play as. Controlling his soldiers takes time to learn, and most players don't have the patience for it. Combined with how low his win rate is, Azir is destined to be unpopular for years to come.

8. Lissandra

  • Pick Rate: 1.20%

Moving up again, Lissandra's pick rate is up at 1.20%. This is another case of a Champion being nerfed due to their popularity, but it's been a long time since that happened.

Lissandra used to be incredibly powerful. As you'd expect, to change the game up and keep things interesting, she was nerfed. The problem is that she was nerfed too much.

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Now, Lissandra is literally unplayable. She can't cope on her own in any fight and needs to be supported by another Champion to be effective. Anyone playing as her has to wait until the endgame before they can get any action. Since most players don't want that, she barely gets picked.

9. Gnar

  • Pick Rate: 1.34%

This might be a cute Champion, but that alone isn't enough to get their pick rate above 1.34%. There's not a lot wrong with him, though, but players still have an issue playing as him.

The core reason that Gnar is so unpopular is his lack of a specialty. He's good at everything you need him to be, but he doesn't synergize well with any other Champions.

If you're playing as a team, you want to synergize with other players. This is how you dominate in lanes and how you ensure you win faster than you can be beaten. Without a good synergy, though, Gnar is destined to be forgotten.

10. Sion

  • Pick Rate: 1.40%

This is the first Champ on our least played LOL Champs list for 2020 that isn't actually that bad. His pick rate is still low at 1.40%, but those who play as him seem to be doing well in the matches they play.

The major issue with Sion is the skill level required to play as him. He's a big beefy character and can dominate if you know what you're doing. Learning how to use his abilities is difficult, though, and many players give up before they master him.

If more players actually played as Sion, he's probably one of the most popular Champions in LOL. The problem is understanding how he works, and until more players are willing to learn, he'll never be popular.

11. Trundle


Pick Rate: 1.41%

This Champion's pick rate is only slightly higher than Sion's at 1.41%. I'm not sure why though because by all accounts, he is much worse than Sion. In fact, he's downright terrible.

Trundle's issue is that he's good at absolutely nothing. He can't close gaps between you and enemies very well, his attacks require two abilities, and he has an awful passive.

I think it's easy to understand why Trundle is so unpopular. The reason so many more people probably pick him over other Champions on this list is his appearance. He looks very cool, but where does that get you when you're losing lanes?

12. Viktor


Pick Rate: 1.45%

Viktor looks incredible, which is almost certainly the reason 1.45% of the player base picks him. He is average at best by all accounts, and that's not even good enough to justify his position on this list in twelfth place.

Once again, here we have an example of a Champion who is good at nothing. His abilities are weak in the early game, and they're still weak in the late game.

Usually, a Champion is unstoppable by a match's endgame, but here we have the perfect example of what happens when that endgame strength is still weak. The Champion gets thrown by the wayside.

13. Yorick


Pick Rate: 1.48%

Alas, poor Yorick looks great, but his pick rate is still down in the dumps at 1.48%. There's actually nothing wrong with him. It's just that there are better Champions out there.

Yorick used to be the god of dominating lanes. You could pop between each lane and decimate minions and enemy Champions with him. Getting some jungle roaming in was also possible in the gaps between combat.

There are Champions in the game that are far better at taking and defending lanes than he is. This is just the reality of what happens to older Champions. Maybe one day he'll get a buff that will make him relevant again.

14. Sejuani


Pick Rate: 1.51%

I love the look of Sejuani. She's just one of the coolest Champions in LOL. Unfortunately, that's not enough on its own to get her pick rate above 1.51%.

The main issue with her is the damage she deals and her speed. She's intolerably slow, and when you need to help defend lanes, being slow is not an acceptable excuse.

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Currently, damage is king in LOL. If a Champion doesn't deal enough of it, they're not relevant. That's why Sejuani has dropped off in the pick rates. She could head back up if a buff comes along to make her a bit speedier and stronger though.

15. Taric


Pick Rate: 1.55%

It's a little unbelievable that the Champion with the highest pick rate on this list is still only picked by 1.55% of all players. That's less than 2% of every person who plays LOL, a player base of millions.

This is the only example on our least played LOL Champs list for 2020 of a Champion who isn't played because of their reputation. Taric isn't great, but they're not a bad Champion by any means; perhaps it's his low damage that sways people into not picking him.


That is the end of our list of the top 15 least played LOL Champs. Each one of these Champions has its strengths, but the weaknesses far outweigh them.

Most of the Champions on this list are weak, difficult to learn, or completely irrelevant in ranked play. Understandably, no one would play as them if this is the case.

With Taric though, I can't help but think that the community is shooting themselves in the foot. There could be many other Champions out there with a better reputation, but they might not be as good as Taric is.

If there are some Champions that you think deserve to be on this list, let us know who they are in the comments.

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