Is Lootbear Legit?✅Or Scam? [Here Is The Proof]

Legit lootbear

With over 15 million gamers using this platform to boost their game experience, Lootbear has not failed to offer them the kind of skins they are looking for. As a matter of fact, it has been one of the most active platforms for most players no wonder its enormous growth. But is Lootbear legit or one of the scams out there? Well, statistics can speak better. This platform has more than 15 million hours that have been used by their players to rent the skins. Besides, it has done payments of over 1.8 million dollars to their suppliers.

However, despite the level of trust that Lootbear has been demonstrating to its existing players few people are still in a dilemma. Most newbie players are always curious to know how Lootbear really works and its legitimacy. Of course, there are many platforms over the internet that are just scams yet they claim to be the best. That’s why it is no surprise for people to question the legitimacy of Lootbear. Lootbear is legitimate and the following will help you understand it more:

Why is it legit and safe to use?

  • They are backed by some of the biggest YouTubers
  • Guaranteed Skin Insurance
  • It is used by over 10,000 Actively Paying Users
  • High Operational Standards

If you can get the answers to these questions, then you can be sure to embrace Lootbear. Most YouTubers who are reaching over 15 million gamers have embraced the platform and so can you. You don’t have to be conned again whenever you want to get new skins. You can now rent out and purchase new skins with Lootbear and play your games in style. So let’s dive in and see how legitimate this platform is.

Why is Lootbear Legit and safe?

According to some studies, over 80% of avid players and millennial internet users have a scam story to tell. Most of them will tell you of their ugly incident of being robbed by some illegal guys out there. The internet has become one of the landing pads for scammers. Their aim has either been getting some personal information from you or your bucks.

Many naive and fresh gamers are losing their money daily hence the need to salvage them from this trap of scammers. One such great way is introducing legit sites like Lootbear where they can get legit skins at considerable prices. But why is Lootbear legit, safe, and one of the best sites to buy or rent your skins? Well, here are some of the reasons.

1. They are backed by some of the biggest YouTubers

This is one of the major proof that you can trust Lootbear. Some of the largest YouTubers who are reaching more than 15 million gamers support this platform. Some such YouTube channels include MojoOnPC which has over 1 million subscribers, GrefG which has over 5.2 million subscribers, SwaggerSouls which has over 3.7 million subscribers, and Sparkles with over 1.9 million subscribers.

Others include Banana Gaming, Faze Haze, MattCS, Jake Lucky, Diddle, NadeKing and many others. Some guys like Mojo the man behind MojoOnPC YouTube Channel has become a co-owner of appLootBear. This should tell you that LootBear is not a scam.

2. Guaranteed Skin Insurance

Lootbear understands that it is very possible to rent out your skin and it ends up being lost. In such a situation, what do you do? This is where Lootbear proofs their legitimacy by refunding you the money based on the market value of that item. Only a legitimate company can refund you when your skin is lost or stolen.

However, most gamers are trustworthy and rarely do such cases of theft happen in this platform. Lootbear takes the risks by themselves of ensuring that your skins are 100% insured. so you don't have to be afraid of becoming a supplier of skins in this platform.

It is very impressive to know that they have a Risk Evaluation AI which they use to assess the risk of any renting process. This AI technology helps them curb the risk before it happens. It helps them determine whether the user is fraudulent and his or her capacity to pay for the rented skin. Their credit insurance ensures 100% safety on your rented skins.

3. It is used by over 10,000 Actively Paying Users

Lootbear involves both skilled and novice gamers who eventually learn to become pros. It is amazing that over 10,000 users have committed their money to subscribe to the packages. Besides, many have used their bucks in buying and renting skins from other players.

A platform where people can commit their money cannot be a scam. Due to its high standards of operation, players have not had issues with their credit card information. This has made Lootbear gain the confidence of many players and partners. Some of its partners include Angels, Foundation Capital, the Junction, and NFX among others.

4. High Operational Standards

Many newbies and impressionable audience of video games don’t know that  Lootbear is GDPR compliant. Immediately after the introduction of this set of laws, Lootbear worked tirelessly to be compliant. Now they are compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which scam websites are not.

Privacy policy

Lootbear also respects your privacy rights. Your personal information is used to improve the site, content, and services. They also use the information to communicate of any urgent update or information and to personalize your experience as the user of their site. It is advisable you read through Lootbear privacy policy before joining their platform.

Lootbear usually deletes your account details permanently. With their great features, they can easily export your data from all their sources and delete every single information. At Lootbear, terms of use can be accessed by either a visitor or an established user. Most of them are in relation to their services & products, your account with them, the fees in their subscription packages, the payment processes, and eligibility.

Lootbear has never taken the security of your personal information lightly. To ensure that your credit card information is secure, they don’t store the numbers in their servers. Every of your personal information is usually transmitted through very secure networks to ensure no hacker gets it. This gives you the confidence of buying even the most expensive CSGO skins over this platform without worries that your credit card number will be stolen.

The above are some of the things that make Lootbear a legit and safe platform to buy your skins. Not to mention their awesome refund policy, and their multiple payments methods. In addition to their outstanding customer care services and security protocol in collaboration with Steam. To solidify your confidence in this site, let's look at how Lootbear works.

Is Lootbear Legit: How it Works

One of the major questions besides whether Lootbear is legit revolves around how Lootbear works. After reading their terms of use you will be better placed to know how the platform works especially as a new player. However, the entire process involves creating an account, choosing a suitable subscription package, renting out skins, and becoming a supplier if you like.

This site is ideally meant for gamers who want to have better experience in their gaming world by having better and improved skins. The basic activity at Lootbear involves renting of skins at a certain fee for 7days and returning it to the owner. You can also become a supplier of skins to the gamers. And that means you can be earning some money with this platform.

In case the gamer loses your skin within the period you rented it to them, they will receive a fine from Lootbear. However, Lootbear will be responsible for reimbursing you for the money equivalent to the market value of the lost skin. They may also opt to replace the skin with another skin of the same value. This is a high level of responsibility that Lootbear exercises on their customers.


Whenever Lootbear has an update, it has never hesitated to inform its customers as a sign of dedication and responsibility. Although the platform has been in operation for a short period of time, it has grown immensely. It has proven to its customers that it is a legit and safe platform to buy your gaming skins. Now you know better and you will not fall into the traps of scammers again.

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