Is Genshin Impact Online? ✅| Covering All the Basics

Is genshin impact online?

Genshin Impact is a colossal game. Both in terms of the scale and story of the world, and the fact that it's become so popular quickly. As a result, there are many questions out there that fresh players and veterans still don't know how to answer. It's similar to the multiplayer situation in Grounded in this way. This is an extremely complicated game, and even the simplest of questions can seem incredibly daunting. Luckily, "is Genshin Impact online?" is an easy one. Our answer is as follows:

There's No Other Way to Play Genhin Impact


The bottom line is that Genshin Impact is a game that is always online. Even though a player might not necessarily be playing with anyone else most of the time, it has a persistent connection that sees the developer, miHoYo, constantly monitoring player activity and uploading new assets and resources as they're required.

The giveaway that this is occurring is the messages that pop up when the game loads the main menu. I've seen new updates when loading the game, even though less than a day has passed between sessions.

It's not uncommon for a game like this to be always online. Similar co-op multiplayer games, like Monster Hunter World, need to be online at all times. This allows players to get together faster when they want to engage in co-op. In many cases, you can also see other players roaming around the open world. This makes it feel occupied and living.

So now we understand that Genshin Impact is indeed online, but what does that look like?

How Does Genshin Impact Online Multiplayer Work?


You can't take part in Genshin Impact multiplayer from the very start of the game. It's a feature that needs to be unlocked through playing. This is achieved by reaching Adventurer Rank 16.

Raising your Adventurer Rank to level 16 isn't that difficult. Your rank can be raised very quickly through merely playing the game in an optimal way.

For example, if you prioritize completing quests, killing monsters, and gathering resources and items, you'll raise your level much faster. There are even items that will allow you to push up the experience of a character and increase your Adventurer Rank as a result. You can find some of these in the bookshelves in the headquarters of the Knights of Favonius.

Once you're at Adventurer Rank 12, you will be able to access Daily Missions. These are a trope in all MMOs. They're missions that, as you can guess, will appear every day for you to complete. The rewards won't be incredible, but they're a good way to gain experience for your Adventurer Rank quickly.

To be clear, your Adventurer Rank is your account level, not a character's individual level, which is very different. As characters level up, they'll learn new abilities. As your account levels up, you'll unlock new features.

Can You Play Genshin Impact Offline?


While you can't play Genshin Impact offline, you're never forced to play with other people online. In a way, you can play the game as if it were offline, but you'll still need an internet connection in order to play.

I personally love playing MMOs by myself the majority of the time. If you do this you're called a solo player, and there's nothing wrong with it. The level of content on offer is very interesting, and there's no reason that you can't enjoy it all by yourself.


In summary, yes, Genshin Impact is an always online game. However, you're not pushed to play with others if you don't want to. If you would like to play with a friend though, you first need to reach Adventurer Rank 16.

By the time you reach Adventurer Rank 16, you will have spent a fair few hours in the game. Even if you started out not wanting to engage with others, by this point you may welcome the company. See how you feel, and check out the game's Subreddit if you fancy looking for some company in-game.

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