Is Apex Legends Crossplay? – Play with PC / PS4 / Xbox

Can you play crossplay with (PC / PS4 / Xbox)? In this article, we will break it down!

EA launched Apex Legends, a free-to-play title that promises to compete against the popular Fortnite. It is part of the famous battle royale genre and is based on the Titanfall universe. In just 8 hours it reached a million-player mark. Now the question is, will you be able to play crossplay on Apex Legends?

Is Apex Legends cross-playable?

Not long ago, Drew McCoy, the lead producer for Respawn stated to Eurogamer in an interview “to allow players to play with their friends on other platforms“. However, cross-purchases and cross-progress will never be a possibility in Apex Legends. This is what McCoy has to say about it “due to the way systems were set up early on” which “can’t [be] reconciled after the fact”. For now, the three platforms are not available.

Credits: Respawn Entertainment

New possibilities in the future

Having presented a competitive mode and a BattlePass, we should see the EA competing in the eSports industry. But at the moment there is no cross-play. Therefore, it should be a problem to EA. The popular eSports titles, like League of Legends and Dota 2, are not even present on other platforms besides PC.

Meanwhile, Fortnite cross-play was available in late September 2018, a year after its announcement. Even though previously, in March 2018 Epic Games’ Nick Chester revealed on Twitter that there is no possibility of a cross-platform play.

Cross-play is a must

The key to survival in the future is that EA should go to the cross-platform functionality. Otherwise, it will be long forgotten like other Battle Royale games. Moreover, the major success of PUBG came after its mobile version. The game is still being played by most of its community. Hence, adding mobile support to the title will only enable it to compete with the well-established Battle Royale giants in the market.

Credits: Respawn Entertainment

The only thing EA will have to look out for is their own ego. After the release of Battlefield V, the game was quite criticized by the gaming community. Caught in the fire, EA chief creative officer Patrick Soderlund said: ‘Accept It or Don’t Buy the Game’. This lead to a 63% drop in sales compared to its predecessor Battlefield 1. However, Apex Legends has been applauded and welcomed. We might see some slopes every now and then since nothing is perfect. However, the game has made a strong impression and will only flourish.

So, the answer to this question ”is Apex Legends crossplay?” is no, not yet at least. But we will see it come to life in a near-future according to McCoy.

EA making big investments in Apex Legends

Also, like in the popular game of Epic Games, Apex Legends includes micropayments to unlock cosmetic elements, as well as a battle pass that allows access to more content. EA explained the system of monetization of the game in detail on the official website. It also confirmed that the title will consist of three-month-long seasons.

Apex characters
Credits: Respawn Entertainment

Behind this release is Respawn Entertainment, the Californian studio specializing in first-person action games. A sample of that combination was the acclaimed Titanfall (2014), the title that caught the attention of Electronic Arts and led them to invest 455 million dollars in 2017. In fact, Apex Legends takes place in the same universe as the latter, but this time without a trace of the huge robots and with a visual aspect that gave a clear turn to the animated style of the Fortnite characters. With investments like these, they will want to listen to their community and they did. You asked for crossplay in Apex Legends and now they’re working on it.

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Map Overview
Credits: Respawn Entertainment

Where can you play Apex Legends?

Apex Legends is now available to download for free from the Origin platform, owned by EA, PlayStation Store, or Xbox Live. As it is an exclusively online game, players must have an active internet connection. Therefore, the Xbox One version requires subscribing to the Xbox Live Gold service, while the PS4 game does not require PS Plus. However, these users who download the game for the PlayStation 4 console will receive a pack of free accessories.

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