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Oldschool Runescape is one of the final games from the second generation of Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) which was created on February 22, 2013. Old School RuneScape began as an August 2007 version of the game RuneScape, which was extremely popular before RuneScape 3.

Oldschool Runescape is technically free to play, but this is somewhat misleading, an $11 monthly subscription unlocks roughly 90% of the gameplay but this is worth it according to thousands of players who subscribe every month.

Oldschool Runescape is an MMO with a huge variety of skills to master, I'm referring to activities ranging from fishing and farming to questing and bossing, each activity has a lot of depth, and there's money to be made in every one of them. The game also has a fully player-run economy, which means that all in-game items sold on the Grand Exchange are priced by players.

Economists have recently been brought in to help Jagex manage in-game concepts, like inflation and taxation, these are problems that we also have in the real world. Old-school Runescape is still the same as it was in 2006 and 2007, it is a genuinely unique MMO that is expanding, entertaining, and quite addicting.

Old School RuneScape is a huge yet captivating time sink, and even after all these years, there's still nothing like it, It is still one of the biggest MMOs in the world with 70,000 - 130,000 active players each day. In Old School, there is no main plot or campaign. Instead, you set objectives for yourself, you can train your skills, go on quests, fight monsters, play minigames, or do nothing at all, It's entirely up to you.

The game Old School RuneScape is democratically run. Every key content must have the vote of 75% of members in order to be added. As a player, you are typically expected (but not forced) to take part in polls once you reach the necessary overall level.

Oldschool has a somewhat tedious gameplay, especially when leveling up the in-game skills, Most accounts require around 2000 hours to max out, which means it will take you around 2000 hours to level up all of your skills to 99 but there are other parts of the game that are more enjoyable and fun.

Old School Runescape Account Builds

Oldschool Runescape can be played in a variety of ways, and there are various account builds for the various ways you may choose to play the game. For instance, if you have a pure account and you also want to enjoy high-level PVMing, you would need a high-level main account for that, this increases your available money-making options and gives you access to additional in-game content.

Starting a new kind of account that gives you access to additional in-game activities is a really refreshing way to enjoy the game however, It would be almost impossible for full-time workers to experience Oldschool Runescape in all the amazing ways possible due to the long grinds but there is a solution!

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