Top 5 Humble Bundle Alternatives – Valuable Subscription Boxes!

If you’re looking to save big on digital game purchases, you probably already know about Humble Bundle. However, while they do offer good discounts for certain games, you may have a reason to look for a different – but similar – place to get new additions to your library. Today, we’re taking a quick look at the best Humble Bundle alternatives for saving on digital purchases.

Humble Bundle Alternatives - The Rundown

Are you already raring to make digital purchases? We got you covered with this quick rundown on some of the best options to buy games.

1. GameThrill
2. uCrate
3. Good Old Games (GOG)
4. GamersGate
5. Green Man Gaming

That’s about it for our rundown, but what makes these sites the best alternatives? To answer that, we’ll have to take a closer look at what Humble Bundle and these sites have in common.

Best Humble Bundle Alternatives


Best Humble Bundle Alternatives

GameThrill is a Sweden-based online website. Launched in 2017, the website offers video games across multiple platforms including Steam, Origin, uPlay, and even while offering amazing prices to do so.

Promos – GameThrill holds out their own “GameThrill Super Deals”, which put significant discounts on a random assortment of titles for a limited time. Aside from that, most titles available for sale on the game store are available at a reduced price.

Collection –The website sells popular AAA titles, but it also has a collection of indie games that you may want to try out. Aside from multiple games across different genres, GameThrill also offers subscription codes and game currencies.

Platforms – GameThrill’s products are available on all major game distribution platforms, including Steam, Origin, and uPlay. Some games are also sold in the form of standalone CD-keys.

GameThrill is the absolute best alternative to Humble Bundle according to us here at TopGamersGuide and we're not surprised to see that they are offering PUBG for free instantly as you start subscribing.

Payment Options – The website accepts the following payment options:

  • PayPal
  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • American Express


Best Humble Bundle Alternatives - uCrate

Launched in 2015, uCrate offers a subscription-based service that delivers game bundles aka “crates” to its customers every month. This type of service is very similar to Humble Bundle’s timed bundles and their Humble Monthly.

Promos – Due to the nature of uCrate’s products, you can consider the games you get from each monthly crate as a kind of promotion. According to their website, the average value of all the games combined in their crates costs around $95. With monthly subscription fees of starting at $32.35 and going as low as $28.47, it’s the same as buying games at a 65-70% discount rate.

Collection –Each bundle contains 10 Steam games but the selection of games per crate is completely random. This means it’s possible to get multiple AAA titles in one crate and then get mostly indie games on the next. While this is fine for someone looking to expand their library, those looking for something specific may want to look somewhere else for other Humble Bundle Alternatives.

Platforms – At the time this article was written, all the games included in a monthly crate are exclusively available on Steam.

Payment Options – The website accepts the following payment options:

  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • American Express
  • Discover


Best Humble Bundle Alternatives - GoG

One of the most popular online digital distributors today, Good Old Games aka GOG started as a website dedicated to selling classic game titles (2005 and earlier). Unlike other websites in the list that sells products in the form of game keys for other platforms, GOG offers products in the form of DLC-free downloadable installers.

Promos – GOG is known for providing significant discounts on different games from time to time. It’s common to find a few AAA titles at 60% discount or more. During holidays or special occasions, GOG has also been known to give away certain titles for free, automatically adding it to their customer’s library.

Collection – True to their name, GOG has plenty of games that many would consider “all-time classics”. While their initial collection was restricted to older games, newer additions include more recent AAA titles. GOG also offers some of the latest indie games, usually at a discounted price.

Extra info - Aside from game titles, GOG also sells other types of media related to gaming, most notably DRM-free movies and gaming-related videos.

Platforms – Games purchased from GOG can be redeemed by downloading a DRM-free installer via direct download. Users can also use GOG Galaxy, their unique platform to help facilitate downloads for users with slower internet, where a slow or unstable connection could force them to keep restarting downloads (before, users had to resort to torrents associated with privacy concerns). GOG is also one of the few sites who have games available for OSX and Linux operating systems.

Payment Options – The website accepts payment from the following options:

  • Major credit cards
  • PayPal
  • Paysafecard
  • Giropay
  • WebMoney
  • Yandex
  • QIWI
  • iDeal
  • Skrill
  • Alipay
  • UnionPay
  • WeChat
  • Przelewy24

Other payments include BoaCompra with a bank transfer, Boleto, and real-time online banking and wallet.


Gamersgate Logo

Founded in 2006, GamersGate is a familiar name to many gamers well before Humble Bundle was a major player in the industry. An offshoot of popular game distributor Paradox Interactive, the website was conceived as a way to distribute games to users who are far from any physical store (much like others on this list). GamersGate started as “Paradox on Demand”, but was later renamed to what it is today.

Promos – There are always a few dozen games on sale when you check out the offers tab on the website’s main page. Discounts can be anywhere from 10 to 90% and can easily be sorted out according to the amount of discount or price (whichever is smaller). GamersGate also allows you to filter out discounted games that currently cost $1 or less.

Collection – GamersGate has one of the biggest collections of games in this list, with over 6,000 titles available for sale. Titles include the most popular AAA titles, all-time classics, and indie games. Games are also properly sorted out (better than in other sites) for easier navigation.

Platforms – Like GOG, GamersGate distributes titles in the form of DRM-free installers. Aside from having games for Windows, the site also offers games for other operating systems including Mac OS (including OSX), Linux, and Android. Some products are also available for uPlay and Steam platforms.

Payment Options – GamersGate accepts the following payment options:

  • Major credit cards
  • VISA
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Global Collect

The website also accepts a few region-specific options.


Greenman Gaming logo

Green Man Gaming is a British-based website that also happens to be around before Humble Bundle. Found in 2009 (a year earlier than Humble Bundle), the website has a noticeable “gamer-centric” feel to it. A quick look at the about us page shows their participation in many major gaming events such as E3, eCommerce Awards, and other notable gaming events.

Promo – Green Man Gaming is considered one of the more generous Humble Bundle alternatives when it comes to promos. Limited discounts can be as high as 97% on AAA titles, and bundles are made according to a specific game developer. Aside from the bundles, it’s not uncommon to see popular games having 50% discounts or more, especially when there’s a major gaming event.

Collection – Having been around longer than Humble Bundle, Green Man Gaming offers an impressive collection of titles across all genres and platforms. Aside from AAA titles on Steam, uPlay and Origin, the website also offers games on Mac OS. Green Man Gaming has over 6,400 titles up for sale, nearly double the collection of GOG.

Platforms – Green Man Gaming offers games across multiple gaming platforms including Steam, Origin, uPlay, and more recently, Epic Games Launcher. Aside from that, the website also offers DRM-free installers available for download. Other, more dedicated customers can also choose to get their games via their very own Playfire Client.

Payment Options – Green Man Gaming accepts the following payment options:

  • Major credit cards
  • JCB
  • Maestro
  • CUP
  • Paysafecard
  • Carte Bancaire
  • Alipay
  • Wechatpay
  • Sofortueberweisung
  • PayPal

Region-specific payment options are currently available for customers in Latin America.

What’s the Deal with Humble Bundle?

Humble Bundle was founded back in 2010, starting as a website that offers a selection of video games for a price determined by buyers themselves. Today, Humble Bundle has expanded its products to a typical online video game distributor, complete with regular promos in the form of timed discounts, bundle sales, and the occasional free giveaways. A part of the payments made by buyers is sent directly to the developers and charity organizations.

Over the decade, Humble Bundle grew to become a mainstay in the gaming industry. This is thanks to the following reasons, which are also shared by the alternatives we have on this list:

Regular Promos

Discounts are the main draw of buying from Humble Bundle. In many cases, you will find popular games sold on the site at a lower price point compared to buying a hard copy. This is especially true with the website’s regularly updated bundles, which are cheaper than buying individual games. In some cases, games can also be made free for a limited time, if not directly added to your existing library.

Humble Bundle Alternatives
Humble Bundle frequently runs huge discounts even on AAA titles.

Good Library Collection

Digital game buyers do not like it when they have to keep looking for different sites just to get copies of the games they want. Humble Bundle and the websites that made it to our list are known for having a wide collection of video games. Aside from the convenience of having an “all-in-one” store, it’s also safer for buyers since they don’t have to enter their payment options to multiple sites.

Support for Multiple Platforms

Humble Bundle is known for selling games across multiple platforms. This means you can use the site to add titles to your Steam, Origin, uPlay, or any other gaming account. You can also purchase games for different devices such as Android, Nintendo, or PlayStation.

Secure Payment Options

A good digital store like Humble Bundle allows users to pay for their products by providing secure payment options. These options usually include major credit or debit cards as well as popular online payment services such as PayPal and AliPay. With Humble Bundle and the sites in this list, you don’t have to worry about having to go through seedy websites just to get your games.

Safer Product Deliveries

One of the worst things that can happen when purchasing digital games is to not get the games at all. Humble Bundle and our picks do not have that problem because they sell legitimate copies, whether in the form of direct-to-account purchases, guaranteed working download links, or instant delivery product codes. All websites in this list also have some form of tracking and archiving system that will let you go back to check if you have any unclaimed titles in your account.

Humble Bundle Alternatives
Humble Bundle delivers working installers and critical codes that can be redeemed instantly on your account.

Good Interface

Last but not least, customers like a digital game store that is easy to navigate through. Websites in this list are easy to navigate in thanks to good search filters and clean site layout. There are also no annoying apps that could cause risky accidental clicks. The best Humble Bundle alternatives may have very different site designs, they are all considered intuitive that even first-time visitors won't have trouble exploring them.

The Best Humble Bundle Alternatives - Conclusion

The existence of Humble Bundle and its alternatives is a good thing for the gaming community. Aside from giving those without access to physical stores, these sites do a great job of giving gamers a chance to expand their libraries even with a limited budget. These websites have played a big role in keeping many game communities alive just by increasing the accessibility of those titles. Game developers get an incentive to keep making games, while gamers get more titles that they can enjoy.

That wraps up our rundown on the best Humble Bundle alternatives. We hope this has helped you find a good option for expanding your game library. Do you have another website in mind that deserves a special mention? Let us know in the comments section!

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