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How to grab and throw people in Party animals

Party Animals is a fantastic little party game that reminds me more of Fall Guys but here you actually fight each other. It's challenging because of the hard to master controls and the way that characters seem to wobble around like they're massively bottom heavy. With the controls being so obtuse, it's not clear how to do certain actions, such as climb or tackle another player. Below is a concise explanation of how to throw someone in Party Animals.

To throw someone in Party Animals, you first need to grab them with the Grab Button. On controllers, this is the right trigger button. You then need to move the other player in the direction of the edge you want to throw them off. Move quickly enough, and you'll throw them instead of dropping them. You can also hold the Charge button, which is X on controllers, and then let it go to rush in one direction and throw players in the same direction.

If you're new to the game, you might need a reminder of how to grab objects and players and then throw them. Read on for our guides on grabbing and throwing in Party Animals.

How to Grab in Party Animals

Grabbing is essential to Party Animals. It's how you pick objects up and beat other players senseless with them. You can grab anything in the world very easily just by using the grab button.

On controllers, the grab button is automatically mapped to the right trigger button. All you need to do is walk up to an object or person and press it. You will have grabbed the person or object, and now you can do what you want with them.

If you've picked up a weapon, you can spin around and move in the direction of another player. This might lead to you hitting them and causing damage. Due to the nature of the game's physics, you could also miss them entirely.

Now that we've got the basics of grabbing out of the way let's move onto throwing.

How to Throw in Party Animals

When you pick an object up, you can also throw it. Sometimes this is as simple as moving to an area and pressing the grab button again. At other times, you'll need to put in a bit more effort.

If you've picked up an object or player and are very close to the edge of an arena, you can move your body to position the object or player over the drop. Pressing the grab button now will see you drop the player or object into the abyss.

Sometimes you're not close to an edge though, and sometimes you need to throw a player or object over a distance. To do this, you still need to grab the object or player to start with.

Now you have three options.

Throw Method 1 - Spin

The first method of throwing requires you to spin. Just spin in a circle on the spot. Once you've spun around a couple of times, press the grab button again. As you'd expect, your character will let go of whatever they're holding, and the player or object will go flying off.

This is a tricky way of throwing players because you can't guarantee which direction they'll be thrown in. However, if you want to throw an object at a player, this is the best way to do it. It's fast, and if the player gets too close to you, then they'll just be hit while you're spinning.

Throw Method 2 - Gently Push

The second way to throw a player is much safer. You need to make sure they're knocked out. If they're not, punch them a few times, and maybe throw in a headbutt. Once the player is knocked out, you should be able to grab them.

Now you've grabbed the unconscious player, shift them slowly over to the edge of the arena, and drop them off by pressing the grab button again. Watch out though. Sometimes players will wake up as you try to drop them off of the edge. This can end very badly for you.

Throw Method 3 - Run and Drop

The final way to throw a player or object is very similar to the first. Make sure the player is knocked out if you're trying to throw them. Now pick the item of player up, and hold the Charge button. It's set to the X button by default on controllers. This will see you run in the direction you're facing. After a short time, release the Charge button. At this point, you'll let go of whatever you're holding, and it will go flying off into the distance.


That is the ned of our guide on how to throw someone in Party Animals. It's not that complicated, but it can be easy to forget each way that you're able to throw things.

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Let us know if there's something we didn't mention about throwing that you think is important in the comments.

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