How to Play Fortnite for Money | The Best Ways to Get Paid to Play

How to Play Fortnite for Money

Yes, it is absolutely possible to play Fortnite for money. As for how to play Fortnite for money, there are a variety of different possibilities that you could explore. Some will provide a fast payout, while others are going to take time and effort before they pay off.

Here we're going to cover what we consider to be the key ways to get paid for playing Fortnite.

How to Get Paid to Play Fortnite

Tournament & Challenges for real money


Checkmate Gaming is definitely the easiest way to get paid to play Fortnite. It's a website that's totally free to sign up to but can reap big rewards for those who are good at what they play.

Once you've signed up, you can enter any of the tournaments on the site. They cover a wide range of games that have hardcore multiplayer scenes, and Fortnite is just one of them.

Among the tournaments for Fortnite, you'll find all sorts of match types. From Kill Races to Build Challenges, and even standard matches, there will be something to suit everyone. Every match offers prize money for the player that comes out on top, but it can range from as low as $1, all the way up to $200 and beyond.

This is a great place to get started if you're considering a career playing Fortnite. If you're good, you can earn more in one month than you would from a full-time job.

There are paid and free tournaments

However, every loss does come at a cost. Whilst some tournaments are free to enter, you will need to pay Check Mate Gaming credits in order to enter others. These credits do cost money to purchase when you've used them up. A lot of tournaments will award credits for those who place in the top three, meaning that you may not win the prize money, but you won't lose any credits either.

Check Mate Gaming also features a players of the week system. This awards players based on the experience they've earned by playing in that week, usually with additional credits.

This is the path that we'd suggest starting out in if you want to get paid for playing Fortnite. Even if you're not good, there are free tournaments which will make a great proving ground. You could also stream the matches, or make videos from them, and use them to create content further down the line.



You might not believe it, but there are people out there who are willing to pay you just to play standard games of Fortnite. Why? Because they have paid for the battle pass, but they don't have time to play the game enough to earn all the rewards it comes with.

Fiverr is a website where you can post services, and people are able to search for those services if they need them. A growing sector on Fiverr is gaming, and surprisingly it's full of people offering to play a game for a certain number of hours.

The website is free to sign up to. You don't even have to pay to post jobs, so you can post as many as you want. If you've got lots of time on your hands, you'll probably find someone who wants to pay you to complete their battle pass.

If you're really good at the game though, some players will pay you to push up their stats. Showing that your account has a huge number of hours played, and a lot of wins, is a definite boost to the number of paid jobs you'll get.

If you're not interested in helping someone else claim everything in the battle pass though, you could just offer to play games with them. This is a common service on the site. Many people were paying others to play with them before the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Now though, there are more than ever who just want some company while they play a game.



If you're reading this article, there's a good chance that you've watched a video about how to play Fortnite for money. Making videos about Fortnite can be incredibly lucrative. That's why people like Ali-A have geared their channels to focus only on this one game.

There's going to be a huge market for videos on Fortnite for as long as Epic Games continues to support it and add new content. Pure news videos on the game are overdone, but you could still build a channel from them. With YouTube's growing focus on streaming, a livestream channel dedicated to Fortnite could also be a good move.

To make money on YouTube though, you need to first generate 10,000 hours watched from your videos. At this point you'll be able to apply to have ads shown on your videos, which is how you'll make money. That's no easy feat, and unless you're doing something different or unique, it might not happen.

If you want to make money by playing Fortnite and making videos from that gameplay, then you need to think of what would be interesting to watch. Find a gap somewhere in the Fortnite video market, and fill it with your videos.



We touched on this in the above section, but game streaming is hugely popular. Billions of hours of gaming are viewed each month, and a large chunk of those hours come from Fortnite.

However, just like we mentioned above, you need to be doing something interesting and unique in order for people to take notice of you. Whether you adopt a character like Dr. Disrespect, or find new ways to build in the game, your content will need to be individual to you.

There are loads of people out there trying to become the next Ninja out of streaming Fortnite. If you want to succeed, you need to pick a streaming platform, like Twitch or YouTube, decide what your niche is, and be dedicated in how often your stream, and for how long.

Viewers like to have a schedule. It helps them organise what they're watching, like you used to when we didn't have on-demand TV. If you're streaming at peak times on a platform like Twitch, you'll stand a much better chance of creating a community that will support you.

Become a Professional


Becoming a professional player is the most lucrative way to make money from playing Fortnite. There are a number of pros, such as Bugha, who bring in millions from official tournaments. That's millions of dollars from just one event, think of how much you could earn over a few of them.

In order to be a professional, you first need to be great at Fortnite. Only the best players get to participate in these tournaments. Epic Games often puts out information about how to qualify for their tournaments. They're usually open to everyone at the lower stages, but only the best of the best make it to the top level.

Check Mate Gaming is a great place to start playing tournaments. It'll get you used to the rules and the different match types. It will also help you get to grips with the nerves that can develop from a tournament environment. Beginning your career here will help serve you when there are millions of dollars on the line.

The best part of Check Mate Gaming's tournaments is that some of them are free. you don't need to pay a thing, so it doesn't matter if you lose. You could also be streaming and making videos to try to raise your profile as a professional player. If nothing else, it might help you discover your niche in the game.

Start a gaming blog with WIX

Much like you're reading here, there are doubtless loads of other articles on how to play Fortnite for money. All of those websites will be generating money from ads that appear on each page. This is how you too can make money by playing Fortnite.

If you play Fortnite a lot, then you'll know all there is to know about the game. You also probably follow news about the game very closely. This is a great launching point to start a blog from. If you can write about Fortnite every day, and keep up to date with the latest patches and news, then people will flock to your blog to get as much information as they can.

You can pay a few hundred dollars for a website, but you don't need to if you sign up through a service like WIX which offer its premium model for around $9 per month. you can also just try it out first for free.

There are plenty of services that offer free blog hosting, such as Wix and Wordpress. You can even generate money through ads on these sites, but if you really want to make money then you'll have to pay for a better site plan or your own hosting.

There is definitely money to be made in a Fortnite blog. Once again, you need to make your blog unique and interesting. Every major gaming site covers Fortnite news because it generates views. You need to write something that will draw readers back to your site.

This is a good option for someone who doesn't have a lot of time to spend streaming or making videos. You can write one post a day, and see what sort of traffic your blog gets. You'll know within a few months if it's worth taking it to the next level. In the meantime you're not spending any money, unless it's on Fortnite.



Podcasts have seen a surge in popularity over the last couple of years. More people want something interesting to listen to as they go about their days. If you can create a Fortnite podcast that people enjoy listening to, then it could lead to you getting paid.

Much like with websites, advertisers will pay you if you host their ads on your podcast. You will need a certain number of people listening to your podcast each episode, but that will be easy to get if you create something that people are eager to listen to.

This is another method of getting paid that will require you to fill a niche. You could just talk about news in Fortnite, but something that looks at the top players out there might be more enjoyable to listen to.

If you have enough people listening to each episode, there's one more option for getting paid. You could start a Patreon. This is a service that listeners will pay for exclusive content. The money is pledged to support the podcast, and all you need to do is make something extra once per week.

A podcast is definitely a long-term method of earning money. It may also never happen. We'd say that you should only go down this route if you really want to make a podcast about Fortnite.

Niche Content Creation


This final section on how top play Fortnite for money is a catch all for other types of content creation. There are loads of platforms out there that you could use to make money from Fortnite.

Social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram are just two places that you could start. If you generate enough followers, more options will open for you to grow. This could lead to you starting a website, a YouTube channel, or a podcast.

The important thing to remember is to keep things interesting and engaging. People want something that they haven't seen before. Yes, you can cover the same Fortnite news that everyone does too. But if you do something truly unique, you'll get more attention, as long as it's something that people want to see.


All of these methods are perfectly legitimate ways of making money from playing Fortnite. Some of them will require more effort than others though. If you want to just try out learning how to play Fortnite for money, then Check Mate Gaming is the best place to start. These tournaments are easy to enter and play, and you've got nothing to lose if you stick to the free ones at first. Who knows, you could even get to a professional level one day.

Starting up a social media profile to share Fortnite content, and a blog, are also very easy ways to start making something around the game. These can lead to a big payoff, but they're also a good testofr how committed you are. If you can't write a post per day or week, or even share something on social media once a day, then these aren't the methods for you.

The same can be said for YouTube or streaming. Both of these need dedication and regular schedules. If you can't keep up with making the content, then people won't stick around or remember you. If you can make one video per week that people latch onto though, then you know that you're onto something. These methods are also free, as long as you're capturing footage from the PC version of the game. Otherwise you might need to purchase a game capture card.

You'll make the most money if you become a professional Fortnite player, but that takes time and practise. There's an argument that you should do nothing but play Fortnite all day, just so that you're good enough for when a tournament pops up. This isn't a healthy attitude to take though, and it's not sustainable.

Instead, taking part in tournaments over at Check Mate Gaming, and getting actual experience, is what you should be doing. You can earn money from a job and try and make it from Fortnite at the same time. In fact, that's the best way to try and make the move to purely earning money from Fortnite.

Final Notes

Most of the methods on this list take effort, and if you're not willing to put it in, then you shouldn't be trying. For example, you could be trying out smaller tournaments, and maybe win a few dollars. Outside of that though, you could write about your experience in these tournaments, make videos on them, and even stream them.

People are interested in making money by playing games. It's a dream job that many people think is really easy. The truth is that it takes work. If you're not always thinking about making something out of what you're doing, then you need to be. Every time you play Fortnite is an opportunity to push one of the methods we've mentioned.

Ultimately you could make money by playing Fortnite through a few of the different methods we've listed. You could stream, make YouTube videos, and have a blog that all work together to cover Fortnite. You could then take that content and make a social media channel that shares unique moments in the game.

If you don't like the sound of putting in all of that work, then you're not going to make money from playing Fortnite. Some of you reading this however, will have realised that these methods are something you could be doing. Take some time to look at the best options for you, and then start trying to make money from Fortnite. You'll never know if it's possible unless you try.

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