How to Get Green Trust Factor in CS GO – Simple Steps

how to get green trust factor in csgo

We all strive to gain the best possible experience when playing our favorite game. In this article, we discuss how to get Green Trust factor in CS GO.

What happens when our behavior starts impacting the quality of the in-game experience adversely? The best way to ensure a great gameplay experience is to achieve a Green Trust Factor in CS:GO.
That is where the Trust Factor metric in CS:GO comes in. According to official statements, the Steam and CS:GO community is dedicated to creating a positive gaming experience for all users.

The most basic way to get Green Trust Factor is to:

  • Follow Community Guidelines In-Game
  • Refrain From Abusive Actions/Language/Comments In The Chat Or Forum
  • Interact Positively With Other Players In-Game
  • Create A Positive Profile With The Steam And CS:GO Community

If you interact positively with the game and community, such behavior will be awarded a Green Trust Factor metric. This influences in-game matchmaking and other relevant factors.

In this article, we will explore how a Green Trust Factor influences your gameplay experience. We will also discuss some points on how to improve your metrics and how to get Green Trust Factor in CS GO.

How Does Green Trust Factor Work?

The game utilizes an AI-based algorithm that categorizes the behavior of individual players into categories called Trust Factors.

This in-game monitoring takes into account all interactions during gameplay. This includes in-game chat, user reports, and other activities with the Steam and CS:GO community.

A negative Trust Factor potentially affects your gameplay experience by matching you with other similar low Trust Factor players.
Your Trust Factor also affects other undisclosed preferential aspects, although no official list has ever been published.
Users familiar with AI will understand that the system works by monitoring the actions and behavior of gamers against the set community guidelines enforced by Steam and CS:GO.

Trust Factor Visualized
Trust Factor Visualized

Influencing Factors and how to get Green Trust Factor in CS GO

Aspects that influence your Green Trust Factor status include your interaction with other players and with the community.

In-Game Behavior

Your following of community guidelines and gameplay regulations in-game and other factors affect your Trust Factor. This includes using abusive language or derogatory terms in the chat.

Gameplay & Trust Factor

Your gameplay techniques also affect this metric, which considers any blackhat or malicious activities that may have been conducted during the game.

Community Interaction and Green Trust Factor

The system also takes into account user reports against your ID, whether in-game or across the community, and not just based on your experience with CS:GO.


The ranking system aggregates all such data from the previous games you have played and your usage history with Steam.

Checking your Green Trust Factor Status

At present, there is no direct way to check your Trust Factor.

If you feel that you or a player in your squad has been assigned a low Trust Factor, the official guide states that you can send an email for an inquiry to You will be provided with an evaluation of your ID with feedback on your present Trust Factor and what you can do to improve it.

Prompts provided to Prime status players regarding their teammates who have a low Trust Factor is another way to identify low Trust Factor players.
These prompts are provided only to Prime status accounts and not to the relevant ID categorized with a low Trust Factor.

Prime Status Green Trust Factor
Prime Status Green Trust Factor

Improving Your Trust Factor

Positive Interaction

According to the official guide, you can improve your Trust Factor by engaging in positive community interaction and keeping your in-game behavior according to the community and gameplay guidelines.

Remember that the system builds its review of your Trust Factor over time. Sudden change in behavior can not guarantee a higher Trust Factor.

New Players Green Trust Factor

It is also important to note that new players are not necessarily awarded a low Trust Factor. The metric is based on a summary of all past interactions with the Steam community and not just with regards to CS:GO. You can learn more about how Trust Factor works here.

Verification and Prime Status

You can also improve your Trust Factor by providing verification information with your account, such as a phone number. The system gives accounts linked to phone numbers a higher Trust Factor. Those enrolled in the Prime status program can expect higher Trust Factors as well.

The official guide states that the publishers do not wish for players to worry about the Trust Factor. Thus, they have not provided any official guide as to how to improve your Trust Factor.

Low Trust Factor Warning
Low Trust Factor Warning


With the right attitude, you can improve your Trust Factor over time.
The trick is to understand how the algorithm works, and we have made that easy by providing you with the necessary information.

Remember that the information provided above is meant to serve as a rough outline of how to bring your Trust Factor to a higher status.
Do not let your concern regarding your Trust Factor negatively affect your gameplay experience. It is best to enjoy the game rather than worry about your metrics.

Through positive interaction and by refraining from negative activities that go against the community and gameplay guidelines, you can quickly change your status to a higher-order on the platform and enjoy better matchmaking and a more enjoyable in-game experience.

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