How to Get Free Valorant Points – In a LEGIT Way!

Free Valorant Points Guide

Valorant points are the main currency in Valorant. They act as the core currency and serve as a way to purchase in-game characters, among other things. They are well integrated into the game and it is clear that Riot Games are focusing on it being used cosmetic upgrades and perks. In the in-game store, players are able to purchase skins for weapons with the points, like with many other games. It's also possible to upgrade skins so that they perform different effects. This is done with Radianite points, the other currency in the game.

Getting free Valorant points would be a great way to build up your arsenal of skins and unlock more agents. It opens up many opportunities to bring a fresh look and feel while still performing at different ability levels. There are also many possibilities for future use cases of Valorant points, like integrating them with other systems and a battle pass.

How do you get Valorant Points?

After Valorant launched, there were lots of questions about how people can get Valorant points. One of the most obvious ways is through buying them. This clearly comes at a cost though and many people are debating whether it’s worth it. For people who are looking for a quick way to get new cosmetic skins and unlock all the agents instantly, it can be a great choice if they can afford it. Whether it’s worth it remains the decision of that individual. Some people may see this as pay to win and want to unlock everything in the game normally. Others, however, may not have a problem with it. When buying points, you just head on over to the in-game store. Here, you can find offers specific to your region.

Valorant Points price screen.

In different regions, you can purchase different quantities of Valorant points in different denominations. The variation between regions is to account for different exchange rates. It also means that prices are fair for everyone, regardless of geographical location. After the closed beta, you will get an extra 20% of your Valorant points back.

475 points$4.99
1000 points$9.99
North America Valorant Point Prices
525 points£4.99
1100 points£9.99
United Kingdom Valorant Point Prices
500 points€5.49
1100 points€11.99
Europe Valorant Point Prices

In the game’s current state, it does not seem to be possible to get Valorant points for free in-game despite there being missions, challenges, and contracts that you can complete and work towards.

What Happens to Points After the Closed Beta?

Many people are eager to buy Valorant points and unlock skins with them. Many people want their characters to have the best looking cosmetics in the game, and they have a right to. People are also eager to unlock all the different agents in order to get access to the best of the best and get a greater advantage through being able to use different ability sets in different maps. In order to do this, people have been buying thousands and thousands of Valorant points, but at what risk?

Riot Games has announced that after the closed beta, there will be a wipe to clear all progress that users may have made and to level out the playing field. This means that everyone will start from the same point when the game releases to the general public. Agents that have been unlocked will be locked again. Skins that you purchased in the shop will be no more and you’ll have to buy them again. There is a bright side to this though. Valorant points that were purchased and spent will be refunded. Not only will you get your points back, but you will get an additional 20%. If you bought and spent 1000 points during the closed beta, you will get 1200 Valorant points back after the closed beta ends, when progress is wiped.

There are many tips for Valorant and getting 20% extra of what you spend after the wipe is a great investment and a great way to earn some extra free Valorant Points. Several people will be purchasing many points just to cash in on this. This could allow players to purchase more skins than they were able to previously. It’s a great way to build up your arsenal of cosmetics.

What are Valorant Points used for?

These points can be used to fast track your progress in the game and quickly unlock new cosmetics like skins for the weapons you like to use. When viewing an agent’s contract, you can see different tiers along the bottom of the screen.

Each agent has 10 different unlockable tiers that you work towards over time. This is done using the experience points that you get in a game - A contract has to be activated before XP begins to contribute towards it. With 10 different agents, unlocking every tier can be a rather time-consuming task as there are 100 tiers in total. Tier 1 requires 25,000 XP to unlock. The higher up you get, the more and more XP you'll need.

Tier 125,000 XP
Tier 250,000 XP
Tier 375,000 XP
Tier 4100,000 XP
Tier 5125,000 XP
XP Required for the first 5 tiers of an agent's contract. At tier 5, the agent will unlock.

Valorant points are a way around this as they allow you to instantly purchase one or more tiers at any given time for any of the agents. It costs 200 points to unlock each level and should you opt to unlock more than one at a time, there are no discounts. On each character, Riot Games has added a limit to the number of levels you can buy with points, and that is 5 levels. The reasoning behind this is at tier 5, you unlock a locked agent. This means that for 1000 Valorant points, you can unlock a new agent. This is not required though as you can unlock them using XP - it’ll just take you a lot longer.

Viper's contract in Valorant.

What is Going to Happen with Valorant Points in the Future?

No one knows for sure what the future holds for Valorant points, but there are some things that we can say for certain. It will be possible to get points for free in the game. Riot is adding a battle pass-like system where you can earn rewards and perks. This will be from playing games and completing missions, similar to Fortnite. Through this, it will be possible to get Valorant points completely free of charge. In addition, it’s quite likely that free cosmetic skins will be obtainable through a battle pass-like system. It’s certainly something to look forward to.

There is a lot of speculation about other ways Riot Games may implement Valorant points rewards. Many people are suggesting that they might add some kind of point rewards when you complete an agent’s contract. This is unlikely to happen though. Another idea people have been sharing is that missions and achievements could be completed in return for a small reward. These could be daily or weekly challenges unrelated to a battle pass, although they could tie in together.

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