How to Get Free Robux | Top 5 Ways to Free Robux

how to get free robux

With over 28 billion play hours at Roblox since 2008 and a total of 1.2 billion engagement hours every month, one major question in the minds of many is how to get free Robux from this platform. Roblox has continuously tried to give multiple and diverse experiences to their players with the aim of fulfilling its mission of bringing the globe together through awesome play.

Here's a quick rundown of ways to get free Robux:

One thing that Roblox believes in is the power of imagination and creation. All you have to do is to have an imaginable experience and they will enable it to come to pass so as to have ultimate fun with your friends. Having Robux will immensely increase the 3D experiences hence the need to know how to get them for free. Here are the ways of getting free Robux:

Of course, you must be wondering what about the links all over the internet that requires just some little personal information for them to give a player some free Robux? Well, there is nothing like free Robux that comes by clicking some links, that’s a scam.

The only way you can overcome a scam is to know the truth. The above 5 ways are some of the legitimate ways you can get free Robux. So what is Robux?

How to get free robux

All You Need to Know About Robux

In Roblox, you can have some fun without using a single buck. However, if you want to take your fun to the next level, you will need to have some Robux.

Just like the US Dollar is the currency for the United States of America so is Robux in the Roblox world. You cannot buy anything in Roblox if you don’t have enough Robux in your account. Although you can play freely most of the games in Roblox, there are certain aspects of the games you may not fully enjoy without having this Roblox currency.

You will need this virtual currency to keep moving and discovering more in Roblox. Most players in this game usually display how much Robux they have made other players who have fewer Robux feel discouraged. That’s how people fall into the many Robux scams out there. If you are seeking to display your own huge sum of Robux then consider the following ways:

Top 5 Ways of How to Get Free Robux

1. How to get Free Robux - Through Offer Walls

Here are Best Offer Walls for Robux:

  1. RBXVault

This is a common way of getting free Robux that has been used by many players because of its legitimacy. Offer walls are usually from a friendly third-party who has been mandated by Roblox to give free Robux to their players. However, you are required to complete some offers before you get your Roblox currency.

Some of the offers include downloading some apps into your mobile phone, trying out some websites, watching videos, completing some surveys, joining a referral program, and entering the giveaways among others. You will be required to follow the instructions carefully when completing a survey or any other offer so that you get paid.

Some of these third-party sites that offer these free Robux, gives you the privilege of making referrals. When you refer your friend to join their site you will be given a certain percentage, usually 10% of whatever your friend gets in every offer they complete. That will eventually increase your own Robux balance.

After you have completed your offers, you can enter Robux giveaways where you will be rewarded with some Robux bonuses. You can decide to watch videos of various products and services so as to earn your Robux.

Roblox has been in this field for over a decade now being purposely driven by a community of developers. Currently, Roblox has more than two million developers who usually develop their games using Roblox Studio. Every month, there are new games released on this platform to make it more interesting for the players. This is what makes Roblox be among the top entertainment platforms on the internet.

You can now become a developer too by using Roblox Studio. All you need to do is to come up with a game that will catch the attention of the players. As it gets more audience it will be popular. Roblox has paid over 150 million dollars to its developers and you can also be paid either by money or Robux if your game becomes one of the addictive and popularly played on this platform.

3. How to get Free Robux - Through Developer’s Attribution

This option kind of goes together with our second option but it's a slight difference in how you earn the free Robux. This is like Roblox saying thank you to you as the developer for attracting players into the platform. As a developer, you have the advantage of receiving free Robux whenever you attract a newbie into this platform. This is how it works.

At first, you must come up with an exciting game that even a guest is attracted to. When the Guest plays it and ends up creating an account with Roblox because they enjoyed your game, you will be getting 5% of the Robux they purchase using their money. Of course, to unlock the full features of certain games will require them to purchase the Robux. Whenever they make such purchases, you will get your own share of free Robux.

4. How to get Free Robux - Through Affiliate Programs

This is one of the most common strategies that has hit the market in our millennial generation. Almost every company has an affiliate program meant to promote their services or goods and to retain you as their customer. Just as many people are earning millions of dollars using affiliate programs, so you can earn a considerable number of free Robux.

With an affiliate program, a player copies a special link from the Roblox platform and pastes it on their popular website where they have a good following. It can be Quora, Linked-In, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter or any other social media platform. Whenever a Guest player clicks on your link, creates an account with Roblox and start purchasing Robux with their own money, you can be sure to be getting 5% of the Robux they buy.

5. How to get Free Robux - By Subscribing to The Builders Club

This is another awesome way of getting your free Robux. While you are in Roblox you can use these Robux to make purchases like the Game Passes and some great items to make your players look better. You will also need these virtual currencies to play some games but purchasing Robux every time you need to play your game, can be expensive hence the need of joining The Builders Club.

The Builders Club is highly recommended for someone who will spend hours online. Besides, it is for someone who wants to have some flux while playing their games with better game passes and other items. There are 4 tiers of which 3 are to be paid for. Every time you get the paid tier, you receive a 100 Robux for free. Here are the tiers:

  • Free - with this tier, you don’t have any bonus allowance and the access to more advanced features is also not possible.
  • Classic - you will need to be paying $5.95 every month or $57.95 every year. You will be receiving 450 Robux / month.
  • Turbo - You pay $11.95 every month or $85.95/year. You will be getting 1000 Robux / monthly.
  • Outrageous - you pay $19.95/month or $129.95/year. You will be receiving 2200 Robux / month.

That’s how you get free Robux daily by being a member of The Builders Club in the Roblox game. From the tiers, you can tell that these are a lot of Robux that will give you the daily pleasure you need in your gaming.


Roblox is slowly becoming a very popular platform which many counterfeit people are using to make themselves money. That’s why there are a lot of Robux scams on the internet. However, with the above knowledge, you can evade the trap of being one of the victims. As a parent, you can show some support to your children by playing with them and by using the above ways to get them Robux in their account.

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