How to Get Better at Valorant – Practice Routine

Riot's new first-person shooter is just a couple of months away. Valorant combines the tense tactical gameplay of CSGO and character-based abilities of Overwatch on a free-to-play model. A lot of gamers are already hyped about it, so you're probably wondering if you can get an edge over them right off the bat. Today, we're going to share a few tips on how to get good at Valorant.

How to Get Better at Valorant - The Rundown

Yep, it's possible to get good at Valorant before it even goes live! Here's our condensed take on what you can try.

  • Work on your basic aiming and movement mechanics with any first-person shooter.
  • Familiarize yourself with recoil-based gunplay like with CSGO.
  • Get used to ADS mechanics, either by playing CoD, Siege, or by using Ashe in Overwatch.
  • Familiarize yourself with the game's Agents so you can "main" a few of them right away.

The approach is simple, but it requires a ton of time and dedication. Stick with us for a deeper look at these training pointers.

The Basics

Learning basic movement and aim seems like something exclusively for those new to the genre. However, even veteran FPS gamers will benefit from going back to the basics. Remember that while different games provide different experiences, they all have the same fundamentals of aiming and movement.

Based on existing gameplay videos, Valorant has very low TTK (time-to-kill) values. This means you need to be able to track or flick comfortably and within a fraction of a second. You may have to fine-tune your mouse sensitivity before aiming practice. A good rule of thumb is that you can do a full 360 by moving your mouse across the entire width of your mousepad.

Once you get the hang of stationary aiming, get comfy with aiming while moving. According to an earlier AMA by the devs, movement won't be as restricted as in CSGO, but not too fast like in arena shooters like Quake and less gimmicky like in Overwatch. A custom Overwatch game with all mobility abilities disabled would make great target practice.

How to Get Better at Valorant by Playing CSGO

CSGO is one of the two games which Valorant is often compared to. This is mostly because the two games have a few key similarities and why those betting on CSGO also bet on Valorant:

  • Hitscan weapons with recoil and low TTK.
  • A loadout buying system with round-based economy.
  • Bomb plant/Defuse game mode as the core game mode.

If you've been playing CSGO for a long time, congratulations! You'll be one of those who will have the easiest time transitioning to the game. Valorant's guns are futuristic and do not have real weapon counterparts. However, the overall look and feel closely matches the guns found in CSGO


One thing you'll have to get used to is the ADS (aim down sight) function. Hip fire in Valorant is pretty similar to CSGO's more arcade-y gunplay. However, the ADS mechanic seems like it will help you be more effective at longer distances even with full auto weapons. Unless you mainly use snipers in CSGO, using either the AUG or SSG550 should help make the transition from CSGO to Valorant more smoothly.

Economy Management/Buying System

If you played enough CSGO, you're probably aware of how to manage the buying system. Newbies will try to buy the best gun as soon as they get the cash. Unfortunately, this usually means they're heading out with fresh gun and no armor and grenades. You can play CSGO to develop the mindset of managing your round income to make sure you're always fully equipped when you buy. Because you'll have a full loadout, you get to be more effective when you make a purchase. This puts you in a better position to keep your economy (and lead) going.

Bomb Plant/Defuse

Last but not least, there's the core game mode. CSGO fans are no strangers to the plant/defuse match format. By being used to CSGO matches, you'll have a sense of when to push and when to hold back. You can also familiarize yourself on how to properly approach or defend a bomb site, and even be able to weigh the importance of securing the objective vs staying alive to keep your current loadout for the next round.

how to get better at valorant

How to Get Better at Valorant by Playing Overwatch

The other game Valorant is most often compared to is Overwatch. This popular Blizzard game shares the following key aspects with Valorant:

  • Character selection (Each of Valorant's agents has a unique look and silhouette)
  • Cooldown-based abilities
  • Character matchups that result in "soft" counters

As you've noticed, most of the similarities between Valorant and Overwatch revolve around the concept of unique characters. Let's see how an Overwatch player can use their experience to transition to Valorant.

"Maining" a Role

At the time this piece was written, Valorant has a lineup of 8 "agents". Each of these agents has a unique set of abilities that can be used to gain a tactical advantage over the enemy. Overwatch players will quickly pick up on the fact that different agents will encourage a specific "role" or playstyle. However, you should remember that these role picks are not as "specialized" because everybody has access to the same weapons.

Cooldown-based Abilities

Like in Overwatch, Valorant's Agents will have cooldown-based abilities that can be used multiple times per round. If you're an Overwatch player, you'll have no trouble getting used to this part of the game. Because of the utility you can get from each ability, it's safer to treat them as ultimates. Of course, there will also be actual ultimate abilities, but those are only available after a set amount of rounds.

Important - Unlike in Overwatch, agents have to "purchase" their abilities. Think of it as having reusable grenades in CSGO that you only lose upon death.

Character Matchups

Like with Overwatch and other character-based games, you can expect to have character matchups and counters. Some agents will naturally have abilities that can negate the effectiveness of other agents. However, we're hesitant to say there's such a thing as a "hard counter" in this game. Based on what we've seen, the game puts more emphasis on the gunplay and intel gathering rather than straight-up ability battles. Overwatch players will have an easier time understanding these matchups which are virtually unheard of in the CSGO community.

How to Get Better at Valorant - Conclusion

That wraps up our discussion on how to get better at Valorant. Honing your senses in other games may require effort, but it's worth the early lead when the game is live! Got other insights to share about preparing for Riot's new game? Let us know in the comments section.

Once there are professional matches to watch and even to bet on we suggest watching the pro players play the game to learn even more.

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